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    Memorable Dreams

    1. We're saved!

      by , 05-24-2016 at 12:26 AM
      I was in this big skyscraper out in the middle of nowhere. It looked like a big business with a whole lot of windows. I was working there doing I don't know what. I came upon this crazy man. He literally looked insane & was acting insane. He was pulling at some wires & I he said something to me but I can't remember his exact words. At this point I realize what is going on. He is trying to shut down the building by cutting off the electricity & in turn he cuts off the air which will also kill him but, he didn't seem to care. I became lucid at this point & actually wake up. I closed my eyes again & go back into the dream & now I'm lucidly back into the same dream. The dream is so vast that I didn't even think about doing a task. It had that apocalyptic feel to it. I realized that if the electricity went off & the air went off it would actually kill everyone on the planet because this was some main terminal for a lack of a better word. So I run down the halls & up the stairs because I don't want to be trapped in an elevator. I find the 2 people in charge & the man doesn't listen at all but the woman seemed to at least be interested in what I had to say. I ran back down w/ her to find the man again. We find him & he has a bloody ax in his hand. I wrestled it away from him & plunge it into his chest. I had a strange sensation because I try to avoid violence when I'm lucid or non-lucid both. It just didn't sit well with me but I liked the idea that I saved all of humanity in a lucid dream. I then just kind of hung out and looked out everywhere because it was just so vastly big! I lastly told the woman I was going to get a promotion & she threw out a ridiculous number & I said no. I told her she was doubling my pay & I was getting extra money on top of that. I started laughing at all of this & just woke myself up. I'd say this was definitely memorable.

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    2. Sexual reoccurring dream sequence

      by , 05-16-2016 at 01:11 AM
      I had a dream of a sexual nature. It's reoccurring but the people are usually different. It's like just talking to people & because I have sexual energy or something I feel the need for a release but I'm always trying to get away from these normal conversations to do this but I didn't succeed. I'm not going to more graphical than that. Memorable/Reoccurring
    3. Attacked During Astral Projection

      by , 05-13-2016 at 01:13 AM
      AP: We went to bed about 30 minutes early last night, about 9:30. So I tried a new technique of visualization. I laid down on my back keeping still, prayed, did a breathing exercise & used a protection of light all around my body. I changed the way I clear my chakra's by visualizing them spin & sent the negative energies away from my body w/ a stream of bright light, there's more to it than that but I'd have to use a diagram & I'm just not going to. I also added a visual walk through of a place that I would like to use in a lucid dream. I visualized the 9 & 3/4 challenge. I also asked in my head that I'd like to meet my spirit guides. Personally I think all of these things just prepare me for more lucid dreams..... With that being said I also did the mantra's like: I will have a lucid dream tonight. I will remember my lucid dreams tonight. I will astral project tonight. I will meet my spirit guides tonight. I will remember to ask for help from my spirit guide's in my dreams tonight. You get the idea. On week nights I usually stay up & read but my allergies were really bad last night & I felt a tingle on my lip & because I have an event soon, I took my meds to stave off any cold sores..... Ok, here's where things get weird. I frequently have my husband snore next to me when I'm trying to get into a state of paralysis & I'm always trying to telepathically tell him to stop before I actually bother him. I've been doing this for the last couple of months & also hoping maybe I can astral project w/ him even though he doesn't even practice lucid dreaming, because he gets about 4-5 hrs of sleep a night during the week. I have told him all of this so he won't be freaked out if this was to ever happen... It's just a quirky thing I do. But last night I was doing my meditation & it seemed like I irritated him, like he heard me twice in a row because he jumped & mumbled. After this I finished my routine & drifted into a dream, just a normal dream & woke up from it but my body started the vibrations & sound.I was in a state of sleep paralysis but I didn't realize I couldn't move yet, just that I wanted it to happen. My body started to vibrate w/ the normal hum & he started to snore again so I tried to telepathically tell him to stop twice & then I figured I might just be screwed because he wouldn't stop. So I reached over to touch him but it wasn't with my real hand but my astral hand. I reached over to find that I grabbed a cold small finger. It was above his stomach. It felt not wet exactly but like your hands feel when you get out the bathtub or pool kind of wet but really cold.... My brain reacted very fast, like my instincts & mind were trying to figure out what it was. It was like. Child, no, not child, definitely not my husband, alien, entity. I tried to yell his name twice but nothing came out. And then I was being pulled out of my bed & through my house by a force, not like hands or being grabbed. It pulled me through my bedroom, dining room & into my living room to the front door. My house is small so from my bed to the front door is about 40 feet.... Again my brain did the same thing as I can see I'm about to go through my glass front door. All at once I remembered my last astral experience & I knew if I put my hand on that door I would not go through it. So when I reached the door at a good speed, I put my hand on the glass & I felt it was cold & I put my feet down & whatever entity it was went through & away. I immediately was scared for my husband & I popped back in my body & sat up in bed. I was really pissed off. I had never thought about anything attacking my husband before but I sure did then & it pissed me off. I was gonna get back into that state & go looking for it! But my husband kept snoring again & I was too distracted. Finally, I got out my books & tried to find something similar to this but I haven't yet. But now I do understand it better. I don't think it was bothering him at all. It was just messing with me. And messing with me is okay. I can deal w/ that. And no I don't know what it looked like, I can only describe the finger. I also believe I was more vulnerable than usual. I don't drink or do drugs but I did take a medication that I don't take regularly which would make me very attractive to entities. It wasn't even a feel good med, lol.

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      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    4. Abstract houses

      by , 05-07-2016 at 11:12 PM
      I was in this house with a man I wasn't married too but we had a bunch of kids. The house was all kinds of wrong which is a common thing for me in my dreams. A was tucking a couple of the kids into bed & the room wall all tilted to where there were slanting windows at the foot of their bed. Like they could fall right through the window in the middle of the night. I spent a lot of time in this house & became lucid do to the increasing oddness of this house. I would walk down halls that were like a fun house, all slanted & not normal by any means. Outside didn't seem much better. We were near exaggerated slanting hillsides.... Meesha woke me up first so I kept my eyes mostly closed & gave her some food & peed & went back to bed to try & get back into the dream. I slipped back in pretty easily but now the kids wanted us to get married so we were making preparations for this & my parents came for the wedding. Right after they showed up, my real life husband woke up & it made me realize I needed to pee again. So back I went into the bathroom w/ my eyes only slightly open & managed yet again to get back in. This time the setting for the wedding had changed into a cemetery & the wedding process began, right there in the cemetery. It was all gloomy & weird while we mingled & talked in the cemetery. It was just as if it was a funeral setting not any kind of beverages or food, just milling about & talking. I was still lucid during these dreams & I could also simultaneously tell my husband was awake in our real house because of the sounds. I had to get up at this point because of a previous engagement for today.

      I know this is chaining so I guess you'd classify it as a kind of combo of a Deild & Wild which basically means chaining.

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    5. My first AP followed by LD's

      by , 04-25-2016 at 08:58 PM
      AP Experience: During the day I decided to try & visualize an AP by starting in my bed & going street by street & house by house to arrive inside my husbands work area so that if I ever was to achieve AP I'd know where I was going in a real time way. I kept telling myself all evening that I would have an AP & LD tonight & I would remember my dreams. I laid down at 2:00 am & kept my eyes closed. I did my meditation by relaxing my body & when I did my breathing exercise I did something different. As I breathed in I said to myself that when I breathe in I'm breathing in AP & LD's & when I breathe out I'm breathing out fear. I'd hold my breath in between. No-one told me to do it this way, I just decided to try it. I kept my eyes closed the whole time & visualized the trip again in my head from my bed all the way to my husbands job & into his work area. My husbands alarm went off at 3:15 & I got up to pee & tried to keep my eyes mostly closed & didn't talk & went straight back to bed. My bathroom is about 10 feet from my side of the bed so it didn't take long. I laid back down & started the exercises over & over & ignoring my husband. Meesha cat has been in our bed all night, even when I was reading before I went to sleep. She was in the middle of the bed. At 4:10 or 4:15 I heard my husbands keys & so did Meesha cuz she went to follow him & then she came back to bed & laid down. (I didn't look at the clock, I asked my husband today what time he left) I just kept on with what I was doing & decided that my husband was no longer a distraction & Meesha seemed all settled so I attempted to bump up my vibrations. And they went from zero to 1000! My whole body vibrated like I had some high tech vibration machine going through my body. It feel like every cell & atom in my body was moving & the sound was a really loud humming & air kind of sound, a whirring sound. Other people describe it as the sound a plane makes. Well, I've only heard that sound on tv but I'd say it was very accurate. It's like my body was going to take off, literally! It was maybe 30 seconds of this & I knew what what was happening. I wasn't afraid & I did not see any entities or anything. I tried to move & couldn't but it was only on my first try. After that I was able to lift my left arm & feel it come up & I could see I had 2 kinds of arms & I could feel the difference so I just went for it & tried to roll off the side of my bed. I immediately remembered I didn't want to go through the floor but briefly it felt like I went down but willed myself back up. It was like the bottom part of me started to go down through the floor but not all of me. I was next to my bed but I didn't feel the floor & I could tell that I couldn't feel things but I'm a well trained monkey & I was afraid of bumping into my bed & in a split second I consciously wanted to float around my bed to get out of my room. But before I did this I looked on my bed to see if Meesha was freaking out or anything but she was just laying there right where she was sound asleep. So I floated around my bed & through my dining room & over my couch & love seat a few times just trying to see the room & feel what was happening. I wanted to go through the door so I could make the journey to my husbands job. But when I got in front of the door I wan't sure if I should try & walk through it or run through it. So I tried to run but I panicked & everything went black for what seemed to be quite a while. I felt disoriented & couldn't figure out where I was. I was so tired but so excited at the same time. I guess I popped back in & then I started a Lucid dream..

      LD: 1 I was asking these women in a college for help. I was explaining all of what just happened to me & asked them if they were lucid dreamers & they said they were & I asked them if they new anything about AP but they didn't answer. I walked around & looked for things that could help me understand where I was. They told me I was in some college in Illinois. I told them I didn't think that this place really exists. I found some brochures that said it was in Illinois & it was a college but the name still made no sense to me. I wish I could remember. The stairways there were really wide & the hallways really tall & long & detailed & everyone was friendly & then one woman was trying to get a little too friendly when we turned a corner & there was a hot tub. I got in it with her but when she leaned in to kiss me I went under the water which woke me right up.... I sat up in bed & remembered everything so I tried to text my husband at work. It was 5:04 am. I ended up talking to my husband & telling him all about the AP & this LD.

      LD 2: I was in an art college of some kind. I was talking to various people. We were sitting in this neat little place where you step down a couple of steps to get to individual tables & from multiple sides you had to step up each way to get out of it. We were discussing art & since I was enjoying this I didn't try to change the scene, I just tried to take in all the things they were talking about & looking at their art and ideas.

      LD 3: I was outside in this vast area where there was just grass seeming to go on forever & there was this thing that I really can't describe accurately but I'll try. It looked like a small hill where a tight low gully was. It was about the size and shape of a small train trestle & you are looking at it from the side & where the track would be there was a space filled with a multidimensional space where artists were creating computer art that went from one side to the other. The goal was to make something unique fill that space. Each piece started from the left & pix elated across to the other side. Like I said it's hard to describe because it was very complicated. I didn't want to try to change the scene yet again because this just seemed more cool than something I could create. It was so colorful. It was like a big computer program that displayed art.

      Explanation of Details- I had some other dream fragments but I let them go because I seem to be so overwhelmed w/ the AP experience.... Quite a while back I used to be terrified by SP & I saw entities. I used to pray every night because I was being attacked in my sleep but I didn't know anything about LD's or AP back then. I wish I had so I wouldn't have been afraid. Eventually they stopped & I stumbled upon LD'ing later. Therefore I wasn't afraid when I had this experience today. It was definitely not something that a person could experience in any kind of a dream. No way. Not possible. This was a real time event.

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      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown

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    6. I'm marrying a celebrity!

      by , 04-18-2016 at 07:34 PM
      I had what felt like a long dream. I was secretly dating a guy who was a public figure, like in the pop industry or something. People definitely knew exactly who he was & didn't approach him for the most part. He seemed obviously younger than me. He was very handsome & mature for his age. At first I thought he was Justin Beiber, lol but he wasn't, he was older than that & didn't look like him after all. He was very calm & seemed to be in deep thought when he looked at me & when he looked around at all the people. He was very sure of himself & projected this but not in a cocky way. More of a very calm confident person. I've never before me someone who captivated other peoples attention but knew to not push them too far. Not like this anyway.. We were at an event where he was making an appearance. It looked like a benefit w/ many stages where there were competitions going on. For example there were big areas of water that looked green w/ lights in it & big rocks all around it. Like a stage set used for a movie. People were swimming in it & challenging each other to do this or that in the water. I don't know how to explain it. There were people all around us but he was extremely calm & cautious. Like he was trying to protect me from all of these people. I was telling him he didn't have to tell anyone about me & he calmly told me that he wanted people to know. So when someone asked him if he was dating me he said yes very calmly & confidently. His calm energy was very contagious I guess because my demeanor was suddenly very very unusually calm. In fact we were both unusually calm. We then were able to walk around holding hands & he still seemed very serious. As if he was calmly on alert to field any questions about this new romance that would now be scrutinized by the media. But I also felt an overwhelming deep connection w/ him. Not your typical DC experience. It was on the lines of love & a deep emotional connection where you feel like you don't question your relationship. You just know on a deeper level w/o question what you feel is real & true & strong. Like I was in a parallel universe & this was a duel reality of my own. (I have these kinds of dreams fairly regularly where they feel like real people in connection to me.)..... Like I said this dream went on for quite sometime w/ us just walking around & he never did anything to pinpoint exactly what he did for a living. It was like his presence there was enough for whatever reason.... Eventually he pulled me aside & told me that he wanted to marry me & that he wanted to tell people tonight. Of course I thought it would seem odd to people that he had just told them he was dating me & in the same night to propose marriage would seem rather hasty. But it didn't seem hasty to me because we had seemed like we had already been together for a very long time & that because of him being a public figure had wanted to keep this part of his life to himself. It was like he was tired of hiding the relationship. And sure enough he got up on this rock wall thing & addressed the people & stated that he & I were getting married, all with great confidence & a hint of "None of you will challenge this fact because it is what I say it is" tone in his voice. And no-one objected. We were free to roam about & he now had a demeanor of relief when he talked.... So we just walked around w/ each other in a state of bliss.. And then I woke up. Like on cue or something.

      This dream seemed to have a climax building throughout the dream & then when that part was over the calm set in & the dream just faded into the night & I woke up. Definitely a memorable dream. I can't categorize it as lucid because I never had that ah-ha moment & then tried to act upon it. But I did note that I was married in real life while I was dreaming & that this was definitely not an average dream so that it was okay to act this way w/ this particular man. This was something else altogether different in my mind. It was more of a dream that seemed to be rooted in a factual nature. Like this place & this person was part of another life & did not need to be put in a category. Yet, I wish there was a kind of category for things that seem like they are of an "alternate reality or dimension". I woke up feeling very calm & the dream is still there in my mind many hours later just a perfect & preserved as can be. I won't forget this dream because of the intimate nature & realness it possessed for whatever reason.

      Last night was very frustrating. My husband has a restless night & it interrupted my process... I tried to induce SP & I had even more sensations than ever before but was repeated interrupted. I had jerking, whooshing, seeing a light w/ my eyes closed & I had the sensation of weightlessness & the feeling of starting to float. But like I said my husband tossed & turned all night long & it made this process stop & start repeatedly. I was so frustrated. He is usually a pretty still sleeper but does snore & then so I may have to rethink when I try to do this or possibly even where. I may try to lay in our recliner at night & see if that works. I don't know. I guess I'll think on it.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
    7. DILD, MILD, DS - Royal Gold Submarine

      by , 04-16-2016 at 06:43 PM
      I was running & was guided into something. At first I thought it was a RV but then realized it resembled instead a gold submarine on wheels. My family was outside trying to find out what was going on & I was on the inside w/ my prince & his parents, the king & queen & others that were trying to help us keep others out. I was told that because I was his new princess there was some kind of power grab that others were trying to make by capturing me & that they would be in charge somehow if this happened. I looked down & realized my ring was gone & I started to panic & started looking around for it. I accidentally opened a door a fraction of an inch & for a moment the outsiders were able to see inside so the king & queen acted as though they were having sex as a diversion. While I was looking around for the ring & this weird sex act was taking place, I became Lucid. (I'll explain things later what triggered this). So now that I was lucid I knew I could not attempt a WBTB or a WILD today so I took advantage of just having fun w/ my dream. I started changing things as they all became more & more vivid. There were luxurious pillows everywhere. I was expanding the confined place to make it bigger & safer. I also kept looking for my ring which was found among some nuts & bolts. My prince was my husband & the king & queen were plump & w/ royal frumpy garbs. This was fun. I was looking at all the rivets made of gold & small windows to peek out of. I was really happy w/ my creativity. I was able to hear my family outside more clearly & they wanted frantically to know what was happening & where I was, which was not helping me hide. The floors were made of that bumpy metal associated w/ tools but I don't know what that is called. The whole thing had a futuristic feel to it.... Unfortunately my husband was rousing awake next to me & I knew I had to wake up because, although lucid dreaming is really fun I also knew very clearly that my real life must come first & this cannot interfere w/ that. This is a line I do not want to cross. Therefore I knew my time was up & I opened my eyes & I was fully awake but because my dream was lucid I could remember it very clearly.

      Now to explain. Before I went to sleep I was practicing my MILD mantra's of "Tonight I'm going to lucid dream & I'm going to remember them" & "I will use my wedding ring as my dream sign" because it is not only significant to me it because it has a flaw. It really does come apart. The weld came loose a while back & 1 of the 3 sections is not connected right now. Therefore, I only usually wear it when I leave the house except when I swim, so that I don't lose it at the pool. It's unique & it was custom made. A one of a kind, w/ a one a kind flaw right now. It's been this way for about 4 yrs or so but I kind of like it like that. I know that sounds weird..... Then there was the King & Queen suddenly having sex which simultaneously reminded me of the fact that I couldn't keep sleeping for long... I had a hysterectomy in December & have a set time to try & have intercourse to strengthen the area where my cervix was taken out of.... So all in all I had a successful DILD & MILD w/ my dream sign being my wedding ring.

      Green: Non-Lucid
      Red: Lucid
      Blue: Details
    8. The Illusionist. (LD) & (6 Non-Lucids)

      by , 04-12-2016 at 07:08 PM
      I was very sleep deprived so I decided to get some rest & make a new plan. First, I reinstalled Jelly Splash on my phone before I went to sleep & played it. The reason for this was to work on details & accuracy w/ bright colors & to just have fun. I did a simple body meditation & relaxation technique that is pretty second nature to me & I slept on my stomach for the first time in about 6 wks, which is how I prefer to sleep. And then I decided I would just sleep, wake up & keep going back to sleep until I got enough rest which turned out to be about 10 hours. I also decided not to log any of my dreams but just to keep track until I had my last one. And low & behold I had 6 dreams! Number 7 was a LD! And I kept w/ my plan by just doing what I wanted to do in it & have some fun. I've been too serious lately trying to achieve the TOTM.

      So here is my LD. I was working as a detective & was investigating an illusionist who managed to steal a lot of money, or so my boss thought. My opinion was that it wasn't him at all & that someone was taking advantage of the timing of the illusion acts he was performing.. My boss said that he would definitely show up at the event that was occurring on this same day in the evening. So we showed up & it wasn't dark yet, it was light out & there were very long lines & because we were detectives we could just weave in & out as we pleased & look for where he might be. We were in this line when I looked across the room & saw all the Chinese lanterns that were hanging about & strings of lights & bright signs. (I think the Chinese lanterns & neon signs may be a dream sign for me. I know the bright lights are) And it was then I knew I was lucid & felt invincible! I knew I could do what I wanted now & told my boss that I knew he was innocent & that I quit. I really wanted to find this guy because he was very impressive & I just didn't believe he did it.,.. He was there, eluding us, but he was there. He reminded me of Roland from Stephen Kings, The Dark Tower series. He would be in one place where I could see him & then he'd kind of roll away & disappear. I searched through the hordes of people & he still eluded me. I thought maybe since I was Lucid I could do something to find him that way, but that wouldn't be fun to me in this scenario. There were all these booths & stages where these little magic tricks were happening & I realized this event was some kind of magician's convention/exhibition or something & an illusionist would only be there for some other reason. They are in a different category than magicians you know, like that would be beneath them to show up at this place & perform ordinary magic.... I could feel him watching me everywhere I went. And then I suddenly realized he was gone. He let me see him & then went around a rack of books & disappeared w/ a smile. And then I woke up.

      Mike & I were just discussing the movie for The Dark Tower Series & how they screwed it up. I was talking about Chinese food today. And I saw a lame magic trick on tv. I know that's where some of the characters came from.... I realized that I had stopped reading my everyday books & have been only reading dry stuff to research the brain about memory... I average 50-60 plus books a year which in 6 wks I've destroyed all hopes of that happening due to doing too much dry research... I have also noticed that other people are having very fun dreams w/ dragons & vampires... I think my brain needs more of that. I may actually reread Harry Potter again due to the incredible details it has to offer which will stimulate my brain the way I want it & it has the familiarity to be easily ready. Not to mention cool magic... When those books came out my husband, our youngest son & me all read the books at the same time which was a lot of fun... I've taken the fun out of my dreams & need to put it back in.

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    9. A Huge Mousetrap Game, Multiple dreams and Dream Induction.

      by , 04-08-2016 at 06:28 PM
      I will start by saying that I was using a new technique that I found on YouTube. It was called "
      Lucid Dream Induction: Dreamwalker" I will add the link at the end. I highly recommend it.

      Dream#1: In this dream it was me, my friends Lindell, Dexter(Dex) & my husband Mike(he was asleep for some reason). These are very good friends of ours & used to be our neighbors. Lindell, whom I call "Lin" is like the male version of me w/ some exceptions so we are always doing goofy stuff.

      Anyway, back to the dream. We were in Lin & Dex's house & were listening to the previously mentioned excercise which at some point keeps repeating do a reality check so it was interjecting itself into my lucid dream which was pretty exciting for me...Dell decides to record us w/ a tape cassette player for fun. Apparently Lin thought it would be a good idea to play w/ this giant Mouse Trap Game, based on the kids version.. Mike was sleeping but we were all getting into this game & we all suddenly realized we were in Lin's dream. Boy did we get excited at this point. He was also very excited because that was his intenion. Lin went near the edge of a higher curve on the mouse trap & leaned his head over the track upside down which was hillarious so we were trying to make the mouse hit him as it came down the track... I could still hear the words from the actual audio telling me to do the reality checks so this was also in my dream & I did them which was so very incredibly weird but in a good way... We all were waking up, except Mike & wanted to try & get back in "Lin's" dream again so they told me to start the audio over... At that moment, I woke up in real life & started the audio over & layed back down & went right back into the dream! It was really cool. I think this is a form of chaining.... For just a short while I was back in the same dream which eventually went into another dream alltogether, which was my 2nd or 3rd dream of the night. I'm unclear if you wake from a dream & do something & go back into the same dream if it is considered the same dream or is it a new dream.

      2nd or 3rd Dream, depending on your definition was very emotional for me. This dream took place at a cabin somewhere. My ex-girlfriend Gail was there (actual girlfriend whom I was in a relationship w/ for a long time & was previously my best friend, she moved away), my husband Mike, me, my kids & some kind of monster. Gail kept trying to "get w/ me" & my husband came around a corner of the cabin while she was grabbing me & got really mad. He was screaming, "I knew it!" and we started arguing w/ me trying to defend myself. We were all trying to get away from some monster I coudn't even see but the car & truck wouldn't start & it was all just all kinds of bad... I was just glad when I woke up... I'm not surprised by this dream at all. My husband & her do not get along at all & I severed all ties from her years ago. I showed her pic to Mike this week from FB. Let me be clear here. I am not friends w/ her on there either but I do check on her every now & then because I will always care for her & she has multiple kinds of cancer & won't be around in a few yrs & its sad. He understands this. She & I were both victim's of domestic violence & she was there for me & helped me to stand up against my 1st husband. Anyway, I'm sure the picture triggered the dream.

      Lucid Dream Induction: Dreamwalker

    10. Task of the Month. I ate a few inediblle things!

      by , 04-05-2016 at 09:24 PM
      Today I changed things up again. I found a new source of video's. Thx, Nimbulus. I used one to induce a nap today & my Lucid Dream lasted a really long time. I had headphones on & I wore a facemask that holds your eyelids shut. I'll start off w/ what I ate & then write my dream. I tried to eat a glass but that didn't work. I think it was because I have reoccurring dreams where I eat my teeth. ( I secretly hoped I would have become lucid in that nightmare & that would have easily have met the challenge). So I tried for what else was near me because I was afraid I Would wake up & not complete a task. I tried to each a pencil first & it was just the tip & tasted like lead, which I remembered from using all those yrs in school getting pencil lead on my hands. It was just too hard to eat the whole thing. Then, I ate cardboard. It tasted like dirt & was difficult to eat & the texture was gritty. I ate a piece of paper which didn't have much of a taste at all, it was just chewy & my saliva broke it down. I also ate a piece of wood. It seemed to take on an easier chewy sensation. The texture was splintery at first but softened in my mouth & had a earthy taste, more than a dirt taste. It seemed to almost take on a taste that wasn't bad but, nothing I'd want to try again unless I was starving....

      Now back to my dream. I was in a tavern, in a town that was dusty & old & there were alot of ppl. None of which I knew. I realized I was lucid & tried to open my eyes & since I had a facemask on in real life, I just dissmissed this thought & I could suddenly see even more clearly. I immediately knew to look for objects to eat & got that out of the way. I also tried to ask ppl if they were LD's instead of DC's so I could try for another task but the DC thing eluded me so I decided I had done enough for one lucid dream where tasks were concerned & decided to try & enjoy my stay. I tried to explain to ppl that I had come into my dream conciously, hoping someone would start talking to me about the subject. Saying something like. "I'm one of your Spirit Guides", or something. I spent quite a great deal of time looking for ppl like that. But then I moved on. I was healing ppl. The conditions there were not good. I helped to heal ppl while I was there. Something compelled me to do this which was really strange. But I'd put my hands on them & pull out their illness & then cast out the feeling by difuzing the energy first. There was alot of talking & alot of levels to the building we were in.... I spent a great deal of time flying. It's like an addiction in a LD. I just do it. I don't walk very much at all now. Flying through halls is alot faster. Of course I also had to fly outside to feed the rush. This was the first time I flew up to where I was above the earth, through the clouds and amongst the stars... This was so very new to me & incredibly enlightening. Its was such a free feeling.....
    11. Not sure what this is called but I'd like to know if it is called something. Is this chaining?

      by , 04-03-2016 at 09:21 PM
      Dream #1: I started the dream w/ being in a group of ppl at a polical event for Hillary Clinton & I was supposed to be applying for some kind of position. Then my cat woke me up again & I lazily fed her & peed & laid back down(less than 5 minutes) & tried to get back into the dream.
      Dream #2: This dream started immediately when I laid back down. I still had the last dream fresh in my head. I left off from where I had woken up but now we are going through a wing of this location where there are ER Rooms. It's like a big complex. And nothing really occurred except we were in there talking. Ppl were still trying to convince me to work for Hillary & since I don't like her I'm debating this because the money is good.

      Is this chaining? I've done this for years so it just seems like some form of normal for me. Sometimes more than this. Usually it's due to the content of the dream which I'm enjoying & just want to dream more of this. But this time I wanted to go back in because I just wanted to see what would happen since I wasn't really enjoying it & it worked.
      Tags: chaining
      dream fragment , lucid , memorable
    12. Non-Lucid followed by a spoiler for content of the dream & dream signs

      by , 04-01-2016 at 05:50 PM
      Non-Lucid: I was in a flood & was helping a big family that was all split up & we finally found them all & no one seemed to be hurt. Then we were doing the normal emergency protocols for a big flood. Then I noticed we were in an unusual big manufactured home. There were alot of children. And then the dream took on some really odd turn, which I will now use a spoiler due to the content.

      Spoiler for Graphic nature, followed by personal life event:
    13. Dream #2 Today

      by , 03-30-2016 at 08:05 PM
      Dream #2 today. I was w/ friends & family by a beach w/ a cool outdoor eating area where we were eating Chinese food hibachi style. For some reason I was being married off to some old Chinese guy which I wasn't looking forward to. But an old boyfriend from my childhood was there & we managed to sneak off together & get away from those people. It was a very vivid & memorable dream... My first husband was a Chinese chef & I worked in the industry & still have a great fondness for Chinese food & both of my sons worked also in the industry in there teens.
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. A Eureka Moment

      by , 03-27-2016 at 12:32 AM
      I've been reading a lot about mnemonic memory techniques & came to the conclusion that for me I don't want a scripted list. Instead all throughout my day I look at things, especially ones with motion & say what color they are, what material it is made of & what motion it creates. Exp: Black fan, spins, has metal on it & then I visual the motion & possible other motions it stimulates in my brain.... WBTS method this morning & did not have a LD but I was thinking about my dream house & instead of dreaming about that I did dream of another house with many stairs & all of the ppl including myself had abilities & the colors & details of my dream were much sharper due to using my own technique.
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