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    03/13/11 Shared Dream, MoSh and Raven Knight

    by , 03-14-2011 at 05:48 AM (875 Views)
    Raven Knight's Dream:

    I am in a place I don't recognize, but somehow it doesn't seem strange that I'm there. I am sitting at a bar and drinking a beer. This is odd since I don't even like the taste of beer, but again, this strangeness doesn't seem out of place to me at the time. The bartender comes over and starts hitting on me, and I am able to milk his interest enough to get a free beer out of it. A little flattery, a bit of flirting... I am drinking this second beer when I do something else I never do in my waking life. I bum a cigarette off of a guy sitting near me at the bar and then I bum a light off of him as well and I start smoking. I have never smoked in my life! So there I am at a bar I don't recognize drinking beer which I don't like and smoking a cigarette when I never smoke, and it doesn't occur to me to do a reality check. As I am sitting there, I hear a bit of an argument going on. I am unable to hear exactly what is being said, but when I look over I see a couple of women getting into it with each other. It quickly escalates with one of them throwing something at the other, and the other breaks out with some karate moves. One man looks like he's going to go over and interfere, but a second man blocks his path but physically and with a plaintive whining argument, "But it's a girl fight! You never break up a girl fight!"

    MoSh's Dream:

    Bitch fight

    Dreamed that I was some young woman at a bar where some other drunk girl didn't like me for whatever reason. I remember fighting her, slapping her and then doing a few kung fu moves on her.

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