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    my first dream in this dj ND

    by , 02-22-2013 at 10:14 PM (358 Views)
    I will start with a couple ND's of mine then the rest will be LD's.
    I started out swimming with some people I did not know.
    some kind of conflict happened but I don't recall.
    They ended up locking me in a building and tried to kill me with knives.
    Two girls and two men with knives. I took one of thier knives away and stabbed the two men in the side. not trying to kill them but to hurt them so I could get away.
    I finally get away through a window.
    now I am running, jumping and flying away. I find a book store and started to look at some books I picked two up. then I saw one of the men I stabbed. I ran for the door with books in hand. Outside I realized I still had the books so I dropped them near the door. the book store clerk was mad.
    the man was still after me so I ran toward a street. I saw a car I wanted it to hit me to end it all. instead it stopped and the two girls got out. the two men appeard behind me. I was cornered so I said just kill me allready. one of the girls said, I'd be glad to. she stabbed in the throat.
    I fell to the ground and started bleeding out. Holding my neck I began to pray, forgive me father for all my sins. then I woke up.

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