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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Yesterday's Cave dream (Today's Entry will be on a separate Journal entry shortly)

      by , 09-22-2016 at 06:08 PM
      Yesterday: Non-Lucid- This dream was so vivid w/ color & hard to explain. My explanation of details will never do this dream justice. I was in some bazaar man made looking cave w/ tunnels. Some sort of cave system of sorts. The walls, floor & ceiling were *Luminescent (i had to look this up because I new it wasn't fluorescent & I wanted to be accurate) in color. There were lots of people but it wasn't crowded, I kept coming upon groups, couples & single people as I explored this place. We were all having some super natural experience. Someone would throw this strange looking sphere & it would move in all kinds of directions on it's own. Sometimes it would just move real slow, fast or zip around just to mention a few. At intervals there were other ppl throwing one of these balls & it would always do something different. Something went wrong w/ and the person near me said I would have to throw the ball because they were needed elsewhere. Then a guy asked me if I knew where to log in & I said no & that I didn't work there. I was trying to tell him I had never done this before. Then he told me to change to the Fire Safety Code so, I punched in a 3 digit code. The guy I was subbing for came back & was flipping out acting all strange. He looked like Paulie from this season's Big Brother & was an asshole. But he was gay unlike Paulie & was professing his love for another man there & exposing some secret affair. The other guy had a wife, lol. The married couple were both freaked out. The guy professing his love made these digital hearts & arrows in the air. It was actually pretty cool. There were a lot of them.... Now enters some military ppl. Some in an official & unofficial capacity. If I had to explain what this cave looked like I would liken it to Blue Ice but was alive & had some other colors in it.

      *Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; it is thus a form of cold-body radiation. It can be caused by chemical reactions, electrical energy, subatomic motions, or stress on a crystal.

      Because of today's entry I want to keep it separate so I will be following this with a separate journal entry.
    2. Jumping a Korean woman & child out of Korea town

      by , 09-21-2016 at 03:17 AM
      I was in Korea, Korea town maybe. There was a Korean woman who had a child & was being threatened by authorities saying they were going to take her child away. I didn't think she was a very good person but in the end I took them & jumped them both out of there like in the movie jumper. I wasn't sure where we went. Then my phone rang real early & woke me up.

      I was so shocked by this dream I am 100% sure I would have been lucid if my damn phone hadn't rang. I have no idea where the Korea or Korean woman came from. And I haven't seen the movie Jumper lately. I'm floored. The damn plumber showed up early to fix a broken pipe in my kitchen so I missed my second wbtb alarm. I have a fever & have been fighting not to throw up so I guess my allergies have turned into the flu. Bummer.
      Tags: jumper, korea
      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    3. Another vacation with my parents, wth?

      by , 09-19-2016 at 03:54 AM
      Non-lucid, yet extremely vivid in detail as if it was actually happening. Another dream about being on vacation w/ my parents. My dad paid for it & we were staying a hotel. We had left one place & were almost to another but I had forgotten my ID all the way back at home. They were talking about getting on a plane or boat & my parents were pissed off at me & we were arguing about whether it was possible for us to go back & get it or if we just were out of time. It reminded me of this futuristic airport dream I had one time. I woke up after what seemed like a really long ass dream.

      I guess I'm having them because they are traveling around in there RV & I thought they might stop by & see me but I was in sick w/ a fever this week. I've also been thinking about how they would talk about me if they knew I was meditating & become more spiritual. I can see it now. "OMG, my daughter still believes there is an invisible man in the sky! It's so embarrassing. She's never been quite right." (I can see my mom cringing as she would say this) And my belief in God is not like that at all but they are atheists & would most definitely say this. My belief has to do w/ God being in everything because it is energy. Energy is what we are & what our soul is when it leaves our human body to continue on it's personal journey. It's actually a very logical process if they were to think about it. And even scientist's can't figure out all of what the human mind is capable of. We only use a small portion of our brain's functions. At least that they can detect as of now. But in the end the one certainty is energy. Energy never truly dies. It just gets transferred. Which I personally think, is rather remarkable.

      I woke up & was greeted w/ that personal good morning from my husband. Yeah me! On another side note I had a remarkably good day of listening to music while doing a puzzle for many hours. It was a form of meditation w/ candles (for the scent). Very calming.
    4. I'm a teen boy & 1800's

      by , 09-14-2016 at 09:59 PM
      D1: Non-Lucid: I was in the middle of no-where. I was just "there". Nothing before it all. Was very odd. I kept trying to build a house but it started very strange. There was just nothing. I mean nothing. I was trying to build with nothing. I started by trying to create a straight line. I spend a ton of time just trying to will a plank of wood w/ my hands to exist. Eventually I got the hang of it & built a whole town! This was an amazing dream as it was like no other dream I have ever had. I've never had a dream where there was just nothing. Eventually there was brown cracked dirt though while I was creating the beam. Now people are there. And I realize I am a teenage boy. HUH? Ya, my gender wasn't correct. I've been a different age but never a different gender. A flood came. There are cars everywhere in the water & other teens. I see 5 in particular & jumped in to save them... I woke up all hazy & fuzzy.

      Did a wbtb.

      D2: Non-Lucid: I was way back in the early 1900's. And I lived in a home that showed I didn't have much money. It was in town w/ bare old gray looking wood. I felt like the man who was w/ me was my first husband but it wasn't, it was my Mike. We stumbled upon some collectible pieces of paper which had pictures on them. They came from my fathers mother who passed away in real life when I was in 5th grade. Mike said he needed to make copies or forgeries. He left & came back w/ a big stack. We then had to hand over the originals to the authorities for some reason. Mike left & I was frantically trying to find a way to get rid of them but I was too late. I was by some railroad tracks & I heard & saw an old fashioned police car w/ the light on the top so apparently my time line had changed because there were no cars like that in the early 1900's. I started running at an incredible speed through yards & stuff to try & warn Mike that they know & that they were coming for him. I was too late. I no sooner told him than the pounding on the door began & I woke up.

      Lately I've only read books that have been written by Mediums for the last couple of months. I've read on average 3 books a week.Learning about energy more & more. I've even done some experiments which were really cool. They were in energy. Energy is everything & makes almost anything possible. I've become a whole lot more intuitive than I ever thought possible. I feel so spiritually liberated & am no longer afraid of death. Because there is no death. Our bodies die & our souls move on. It's only our body that dies. After reading so many books written by Mediums I am so enlightened. My intuition has greatly improved. And even though today I have a crazy fever & runny nose, I am pushing through & keeping up my positive vibrations. I just finished a book by James Van Praagh. It's called Ghost's Among Us, Uncovering the Truth About The Other Side. It's an incredible book! He talks about his life & how he became a Medium. His stories are incredible & inspiring. He literally changed my life. It seems of late though that I just keep having life altering experiences.
    5. Yesterday & Today. Reoccurring House & Time fluctuation

      by , 09-07-2016 at 06:07 PM
      9/6 D1: As I was walking all through this dream I was walking in & out of decades & centuries! It was so odd. I was living in a home w/ other women we were always discussing men & women like things. We went to a store where I met a man. The store started out as a wal-mart/k-mart like store but then turned into a very old time store. Someone had stolen something & I went outside but now it was me walking out of a house onto the porch of a house that had a crazy Victorian like look & feel to it! I was still looking for the culprit but as I walked I kept walking in & out of time. Like whatever was there previously was where I was walking. As if many things had been built in the same place over the yrs. The landscape stayed the same. Then things were on fire & I saw a man on fire & melt. It was terrifying.

      9/6 D2: I was w/ the same man from before & my parents were saying they were coming to get me. After I had told my parents about the previously mentioned store/house & being in & out of time they said they thought they should come get me. They probably thought I was losing it. They are atheist's & would never understand this concept. I was wanting to spend more time w/ the man I was with but the dream faded as Meesha Cat woke me up.

      9/6 D3 & D4: Took a nap. Both were nightmares that I just couldn't hold on to because they were all jumpy & w/ my Veritgo it just made me dizzy trying to think about it. Let alone write it down.

      Today: D1: I was in this big Victorian house. I've been in this house before in past dreams but it's been yrs since I've seen it. Friends I used to have were there & I wanted to buy the house. I was showing Mike the house. I spent an immense amount of time just walking through this enormous house because it was so familiar to me. It was greatly detailed. Light fixtures, books, bookcases, doorways ect.

      I mention ppl that used to be my friends & by used to be I mean just that. I used to do drugs w/ them in my twenties & got the hell away from them. They were even to this day toxic people.... The house I mentioned could be a past life thing. It was amazing! I could've walked through it all day long!

      Today D2: I was in this Dollar Store. I was trying to buy things early for Christmas but as I would pick up a few things & throw them in the basket, I'd look back & the other things I wanted would be gone. Then things from my basket were missing. This process repeated over & over & over.

      All Non-lucids
    6. False awakening- Extreme Sleep paralysis- Possible past life experience.

      by , 09-04-2016 at 12:29 AM
      I started out the night doing a new meditation. I was opening my core chakra's & tried to add a new one from the extended version which heightened my vibrations. I didn't close them because I wanted an OOB but what I got was a new bad experience.

      First, I had a False Awakening in which I got up to go pee. I was exhausted when I started & kept thinking I had drank too much tea & this would interrupt my chakra meditation by me needing to pee. Like I said, I was just too tired & had just went anyway so I risked it. Which would explain the FA while doing my chakra exercise. Next was me climbing back into my bed & the following began.

      I was experiences all the high vibrations of an OOB which excited me but alarmed me at the same time because I could feel vibrations that weren't created by me this time. I began also to experience the most intense pain on my body. I looked later for bruising but I haven't seen any but I have extremely sore spots on my chest, upper thighs, upper arm, wrists, ect. I also couldn't see which was a new thing for me. My other OOB experiences or attempts left me able to see but this time I couldn't. I was yelling for Mike to no avail. I could here my screams in my head but he couldn't here me. I could tell I was reaching for him in attempt to wake him up but it was my astral arm & hand. Eventually I was able to use my real arm & hit him. He woke up & of course he understood what had happened. I went to smoke 1/2 a cig in the bathroom to try & shake off the terror I was feeling & tried to come back to bed. I started back w/ doing my chakra's again feeling still scared but more in control. No dice on that front.

      Then I entered in D1: I was at a retreat for lucid dreamers, people who could astral project & also had other abilities. I had brought w/ my tools of the trade which included books, notebooks w/ notes & diagrams, etc. The retreat was really familiar to me as did the ppl. (I'm not good w/ DC names unless they are from this waking life. The retreat came complete w/ sleeping quarters, practicing rooms, schedules, a communal eating area which we spent a lot of time catching up w/ each other & showing each other our newest knowledge that we had accumulated. I was doing really well w/ this. And it all felt totally natural. The familiarity was uncanny!Then I rolled into dream 2.

      D2: I was back at the retreat for the next year & I hadn't been as prepared. (I've never ever experienced a dream in which time was played out like this, it was really new for me.) This time I had left vital information at home & had slacked off a bit. I had noticed that now others were doing much better w/ their new research. And then things got odd. An old boyfriend of mine was there from my childhood. Anyway he was ignoring me in the dream & I tried to be patient in hopes that things would okay. Unfortunately it didn't happen even in the dream.

      He was my last boyfriend I had when I had been ripped from my home in my 8th grade yr due to things beyond my control. There is a lot of history w/ him & when I was just 18 we had a falling out because I was smoking pot & got details screwed about the details that led up to my departure in 8th grade up while on the phone. These circumstances are way too long for me to journal today. I've written of things pertaining to this subject in old journal entries on DV. Any way, This was an extremely hard thing for me to except throughout the yrs. Not to mention his best friend & my childhood friend was also on the phone. Till this day I can't find them anywhere to make amends . Anyway he was ignoring me in the dream & I tried to be patient in hopes that things would okay. Unfortunately it didn't happen even in the dream.

      I feel as though I could very well have been a part of something like these retreats in a past life. Your soul lives on when you die. Also there are also core ppl that are present in these lives. I think somehow the previous dream bled into my existing dream sequence some how & it changed the dynamics of it.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown/OOB
    7. A pony, a lucid car accident & a teleporting angry me

      by , 09-01-2016 at 03:00 AM
      D1: Non-Lucid: A guy looked a lot like "Chuck" Saul's brother, from "Better call Saul". So I went there w/ the pony & it turned out to be something like a big feed store where you buy in bulk for animal food. He had some stalls in the back. The guy got really mad at me & said that we didn't deserve a pony & that we murdered our dogs. He told me we were criminals. Kept calling me a dog murderer. I was crying in my dream & in real life. I could here myself. So I knew I was dreaming but I still had to defend myself for personal reasons. I told him that wasn't what happened. I was hysterical & he kept yelling. But then he went around the corner which is the exact moment I knew I was dreaming, crying, & screaming. I started back in on him after I rounded the corner. He suddenly stopped & looked at me like I was crazy & said, "what are you talking about, I didn't say that."

      I woke up still screaming & crying & Meesha Cat was loving on me. Then I realized all the screaming had freaked her out & woke her up. She had peed all over my bed. This was not a good start to the morning. I had to get up & wash all my shit & console my poor cat. So I finally got back to bed about 2 hrs later... Oh, & the dream was some small guilt I still carry about rehousing our dogs due to my health. They all got homes & yes I now have a cat but she's never under foot like they were.

      D2: Lucid- Mike & I were driving to go see my Grandpa Harry. (He passed away 24 yrs ago) We were going around a sharp curve on what looked like the side of a mountain.It was getting dark & I was starting to panic. Something went wrong w/ the brakes & we were airborne. I was driving. I held his hand & said "I love you, Mike." I thought we were going to die! I had this strange feeling right then though. I had to try & do something. Part of me thought this has to be a dream & part of me thought this could be real. So when I told him I loved him & held his hand I went full on lucid. I slowed down time & willed us to be in a bubble away from the car & we slowly floated down.

      D3: I had a big fight w/ a guy who was treating like shit. Apparently he was seeing me & another woman. I got really mad & started teleporting all around which freaked him out while I was yelling at him. He was so confused, lol. I started to get lucid but my phone went off & I had to deal w/ real life. Sigh. That would've been 2 lucids. Oh well.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown/OOB
    8. Reoccurring Breaking Teeth Dream (Forgot to add to today's journal)

      by , 08-31-2016 at 02:02 AM
      I thought I was awake but I wasn't. It was a False Awakening...I had a dream that I was just sitting here in bed eating & watching tv & one of my teeth broke halfway off & I freaked out & ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror & saw that one of my teeth had broken in half. I was freaking out & went back into my room. I thought this really happened in the end & made me have some serious anxiety.

      I went back & made this journal entry because I forgot & it's my most serious reoccurring dream & reoccurring false awakening. I always think I'm awake when this happens & I wake up freaking out. It sometimes makes me have multiple false awakenings. It's a great fear I have because I have dentures on the top & fear the day I will need them on the bottom.... I don't mind talking about it.... I had crooked teeth as a child which I knew would lead to problems later in life & also had a heat stroke at a girl scout retreat along w/ some other girls which made me prone to having nausea. Now I have to be careful in the heat. Hence my anxiousness of my A/C not working right this summer. Then there was my Hyperemesis during my pregnancies I was constantly in the hospital puking up blood which ate at my teeth & stomach. Any puking scenario scares the hell out of me, where my teeth are concerned. And the final nail in the coffin was when I became a meth addict in my 20's..... Anyway, this was important for me as a person to add to my journal.
    9. Dream of finding information I need with a possible Spirit Guide

      by , 08-28-2016 at 12:55 AM
      I have to explain what happened before this dream. Mike & I took were really stressed out. We got unexpected news that his boss was demoted. They told her she could either be fired or moved to another plant. It was a big blow on so many levels. No one is safe at Mike's job now. They lied & said the firings were over but restructuring will continue, which really means more firing. When the 5th biggest company in the world by yours company there is no rhyme or reason anymore. It's a long story but in the end we were both really exhausted from it all.... Anyway I decided to do a meditation before bed about needing a spirit guide or some sign in my dreams of ways for me to contribute to our household by looking online for a side job that I could do online. I can't work a regular job due to medical reasons & I have looked before but I just couldn't find one.... So while I was meditating a woman w/ short hair appeared in my head. I've seen her pop in there before one other time. Hence the dream that follows... About the meditation. I merged the whole "See, Hear, Feel" method w/ a new meditation that involves self discovery & betterment of my soul.

      D1: I was looking for information in my dream & a boy brought me a book. I then encountered the same woman I have seen twice now during my meditations & finally in my dream. I showed her the book & she smiled like we had found just what we were looking for. I believe she may be one of my spirit guides.... There were men coming so we hid crouched under a staircase.

      D2: I had a dream of Nebulus. Sorry Neb but I don't remember the specifics, except that it was the real you, not the Nebulus you. I woke up quickly & ran to the bathroom to blow my nose. I still am not feeling much better but I got some meds for it which is helping.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown/OOB
    10. Spellbee Comp Night 11

      by , 08-11-2016 at 02:53 AM
      1 point is all I got. I'm really pissed off!

      Three Step Goals:
      1.Advanced Flying
      2.Element Manipulation
      3.Mass Telekinesis

      New Dream goal: Go to the Moon
      Old Dream goal: Go back to Venice

      D1: I was playing in the game survivor. There were 3 great big ships w/
      3 teams. One for each ship. But I wasn't sure what they were yhaet who had
      what. But we were told by Jeff Probst the host that there could be
      consequences for swapping with other teams. Apparently someone already had
      tried but magically they weren't allowed too. It was a little fuzzy about
      how this occurred...

      My daughter called in real life & I tried to ignore the phone.

      D2: half lucid. I phased/chained into my second dream which was becoming lucid right
      after I noticed the ships were now all three small boats.
      I now decided
      to give the ships the advantages I wanted. I gave my team plenty of
      extra food. Another had fishing gear. And the third had survival gear. I
      know they could've been better but I was trying to just get to the tasks.

      I was making a plan that I would put Nebulus & Dream Cafe on the second boat & Sivason on
      the third so I could play against them. I was also contemplating my flying
      to the moon & my mass telekinesis. But as soon as I got Nebulus pictured in
      his blue t-shirt emblazoned with his real name idiot tag it was game over.

      My daughter had come into my bedroom in real life via my dumb ass son. I'm
      so pissed off I can't even express. She got a job & needed me to watch
      her kids from now until school starts from 6am-5pm. So basically I may be
      fucked as far as the comp goes. We'll see. My plan is to try & recreate
      this scenario because it was a really good set up for the way I wanted this
      part of the comp to go. I'm literally in tears.

      Yes Neb, I had you finally pictured for like 30 seconds before my daughter
      blew my dream to shit!

      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Teal
    11. Spellbee Comp Night 8

      by , 08-07-2016 at 11:32 PM
      10 pts- first wild of the night
      10 pts- first dild
      10 pts- 2 subsequent dilds
      2 pts- wbtb
      2 pts- chaining
      5 pts- Ask for advice
      2 pts- chain a lucid
      1 pt- reality check/stablization
      2 pts- interact with dream character
      5 pts- Use an electonic device (Toll booth/debit card machine,
      but had to end up using cash)
      5 pts- Super Strength (I am pulling myself up along the ledges of each freeway)
      5 pts- Gain Invulnerability (Jumped from building onto freeway)
      5 pts- Summoned money for toll booth
      5- DC Manipulation / Mind Control
      5 pts- Unspecified dream control (super jumping capabilities)
      5 pts- Super fast speed
      10 pts- Advanced flying
      20 pts- climb side of building like spiderman (scaled building after freeways)(before midnight)
      5 pts- Advanced summoning- 10 pts (summoned a man in front of me)
      10 pts- Time control (I stop time to look at the man I summoned)
      10 pts- Unsummoning/Banishing (I banished him from my sight)
      10 pts- Full transformation (I'm not me anymore, I'm something made of angry
      & hurt energy!
      Night total= 144 pts

      Your welcome team, I got my A/C fixed. I can sleep better now!

      Three Step Goals:
      1.Advanced Flying
      2.Element Manipulation
      3.Mass Telekinesis

      New Dream goal: Go to the moon
      Old Dream goal: Go to my dream house

      D1:Non-lucid: I was at a carnival but not a traditional carnival. It was pretty
      abstract & nothing eventful of importance.

      Did a wbtb. Got my first wild. And so the chaining begins! I had an
      exceptional night due in part to my damn a/c being finally back on. Amen.

      D2: wild from the start. Full blown lucids from here on so I don't have to
      repeat it. I was with my husband and we were out walking around. I realized I
      was dreaming when we saw a skunk & Freeways & buildings were everywhere. I did
      a reality check & fucked w/ my husband a little because I think this may be my
      first comp w/ him so presently in a lucid dream. I started super jumping up these
      freeways & he told me to stop, that I couldn't do that because it was dangerous.
      This was amazingly comical because I knew I was dreaming & he was just a character
      so he was really freaked out, lol. I laughed a lot because he couldn't do these
      crazy things I could but he managed to follow me for the most part by way of these
      strange hills & what looked like spill ways (I'm not real sure what they are called)
      they are those long concrete things under overpasses & freeways). They were laying
      all weird & he mananged pretty well. Anyway, I went up really fast, making impossible
      jumps up from freeway to freeway ledges & using super human strength with my hands to
      go across them (thank you american ninja warrior for this helpful idea, lol) as they
      were getting higher & higher & over & over.
      It was really exhillerating! I've never had a
      dream quite like this one. So I was gratful I had studied at this point just for
      this moment. I scaled a building like spider man which was cool but I lost my husband
      in all of this. I then chained into the next dream.

      D3: Lucid- Mike was back with me & we were driving through this city that looked like ours
      merged w/ the big kind of city I had just left behind in the last dream. There was a
      woman in a car w/ 2 kids w/ no seat belts on & she was obviously fleeing someone. Mike
      wouldn't follow her to help her like I wanted. We were stopped at a parking garage/toll
      booth. I got mad & told him I was getting out. He was basically hindering my chances
      of completing more tasks in my opinion. I have a way of wanting to keep my moral fiber
      even in my lucid dreams. Sorry people but that's just how I roll. He was yelling at me
      and I told him to give me money. I first tried to operate the debit part of the machine
      for using an electronic device for points. It didn't work so I summoned money from my
      pocket to use instead. He finally gave me money after that because I wanted more to
      help the woman with for diapers etc. Hence i finally got the money due to dc manipulation/
      mind control because he's fucking stubborn. He was still yelling as I ran away. I ran
      superfast around all of these damn buildings that I eventually left the ground for super
      speed flying which is much easier. But hell looking back I got some major ass points
      for that! Fuck yes! Anyway I landed on a street corner which is where I started to
      transition/chain into my 4th & final dream.

      D4: Lucid- So now I'm on this street corner where I find the black lady who is talking
      to people about the woman I saw in the car w/ the kids in her car basically fleeing
      for her life. So I start asking her about the man she is referring to that she is fleeing
      from. He is someone I know but haven't seen in a long time. I'm asking her a shit load
      of questions about him now because it's all really weird. He just seemed to fall off
      the face of the earth in my real life but I'm pretty sure he moved away closer to one
      of his children. I'm asking advice which are points, yeah. She tells me the woman in
      the car has his 2 kids & they are fighting but she's in such a tizzy she's not sure
      of the details. I'm overwhelmed by the man being mentioned so I summon him to appear
      in front of me. I freeze time & him to look at him. I'm very angry with him so I just
      hold him there. Then I banish him from my sight. Then I'm not even me anymore. It was a full
      transformation. My anger turned me into some kind of
      angry energy & hurt. I can't describe this. I've never done this or felt this before.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Teal
    12. SpellBee Comp my 2nd night

      by , 08-01-2016 at 10:08 PM
      Three Step Goals:
      1.Advanced Flying
      2.Element Manipulation
      3.Mass Telekinesis

      Personal Dream goal: Go to the moon
      All failed but I'll keep posting until I get them done!

      Today's pts.
      Non- Full LD: 1 Pt
      WBTB Fail: 2 Pts
      Total: 3 points

      Not as fortunate. I had a dream that I was at this water place, not park. It was like a daycare for kids but not like you'd expect. I was standing in line outside not inside for some reason & people were checking in their kids to be watched by this daycare like crew of random looking people. Sketchy might be a better word. My daughter who is pregnant right now in real life is handing her kids & her new baby which hasn't been born yet over to these people. Here's where it gets weird. They take the little kids & put them in this float like device & push them away from the side & they go zooming out of the water & all of these kids are flying around in these little float like things. I'm arguing with my daughter about how could she do this & how insane this was with all of the sketchy people she was handing her kids off too.

      Some woman tells me I should let my kids go too! I thought I was alone but now I have a baby. Now I'm furious & I tell her to get the hell away from me & hell no! This is looks so unsafe & I'm freaking out & my daughter is still arguing with me. I finally just wake up which was great because I was exhausted by this insane scenario that seemed to go on forever.

      Unfortunately I wake & realize I had the perfect tools in this damn dream to complete a plethora of tasks! As much as I'd like to say I was lucid, I was not. I think my studying for tasks helped but my night was kinds of weird to begin with. Our compressor on our brand new A/C unit has been out for a week & our guy can't come until later today or tomorrow. Hence we've been sleeping on a futon in front of a window unit & sleeping like that just isn't good for lucid dreaming for the most part. Even though yesterday I pulled a miracle out with one.

      I did try to do a WBTB but didn't get very far. I started to go into a dream but the heat just wasn't allowing it to go anywhere interesting. My brain probably woke me up out of boredom, lol. So a great big fail there but at least I tried...

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
      Competition Notes-Teal

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    13. Went back to my hometown. And hiring under false pretenses.

      by , 07-25-2016 at 01:26 AM
      Dream 1 non-lucid: I found myself in a non-lucid dream in my hometown. They seemed to be under a form of martial law. I had to help deliver a baby which was odd. And the fact that a childhood friend I haven't talked to in quite some time was by my side all along the way. None of the places were actual places in my tiny small hometown, lol. The soldiers were invading an event at the high school & I was being ushered around like I had been beckoned to help everyone. Apparently I got there in time & we ran them off. There were celebrations at this point.

      Dream 2-Non-lucid: Oh & this was the dream I couldn't remember yesterday but did recall today. Non-lucid but very bright & vivid. I was in this city with hotels, casinos, eccentric themed shows. Anyway, I was being approached by different kinds of people who wanted me to move there & work. It had a connection to a glamorous casino/hotel I dreamed about before. So I was walking & talking quite a bit in this dream, in restaurants & those other places I mentioned. I noticed a theme going though & didn't want to move there to work. There were many con artists in this dream who were working with other people to make me just another "mark" for these jobs. See, if you took the job you'd have to move there & it was just a vicious cycle of the landlords wanting people who lived basically hand to mouth in the end. You'd make just enough to pay for rent & do your job with a little extra after that but basically you could never move away & are surrounded by people you don't know & can't rely on.

      That first dream I think came from listening to stuff about the elections. Someone had mentioned martial law being a possibility if the "elite powers that be" don't think Hillary will win they could invoke martial law after they create something that would allow them to do so.

      The second was about my husbands job. They sent out legal documents to all employees by law because they are going to do a mass firing of at least 100 people starting very soon. Just FYI, I used to work there too so I know a lot about how government likes their private businesses run. They make the batteries that goes into the space shuttle, all kinds of weapons, including TOP SECRET ones. The list is extensive & the new buyout was unprecedented. Some one bought all of the plants, not just 1 which happens sometimes. They have already fired a crazy amount of ppl including very smart people. It's a scary scenario.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    14. Recording our final existence

      by , 07-22-2016 at 01:53 AM
      Non-Lucid but very vivid: I was living among a colony of people. We were gathering resources necessary for our survival. We were constantly moving from place to place, each one higher than the last. We are fleeing the water that in on the constant rise & the rain continues off & on so that there isn't much of a reprieve. I saw no sun or moon. It seemed very odd whether it was earth or not was not clear. I watched children with awe at children finding small things to play with. I was appointed somehow to document our travels & our existence. It did not feel like this was the earth I know.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    15. Cool new ability of Lucid for me! I changed a person into a person I new!

      by , 07-19-2016 at 02:13 AM
      I was in a survivor challenge where you had to start a boat & race it but in one heat I was having trouble starting it. My opponent looked like one person but felt like another so I became lucid at this point. I turned that person into my ex-girlfriend Gail! I've never turned someone into someone else like this. I was still trying to win but I tried to cheat & have my husband start the boat ahead of time & was disqualified. But then I had a funny thought like "hey, maybe I could sell this engine on ebay!"
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