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    being a mage

    by , 12-09-2011 at 12:27 AM (330 Views)
    I was walking down this path, with my short little gnome friend with me. We were in a world where there were no cars or technology or anything like that. Everything was natural, we had our minds open to natural ability and so on. I was wearing a simple cloth outfit, nothing fancy, more like a robe, or something Link would wear from legend of zelda. I had a staff in my hand that I was using to walk with. I remember looking to either side of the path marvelling at how busy forest was, with sprites flying about all over the place, plants growing everywhere with sparkles and naturally glowing things on them. The trees were twisted and gnarled in their trunks but green and luscious in the leaves. I spent a lot of time in this dream just taking in my surroundings.

    So I continued on down this pathway with my little gnome friend when we met up with 2 people coming towards us. they were also mystical creatures, I believe one was a gnome, and another was something similar to a gnome, but taller and skinnier. But still a lot shorter than me. They stopped and we stopped, and they looked at my staff.

    "Woahh.. is that the.." the taller one asked

    "Yes, yes it is," i replied "Would you like to see me use it?"

    "oh yes oh yes!" the 3 of them all jumped up and down at once, clapping and dancing around me. so, holding the main part of the staff with my right hand, and grasping the end of the staff with my left hand, i pointed the staff at the taller gnome, or elf, or whatever it was (I think it was a girl, actually). Suddenly these strands popped out of the staff. There were hundreds, if not thousands of these little strands, and it wasn't so much the strands themselves but the ends of the strands that were of concern here. Each strand at the end had a little ball of light emitting a very bright coloured light. The colours changed as well.

    "Watch this," I said, as I commanded the strands to make shapes. One shape was a butterfly, another was like a firework when it goes off. I made all kinds of shapes and images of things but the last image I saved for the end. It was a rose, the most complex looking rose I could ever ask for. It was a large image, made of thousands of points of light, coming from these strands. All the images before were also made from the points of light but weren't as complex. To further explain what the images looked like, it was like a 3D lightbright. I don't know how many of you remember those, but with thousands of little points of light.

    "here you are" i said to the (girl?).

    "Wowww that's amazing!" she said. I was happy she was impressed. I had made her day showing her the images and the rose. Me and my little gnome friend parted ways from the other 2, and we continued on our way.

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