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    Brocken into

    by , 08-20-2011 at 02:57 AM (523 Views)
    I told someone in "chat" that I would record alll my dreams in my dream journal. Kinda regretting that already cos its tedious. But here goes. It's Saturday and I've slept-in.

    I got into a bus and sat on a sideways seat. I looked up and directly across on a sideways seat was a 27ish brown man, bit heavy in work-like old black t-shirt and corderoys.

    I was surprises cos I suddenly remembered he was on the same bus as me this morning.

    He knew I was thinking, 'amazing sync' so said to nip that in the bud he said, "We work the same shift". (l woke)

    Back to sleep.

    False awakening (very tedious). My room felt same but as I questioned the position of things they changed to the right place and I took that for granted.

    When got up i felt strange and did a drunk-stretch type dance then wanted a poo. Got some newspaper to poop on cos felt too lazy to go out to the loo. Then didn't want a poop.

    6 framed pictures were on the wall. They were like TVs with living, moving picture in them. I wondered where I got them and how long I had them.

    Then I went to open my door. It was open. Oops how can that be? I tried to shut it but it wouldn't stay shut. I used my key hoping that locked, it would stay shut but it didn't.

    Went to tell other boarding house guests that my room was broken into while I slept. Nothing stolen and I wasn't attacked. I guess after they broken in and saw me sleeping they realized they had the wrong address.

    I didn't recognize any if the guests.

    They were not rude but they weren't interested.

    I'm not good at description but I now think they might have been you guys (and gals) visiting Chicken Itza.

    Then I had that poo in the loo. I could hear someone cleaning there teeth outside the toilet at the sink. There was an upturned jug that I remember turning over to drain but it had drained a pool of yellow cleaning fluid onto floor. That's ok, I will use it in a minute when I start the cleaning.

    Then there was red seepiage coming out of the wall tiles. I wondered where it was coming from. Didn't matter, I would just clean it up then I clean.

    Going back to room a kind curly white short-wavey haired man was vacuuming yellow shag pile rugs in my room. He vacuum Wet blue shag pile rug too. I wondered where I had got them and how long I had them.

    When I passes the guests in my way to the loo I noticed two men drinking. As I pass them going back to my room they were asleep, mouths open, sitting opposite each other, heads on the table.

    I think even inebriated folk can stil make it to Chicken Itza, Hahahahaha.

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