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    1- Thanx Waking Nomad

    by , 12-04-2013 at 02:39 PM (363 Views)
    Woke slowly from nice dream, went to loo remembering it.

    Started thinking that WakingNomad might have wanted me to have a remembered dream about is dream place.

    I was in a suburb and invited to walk 1 hour 20 minutes to a location in the Forrest in themountains (hills).

    I said "yes".

    Then we were peddling a bicycle built for two. When the mountainous road began he encouraged me to take over the pedaling. To empower me, showing me "I can do it".

    Later, I got off bike.

    I was alone (and relaxed) in warm friendly-feeling "DARK Mountainous FORREST.

    I crossed over a narrow cascading river.

    I wanted to sleep the night away (to walk back home in the morning).

    As I was thinking of setting-up a one man sleeping tent...I saw a very comfortable looking air-tent (for one), on the Forrest path. So I crawled in and went to sleep.
    Woke-up inside the comfortable air-tent.

    Came out and walked home through the mountainous Forest. It was bright morning.

    When I got home to the home of the guy who began my journey (on his bicycle made for two), he asked...

    "How wss it"?

    I said

    "I really liked it, I'll do it every day"

    Then I woke, nice and cosy, relaxed and happy. And went to the loo.

    Immediately, typed this in this phone. I think Waking Nomad wanted to let me know that he didn't want to scare me with a nightmare in a dark mountainous forest. But wanted me to know he could give me a nice dream in his dream location.


    Thanx Waking Nomad.



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