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    Tulpa 1

    by , 12-03-2012 at 07:15 PM (388 Views)
    Woke 3pm no dream 3:10 rembered non lucid dream.

    second half of drram found Buckhello. (My Tulpa)

    was going on bus with a mum with 2 or 3 chidren. got off bus with them and short walk to their house in quiet outer suburb.

    next it was chidrens bath and bed time..

    I got into a large metal bath with the 10 year old boy. i was fully dressed. bath water was almost cold. I rubed my trouser legs to wash trousers and me at same time.

    then I eas out of bath wet, and cold but dried quick. Talking to 10 year old.

    It was bedtime. Dry but fully clothed I get to sleep on matress on floor sharing with the mum and dad.

    Cant sleep. roll onto floor get up and go oitside.

    people are comming on front lawn as if waiting to catch an early bus to school and work in city or town a long way away..

    a young plump aboriginal mum holding hands with her children sits down on the grass.

    I notice the scenery is lovely.

    the weather is changind.

    very low clouds the size of a mans fist appear, travelling hesitatingly towarde us.

    An old wise woman standing on the porch says "get inside quickly the dust bunnies are comming." She meant those small low clouds are dangerous.

    I ran around the back of the house to come in. when the small low flying clouds hit they solidified. they becam like styropfoam and grew.

    Inside I found my mouse Buckhelow on the floor and picked him up. He wa happy and it.felt nice to.have him walking and snugling on my sholder.

    I tell the family I will never take him back to the pet shop ever again.

    Buckhello seems a bit slow and I realze he hasnt eaten since I saw him last and hes weak from hunger.

    I put him on a table with dog kibble. he picks up some kibble in his.cute little hands and eats.

    I think its too dry so I gently pick him up and he runs onto my shouder and we go looking for nicer food. then he is walking all the way down my clothes to the floor. He never done that befor.

    I gently pick him up. He seems to be so hungry he might be starving to death.

    The table now has big fish steaks on it.

    I put Buckhellow on it and first he bites and swallows a lot of big fish stakes.

    Then, full of energy, he tackles some thing different. its a dead large snake. he bites and is.pulling at tough snake skin. he likes snake. then he likes and swallows more big fish stakes

    He is lying down sleepily again but this time he is.not weak from starvation he is sleepy with satisfaction.

    I put him on my safe shoulder and he snuggles up to my neck for a snooze.

    when I remember this dream 10-15 minutes after waking I realize that I was looking at Youtubes yesterday of mice. I saw two distressing Youtubes. One was the comical Matagascar one wher a shark chases Mort on land to eat him. the other was a white mouse being crushed and swallowed by a pet snake.

    In the dream I witness my dream tupla mouse Buckhellow biting and pulling at a dead snake's skin then eating some of that snake and also swallowing big fish steak (probably shark).

    Wow! what a dream.

    bloody long dream for me too.

    to recap:

    I think I was taken by bus to a house in the outer suburbs near beautiful country side by a family.

    I got to know the family a bit, had a.bath and went to bed with them (fully clothed).

    Went to sleep. Woke up. Rolled out of bed. Went outside, it was still dark, so very early morning.

    Watched as people came to wait for buss.to take them to school or work. weather changed it was getting light and I noticed nice country scenery.

    Wise old woman warned me to get indoors because the low flying clouds the size of a.mans fist were dangerouse (storm) dust bunnies. (I think this dream character needed to guide me into the house where my Tulpa awaited).

    I go inside and meet my Tulpa, Buckhellow.

    He needs to eat. He needs to eat what tried to kill and eat him (from the Youtubes I saw yesterday).

    Here is the link to where the discriptive Youtube are. I am not oncluding the one where a pet snake crushes and swallows a cute white mouse.

    Deam Lesson (กกก)

    I think I need to be more carefull of what I do with my waking life now that I have "Tulpa". (!!!)

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