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    dream doctor LD Dec/14th

    by , 02-22-2013 at 10:23 PM (291 Views)
    I started out side me and my girl friend where looking at a house I was a little lucid we went inside and saw the landlord. we told him we don't have any money right now but we can get it to him soon. he said ok its yours. we were happy and then we celebrated with a group of people for a long while.

    Then I appeared in some ones cell at this point my lucidity jumped from clear to hazy more then once. I don't remember what I was doing in the cell only that the cell wasn't for me and I was there as a doctor. I walked out of the cell and realized I was in a hospital of some sort.

    I saw a group of doctors operating on someone. I went up to one and asked what kind of doctor am I supposed to be. they said tran***** ph****** I don't remember now but I thought it was very important that I remember when I wake up so I repeated it 5 times but I still don’t remember except the first few letters.

    Then I walked into another room where a doctor handed me a piece of paper with 2 prescriptions on it I didn't know what they were and became confused. then I remembered an experiment I wanted to do and it might help me anyway. I wanted to call for a teacher, so I said to the dream can you send me a teacher. at first there was no response. then I asked again please send me a teacher. Again no response. then I got very sad and started to cry I thought my unconsience self was mad at me for something. I started to say I'm sorry, I'm sorry if I did something wrong I'm trying to learn please send me a teacher. then as if that was the password a woman flew into the room she was wherein black and she had blonde hair.

    she said hey it's ok what’s wrong. I said ok then thank you , I asked first can you tell me what these mean and I gave her the paper. after that I think I lost my awareness. I know we got into a big conversation but don't remember any of it.

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