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    target one

    by , 07-14-2012 at 03:59 AM (361 Views)
    Ok, woke from dream but soon realised that dream was pointing to a dream syncronicity target.

    So, I will record dream on my flicker account when I take target photo (1)

    Then when the games begin in the spring I'll have the first target (...)

    See post 44 on WakingNomad's thread called "I see a bunch of BS"

    The dream briefly:

    I get off bus in a suburb. I strain my eyes a bit to see further than the (visual) horizon. As I try to see further than I naturally can, I see the sea beyond the town.

    Once I get a focus on the sea it comes closer or I get physically to the sea.

    Now I walking on low sand dunes looking at a deep blue ocean. It's short waves are quite rough and choppy but there is no white.

    Then I notice people in there. And some are coming out and some are going in so it aint rough at all. Looks can be decieving.

    I pass SOMETHING (hahaha) the target.

    The the darkblue, blue water surgess forward. Then a surges forward again. No one is afraid. I sit. It surgess again and I say to the swimers "the surging tide will stop there".

    We all know it will stop at the target so there is no fear.

    Then the dream changed and I felt sexy. (EoD).

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