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    The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy

    Cross-Universe Therapy

    by , 08-12-2021 at 05:00 PM (121 Views)
    I was messing with a really advanced 3D art program from 1994. It creates realistic clay sculptures out of sketches/outlines.

    Afterwards, I was talking to grandma about her death. I asked her if she knew she had dementia and there was a really long pause. A photo of me from when I was younger changed progressively after I asked this question from youthful happiness to surprise/fear. I was heading to the parking lot and talking to my mom about a photo of me from a timeline where I didn't transition afterwards, and I look like an out of proportion, uglier version of anthony green.

    Afterwards, we were on a car ride to my therapist's office that lasted quite a while. Once I got there, I saw a variety of staff, including the manager from work most people don't like. Her and a few other people were instructing a class full of people from different dimensions where certain countries were the world superpower. I was the US, there was a gay kid from the Canada universe, etc. The Canadian kid, who looked between the ages of 14 and 36, really showed an interest in me, as he kept talking to me. He was trying to tell me something but I cut him off with a firm and flat "I know". I then apologized.

    During the lecture, he wrapped his arm around my stomach and pulled me closer, although I resisted this and escaped his grip. When the therapists and whatnot left, I used that time to check my phone to see if the person on the SCP foundation wikidot site I had asked to take a look at my idea had responded. He did, saying "I can't. I have a lot scheduled with friends, sorry". His forum signature was a graphic with four colorful cartoon dolphins overlapping each other. The instructors came back in and the lecture continued.

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