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    by , 01-15-2017 at 08:54 PM (213 Views)
    This Dream had multiple parts to it. In the first part, I was playing quake on multiplayer and then died. In the second part, I was in my front yard, looking at how there were two moons. One was about the size of a small dog in the sky, and the other one appeared normal. I looked at my hand and noticed that my middle and index fingers were one centimeter each, and that I had about seven fingers. I then gained lucidity (or at least partial lucidity) and one of my mom's friends came out and started singing a song. I threw a purple plastic cube at him and attempted to not say "that is what your music felt like". The next part was referencing another dream I had where I was on death row for something and then got my head amputated with an axe. In the background, there was a TV that was showing an old black and white film with some kind of Ogre or something on it. There was blood everywhere. When the person cut my head off, the audio of the TV stopped and everything went black. In this part of the dream, I was reincarnated as a female and was telling my friends about my past life. There was this one guy outside the window of the house that was asking me out to dinner. The strange part was that he was in his mid-30's and could have possibly been my friend's dad in real life.
    Later, I saw a person who appeared to be 14 years old telling me about something. Soon, we became friends. I then woke up.

    This is a basic sketch of the room where I was executed.

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    1. DropTherapy's Avatar
      Okay so the whole "being reincarnated as a girl" thing might have been foreshadowing me being trans. Fascinating.