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    Dram 1 for Target 6

    by , 10-19-2013 at 03:03 AM (470 Views)
    Lentils, and colour feed and white mouse (Buckellow).

    Last part of dream I walked through a door into a room where an elegant unfamiliar 50+ woman was taking a bath (with bubble-bath). I don't remember her holding champagne but that was the relaxed happy atmosphere. There was a big, twin, old fashion bath beside the one she was in and she motioned that it was for me.

    I remember thinking that I won't get my hair wet because my hair is clean but I really want to luxuriate in that lovelybubble-bath, bath.

    I remember I must have had 3 zipper coats on because I pulled down 3 zippers as I began undressing. (end of dream.)

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      No dream from last night but woke and saw (for the first time) an ad on TV for the lotto mega draw of 22 million on Saturday 2 November 2013. It shows a man in an old bath (bubblebath). The bath was being instantly transported to places that the winner would go if he won 22 million. At one point he is in his bubble bath with champagne in his hand.

      It is not on Youtube yet.

      Tomorrow (24 hours) I will look at the slip of paper with the 6th target on it.
    2. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Target 6: 52 glass

      The lotto commercial that I saw for the Saturday 2 November 2013, 22 million mega draw is not up on Youtube yet but here is one I found while looking for it:

      8 * * *

      Lotto: 'What would you do?' - Bath - YouTube

      8 * * *
    3. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Target 7 will be drawn opened and posted in 2 days.

      It is 2 pmish Monday here where I live. I will try to dream for target 7 and be back at this Internet Cafe by 2pm Wednesday to post what target 7 will be.

      I have changed how I do it. I wait till the draw day arrives then lucky dip from the icecream tub of 100 folded and papercliped slips of paper. So if I dream any hits to the target it would be precognition dreaming. And I am going to do 3 targets a week from now on, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.