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    The Insomniac Dilemma

    by , 12-07-2017 at 03:28 PM (81 Views)
    What happens when you have a dream when you don't get much sleep? Trust me, it isn't enjoyable.
    So last night, I was asleep about an hour after I went to bed when my dog Milo licked me on the face and tried to get on my bed. After that, he left. The only problem with this is that I could NOT go to sleep afterwards. I eventually did go to sleep. Briefly. Anyway, ther dream was very abstract. I was on my bed when my friend K got on my computer. I told him not to do it but he didn't listen. He only replied with "I will push your face onto the bed" and then he did just that with his hand. He relaxed his hand and I decided to close my eyes for some reason. He then began to push so hard that I felt like my head was gonna snap open. I woke up, and then went on my phone to write about the dream. I noticed that there was a song on my phone that wasn't originally there that I decided was my dream. All of a sudden, I couldn't see in front of my and my head was permanently locked looking at the wall to the left of me. I moved a bit, and then I became semi concious. Eventually, I fell back into the dream. This cylce of dreaming and then waking up happened a few times before I decided to move from that spot. I think the reason these dreams were so abstract was because of my slightly decreased sanity in that situation.

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