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    7/01/13 - So many facepalms -_-

    by , 01-07-2013 at 12:24 AM (531 Views)
    Dream 1: I was asleep at my secondary school, well...not for long anyway since someone called Ryan shook me awake. He lead me inside (why I was sleeping outside I have no idea). Inside it was my college building, outside was may secondary school courtyard....weird. Anyways we went up to the second floor and sat down on one of the benches outside of the lecture halls. Then he looked straight at me and asked me what all this lucid dreaming stuff was all about. "Well it's where you know you are dreaming and..." (Insert facepalm here, I won't give you all of what I said because you all know what lucid dreaming is so you get the idea). He thought I should tell a teacher for some strange reason so I did, one of my teachers from my secondary school. Just like Ryan she wanted to know more (another facepalm here as I explained to her as well) She wasn't sure about it so I went back out into the courtyard and found someone I knew from my primary school. She was as knowledgable as me on this topic and understood it well so we both went up to explain to the teacher about lucid dreaming (major facepalm, the entire dream was about lucid dreaming -_-)

    Dream 2: There were these white cubes being produced at a steady rate but they had to be watched. I know they were of alien origin and were very much like the black cubes from Doctor Who:

    Then I got distracted but that was fine since someone else was watching it. When I looked back that someone else was also distracted and the cube production was out of control, they were everywhere spewing out of a pipe all over the floor. Then the dream ended.
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