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    1. #112: Language cafe & fragments

      by , 03-18-2016 at 03:58 PM
      Language cafe
      I'm at a social gathering / semi language cafe. The coordinator is my thesis supervisor. He makes two groups and splits us up using a wall divider. One side is for people who want to speak in different languages, the other side for people who just want to talk to others. On my side of the wall are perhaps 6 people. I think I end up speaking some Spanish, despite my Spanish being shitty in real life. At a certain point the divider is removed. My classmate Kristen is with some people on the other side of it. She starts crying because the person she was talking to left. She's crying because she just wanted to meet someone and her plan fell through. She's totally burned out. I think my thesis supervisor tries to comfort her, though at this point he may have also turned into one of the other lecturers, who isn't capable of being very supportive.

      » I'm at a camping site. Several of my friends are there. It's already a bit dark out and it's quite a mess around here. As if a multi-day festival just took place... or a flood. We're working on inflating my mattress. It's quite a big thing. You can even open it using a zipper and then store your bags inside for safekeeping. There's also a flute looking attachment which you can use to manually inflate it a bit more. I recall talking to a guy I haven't met before, but I'm not sure what it was about.

      » I'm at a train station. I was sitting on the train, but a bit panicly came out. I think because I was afraid to miss my stop. Whilst walking the length of the platform my grey hat gets blown from my head and lands on the train tracks perhaps 5 or 10 metres away. It instantly combusts, though it partially survives. Physically I don't respond to this at all. In my mind I think it sucks, cause I bought that one in Indonesia. It is my own fault. I could feel my hat shifting a little bit due to the wind, but did nothing to stop it. The second pull is what made it fly away.

      » We've gone on a trip with our class and now we're headed back.. by bus? We're going back to the central meeting point. One girl is disappointed by that, cause her house is in the opposite direction.

      » I'm with some classmates. One of them is making a fuzz over having kissed one of our classmates.

      » I'm sitting in class. Two of my classmates are arguing and eventually it resorts to one of them being silent and the other intermittently shouting "why won't you listen to me?!" or something along those lines. After a while the lecturer threatens to stop the lecture if my classmate doesn't stop interrupting it. My classmate says he'll be cool, but in the end.. nope.
    2. #111: Fragments

      by , 03-17-2016 at 07:27 AM
      Last night while lying in bed I started to notice a sensation that I've experienced a few times before. It felt like my body was swinging from left to right, even though I was lying still. I realised what was happening and told myself to lay still and keep paying attention, but I drifted off anyway.

      » I'm riding my crappy bicycle somewhere on a somewhat busy street. I'm with a big group of people, sort of like when you're on a class excursion. Somewhere later in the dream I'm walking around in a big store. I'm somewhat looking for lights to put on my bicycle. At some point I find some lights, but those are not the ones I want.

      » I've made a parkourvideo of my own moves. It's one run and every move is executed quite smoothly. The perspective changes a few times and I think see the same video a couple of times. After that (or in between) I see FB comments of the parkour group I posted this video in. Two people seem to think that what I'm doing doesn't count as parkour.

      » I'm in Rotterdam. It's evening. I've got the keys to what is supposedly the house of my housemate Bart. Or I should say key. For some reason I've got the key for the door below, but not for the one up stairs. I make it until his frontdoor upstairs and then consider my options.
      Tags: parkour
      dream fragment
    3. #107: Flash / Digits

      by , 03-08-2016 at 08:01 AM
      I'm in a house with some classmates. I think we're in the house of someone who gave us a lecture once, a PhD student. We're in the living room and I think he is upstairs. I'm helping one of my classmates fix an intricate lamp. It's quite a big thing. I mess around with it a bit. Before I attempted to fix it, the brightness would fade in and out slowly. After my attempt this process happened faster. Whoops, the opposite of what I was attempting. I'm not sure if I end up fixing the lamp. Eventually I'm alone with the classmate I tried to fix the lamp for. She kisses me. I'm not sure anymore what happened after.

      Not sure if I'm doing something in this dream or if I'm an observer. There's a woman and a guy. I might be that guy. They're somewhere high in a stone tower. It's dark outside. Down below there are two people trying to spy on them. They've 'thrown' two small magical gadgets through the window (which is just a hole), something akin to dragonflies. The woman is a witch and the guy also has some skills. They dispatch the spying devices.

      I'm sitting at the same cafe I was sitting in yesterday evening with 4 of my classmates. Now I can only specifically recall 2 of them being there. One of them is sitting to my right, the other in front of me. The one in front of me has had 10 beers and is slightly messed up. A girl who is following a course with us approaches him. They start talking about yesterday's exam. Both of them scored 17 points. He scored equally well as this super smart girl. Very well done. At some point there is a blanc piece of A4 paper on our table, though with stuff written on it. She is asking for his number. He's so messed up that he wrote down something that is by no means correct. Dutch numbers have 10 digits. He used maybe 20, plus the code at the beginning is wrong. It's something like 0088888. He tells me there should be four 8s. I start laughing and take a picture of this with my phone, so that I can show it to him later. I notice that my battery is almost dead. I ask my classmate to my right to give me his phone and look up our friend's number, as I don't have it. I want to help him out and write down his number for him.
    4. #105: Fragments

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:24 AM
      > There's an action scene going on. It may have been with Bruce Willis. He and two others have crammed themselves into 1 F1 car and are fleeing from some dictator or something. The type of car alternates. At one point he's at a provincial road with a type of farmer pickup truck, with a tank approaching from another direction. I think about how this would be so much easier with a superfast car such as a Bugatti and voila, it happens. In the end he returns to the racing track, where two guys who are on his side are waiting for him.

      > In a forest with some people, including my cousin. He's picking red berries?

      > There's a conversation going on about Jackie Chan. It's about how he is very muscled, but also very short. For stunts involving gymnastics equipment a quite tall white guy comes in to check everything. Instead of using adult equipment, he'll use equipment for the age category 9 - 13 (or something along those lines).

      > Fairly certain there was something that involved a train, but can't remember what.

      > I have a new phone. It runs on Android. I like the functionality of it, but I'm still on the fence about the look. It's like it isn't entirely finished.

      > I'm playing/seeing a game that in terms of graphics looks like the Pokémon games from when I still played them. I notice something odd, but it doesn't trigger a response from me.
    5. #104: Fragments

      by , 03-05-2016 at 07:40 AM
      > I'm in my room at my mom's house, though the layout of my room is different. I'm using my laptop and am just about to shut it down. I think about the fact that there is still some porn running on it. I should probably close that down first. My little brother suddenly enters my room. I quickly close the lid on my laptop.

      > My mom's boyfriend is telling my little brother and I that it's about time to leave for the birthday of our cousin. My little brother isn't ready yet and is still doing some irrelevant things. I tell him to hurry and eventually I slap him across the face with a flat hand. Eventually, once we're outside, it turns out that my mom's boyfriend lied about how much of a rush we are in. I get pissed off and go back inside the house. Now I feel bad for hitting my little brother.

      > I'm at a family party it seems. There must be 20 - 30 people sitting on chairs in two long rows facing each other. I enter and say hai to everyone, cause going to everyone individually would take a lot of time. I see my 1,5 year old cousin. i think he's with my mom. I ask/tell him something and he tells me in Dutch that he doesn't want it, in a typical "I just learnt to say these words" type of speech pattern.
    6. #103: Fragments

      by , 03-04-2016 at 07:08 AM
      > I'm busy cleaning my room in my student home. I've gotten into an argument with my mom somehow. She enters my room but since I've got my back to her I pretend that I don't know that she's here. She pokes me in my sides. I respond annoyed. So does she. She then asks me something.

      > I'm reading something about how Surinam is related to Spanish and some other languages. I consider learning something of these languages so that Surinam will become easier for me. Then I realise that that's idiotic. I might as well just focus on Surinam immediately.

      > I'm at the cinema with a girl who has only recently become a girl. She is nice to me and offers to pay for the tickets. Well that's definitely a change from when she was still a guy. It feels like I went out with the girl behind the ticket desk once, cause she's acting quite jealous. She's saying stuff such as that I should update my relationship status. A bit early for that I think. We then sit together with a group of people, who start cracking terrible vagina jokes in Dutch.

      > I check in at a train station. I can clearly see the same at which the train is supposed to leave. There also is a train, but the sign which displays the destinations doesn't match up with where I want to go. It shows a lot of places I've never heard of. They don't even sound Dutch. I end up skipping this train.
    7. #102: Blade / Parkour

      by , 03-03-2016 at 07:23 AM
      Shortly after going to bed I noticed I was being drawn into a WILD. I could feel my body swaying back and forth at varying levels of intensity. I tried to tell myself to remain aware, but in the end I fell asleep regularly.

      I'm sitting at a round table with a number of people. Two of them are my classmates/friends. I'm not sure who the others are. At the opposite point of where I'm sitting, a rectangular table has been attached to the round table. There are more people sitting there, but I don't remember who. There's gonna be a fight I think, though it's an organised one. Something is being handed out. Pencils? The handing out is based on some type of seniority system. At first I get one, but when I mentioned that I am (one of) the youngest it's taken away again. Having one gives you the right to participate in the fight I believe. The fight is against a blonde Polish classmate of mine. She is wielding some type of katana. Despite me not having a pencil I am chosen as the second person to fight her. I don't want to. I know she will pretty much destroy me. I fight anyway.

      Somewhere early on in the fight I use my left hand to fend off an attack. I'm holding her katana by the blade, but it's not cutting into my flesh. Somewhere vaguely I sense that this is a simulation. Next thing I know I'm sitting on her back. She doesn't seem bothered by my weight. Someone shouts in excitement that she's trying to plant the katana between my shoulder blades. If she manages to do so she wins by default. I struggle for the katana with her. Eventually I bend it and am able to plant it between her shoulder blades. I get cheered on and am feeling proud of myself for managing to win this fight. Apparently this doesn't happen often.

      I'm in what seems like a playground, messing around a little bit. I'm doing some basic parkour jumps which also involve a fence. Eventually I do something more challenging; from a sitting position I fall back and grab the bars of the fence, pushing myself forward again and doing a roll. I end with a frontflip. I do this routine a few times. I know there's someone on the playground with me, but I'm not really paying attention to that person. I start thinking about how it's best if I don't do a sideflip, cause I've tried that perhaps 3 times in my life. I see it happening anyway, making me wonder if I'm the one who did the flip.

      > I'm in the backseat of an Uber. I forgot to check the surge, but it seems like I'll end up paying €3,40. The driver wants me to pay €4,40 though. Uhh, no. He left the engine running for a bit longer. I'm not sure if I'll have enough coins. I seem quite stuck in this dream, counting my coins over and over and the price keeps increasing. By the time I get out of the dream the price was €7,40. At that point in the dream my grandma was there, saying something in Surinam to a guy I don't know.

      > There are three groups inside a building. Groups 1 and 2 are supposedly going to work together to take group 3 down. Group 1 is double crossing group 2 though and is secretly working together with group 3. The ambush is that people whom are walking around the building watching YouTube on their phone are going to stab the members from group 2. It's a bit chaotic. At some point I'm witnessing this while in some guy's body. He gets stabbed by a cute girl. He asks her for a last kiss and she thinks it's cute. Before she does she asks him if this isn't a ploy to stab her back. He says it's not, but tries to stab her anyway.

      -- Had more, but I have stuff to do today damnit!
    8. #98: Just fragments

      by , 02-22-2016 at 06:58 AM
      > I'm not 100% sure that I'm taking part in this dream, as opposed to being a spectator. I think I am though. There's a group of people, mostly around their late teens. They are being hunted down by a group of.. something. At night they place a string made out of a particular item around their camp so that they can detect when the things come after them.

      > I'm with a woman who is about 10 years older than me and whom I haven't spoken to or thought about in a very long time. We're in a non-descript room that later turns into the living room at my mom's house. Before the room changes we're going at it in the very centre. After the room changes I can hear my mom walking about. I quickly run into the kitchen to avoid her.
    9. #96: Highway

      by , 02-19-2016 at 07:19 AM
      I'm driving a car in the Netherlands, somewhere at the edge of Amsterdam, going up to a highway. It's starting to rain quite heavily. I swerve a little bit because I wanted to move right towards the run up a bit too early, crossing a line. I move back to my own lane but a few seconds later I already have to move right again to go onto the highway. At first everything is fine, but then there is oncoming traffic. I appear to be headed in the opposite direction, though it doesn't cross my mind that it's my wrong doing. I stay on the left side, as the approaching vehicles are using the right lanes.

      > I'm with a group of people. We seem to all be sitting on a bunkbed. Someone is standing in front of it and is asking us a question as if this was a lecture. It's about the warning system for extreme weather. No one seems to know the answer. I know I know the answer, but I can't think of the correct word in English for the name of the system, though I know its workings. Matter of fact, I can't even think of the correct name in Dutch.

      > There's something with a sort of library where I stayed for a few hours. I walk out of there, laptop in hand, but I gotta pay a type of parking fee. That fee seems to be in the range of 80 - 90 something (not sure which currency). It's a really high amount.
    10. #94: Party / Order

      by , 02-17-2016 at 08:46 AM
      > Had a very unpleasant dream in which I had to catch a train and my mom would bring me by car, but I was fighting verbally with her and perhaps some other family members who were present. Time was running out fast as well. I had 5 minutes left to catch the train.

      > I was meeting a slightly older woman to interview her for something. We're both seated on stools quite close to each other, behind a long desk. There are some other people in the room as well. I'm trying to take notes, but this paper and this red pen are ridiculous. I need something else. The woman comes really close to me and she's flirting with me. We both want this, but with her colleagues here this isn't the right time.

      I'm driving (not sure what vehicle I'm using) in the evening, towards a party of my friend Ant. A birthday party perhaps? It's somewhere in a city. I'm starting to think that I was driving a moped. Some other people also arrive. My aunt and my little brother. I check the invite / FB event and Ant cancelled / rescheduled it about 30 minutes ago to another day. Nice timing... I tell my aunt and little brother. My aunt is definitely ready to leave again. I wanna check the inside of the building and tell them I'll just be 1 minute, knowing it'll probably take longer. My little brother joins me. We end up in a sort of bouncy castle type of thing, which is pretty neat.

      I'm somewhere outside in the evening. It's in a city. The mood is slightly rebellious and reminds me of the NYE in Köln. A girl with long black hair who is definitely younger than I am starts bothering me. I'm not sure what she does, but after a while I start going after her while she runs away. An older looking Arabic male tells me to leave her alone. She's a good person like him, cause they're both from North Iran/Iraq. What the.. no! That you're both from the same country doesn't make both of you good people. Matter of fact, I don't even know if you're a good person. At some point while talking to this man, who seems like he won't budge, I feel my pockets to check if my wallet and phone are still there. They are, but shit now this guy knows exactly where they are. I'm on the move again.

      I enter a small classroom. There are a few rows of dark wooden benches, enough to fit perhaps 25 people at most if you cram. Outside it's busy as hell, inside there are just a few people. This is a select group of people, something along the lines of Order of the Kingdom. Princess Beatrix is heading this meeting. We're here to think about ways to defeat IS. It feels quite personal, as if they've just attacked a Dutch city. The door to this room keeps getting opened. People are curious what's going on in here. At one point the door is open for a while. Eventually two people are allowed to join. The first is a man in his 40's, with streaks of grey in his beard. He looks like he's earned the reputation to be here. The other is my classmate Chris. I'm now sitting/lying in what seems like the windowsill, in a quite relaxed position, nothing you'd do in front of the princess. I'm wearing a purple V-neck T-shirt. I tell her I've got an idea, but it's going to be very longterm and might not even work. I'm not sure if it's a good plan. Basically there are at least 3 ways to do damage to them: kill them, make sure they don't attract new members and... ? My proposal is that we need to prevent people living in the countryside from joining them in the cities by taking care of the water supply. I'm not sure if the dream lasted long enough for me to fully explain all that.
    11. #88: Birds / LEGO

      by , 02-07-2016 at 09:15 AM
      My recall for this night is quite crappy. I took way too long before finally writing anything down.

      » There's something that has to do with Harvey from Suits.

      Someone is telling me something about birds. (S)he mentions birds, predator birds, superbirds and superpredators. While that person is talking I see a parrot hanging upside down from a tree. A parrot counts as a superbird. An eagle or hawk shows up to prey on the parrot. The eagle/hawk flies away shortly after, though I don't remember what happened to the parrot. I also had one eagle/hawk sitting on my hand for just a moment, but because I didn't have a glove, his talons scratched my right middle finger. I should've worn a glove..

      I vaguely remember something that starts out as or resembles the Avengers and then slowly moves towards LEGO. I'm just an observer in this dream it seems. They're hatching a plan that's supposedly quite insane. They have to retrieve/steal some object. At one point they're communicating through a laser beam that got reflected off several walls to finally reach someone somewhere else. Ok, way too convenient that that's possible.

      When the dream switches over to LEGO there's something to do with a king. He's going out in the hallway with a small army of guards. About half off them sneak off because they are part of the Avengers plan. Really? Half of them? Don't you think that's a little conspicuous? Do you really need 20ish people to get the job done? The king and the rest of his guard keep moving. Everyone else in the hallway seem to be regular people, so for the king and his guards they are insanely huge. They make a stop somewhere and there's a balloon or something that floats down onto the pikes of several of the guardsmen, making it burst. There's also something with a liquid that's apparently quite tasty.
    12. #84: Suits

      by , 02-03-2016 at 08:21 AM
      Mike from Suits is talking to Paul Solof [or however you spell it]. Solof asks him why he has turned down the junior partnership. Mike makes up an excuse that he is slacking through this job. It comes easy to him and he doesn't care much about it. He takes a lot of drugs and the mandatory drug testing for junior partners would end it, so he'd rather stay in his current position.

      » Something to do with mayor Adam West from Family Guy
      » According to a newspaper, in a small town of some 60 people, a lot of people casted their votes twice. There needs to be a recount. It's about the American elections.
    13. #83: Living together / Nina / Sorry

      by , 02-02-2016 at 08:45 AM
      Living together
      A dream about a classmate that I have talked to only once. In this dream I've been living with her ever since my 2nd month of our studies. We even sleep in the same room. It's supernice of her to let me stay. And I don't even have her as a friend on FB. She has a lot of stuff in her room which belongs to the government, but for which the government also doesn't have space, so they store it in people's homes. One of the things she's got is 3 treadmills right next to each other. I'm considering moving out of her place and getting my own, even though there are only 2 months left.

      I'm at a small party with a small group of my best male friends. It's kinda as if it's at someone's house. Nina, a girl from my previous school, is also present. We get to talking and we're having a fun, short conversation. She compliments me on my dreads.

      One of my friends and I are putting the dishes on the counter. I don't really feel like doing the dishes. Luckily he starts doing it and I start to drying them. We start talking about his girlfriend. I thought they were still dating, but apparently they broke up months ago, after only 20 days.

      I'm sitting on the ground, with my grandma behind me. We're talking about something, though I can't recall what. Nina, from a small distance, is listening to us talk and laughs at our conversation. At the end of the party I immediately tell my friend who organised it that I wanna have another party next week. He agrees to it and something about a bbq is mentioned. I really hope he'll send the invites through FB so that Nina will also be invited. Fuck, I suddenly realise I already have plans next weekend.

      Harvey and Jessica from suits are lying in a bed together. Jessica has got the white blanket covering her body, but it stops just around her nipples. I appreciate the view. She says sorry to Harvey and mentions that this normally never happens, similar to how guys say that to women in movies if they remain flacid.

      » There's a long digital text which is written in Indonesian.

      » I'm somewhere outside with my little brother. It's some kind of LARPing event with knights.
    14. #81: Just hanging around

      by , 01-31-2016 at 11:20 PM
      Just hanging around
      I'm standing/hanging wrapped up in a hammock/sleeping bag which is standing up right. I'm in front of the door to the balcony at my grandma's house, with my back to the door. The hammock/sleeping bag serves to keep the cold away, as the door is damaged. The upper right corner is bend outwards, as if someone pushed with a lot of force at that spot only. Somehow I've seen that corner of the door, though I'm facing away from it. My phone is placed on a flat platform to my left. I've got an incoming message. I ask my cousin to rotate my phone so that I can read the message. It's easier for her to do so than for me to get my arm out of the sleeping bag.

      » My friend Janet has sent a message on whatsapp to a group which we're both a part of. I ask her what she's doing and she tells me that she's studying. She mentions that a mutual friend of ours is a complicated guy. Dave, also in the group conversation, responds to that, though I don't remember what his reply was.
    15. #80: Wasting time

      by , 01-30-2016 at 09:11 AM
      Went to bed at perhaps 01:00 and woke up around 08:00.

      Wasting time
      It's daytime. I'm riding my messed up bicycle on a street somewhere in a neighbourhood. My mom is driving her car just behind me. From the opposite direction another car is approaching. It makes a strange maneuvre and blocks the way for my mom for a moment. I keep going. I come close to a flat and my cousin is calling out to me. I join him. I'm not sure what happened to my bike at this point. He tells me to be quiet because his ex-girlfriend is around here looking for him. We move around a bit and then I spot a girl I went out with twice. She has huge cleavage. I spot a girl I know from high school and there's a 3rd girl whom I can't remember. I think they are wearing badges of some sorts on their chest. They are with the ministry of foreign affairs and they're out here not doing anything important. I make a condescending remark about it, as if there's a bit of rivalry.

      » My friend has offered his macbook for sale. When I come over to check it out, the upper right corner is totally bent, like a Dali clock. When I make a remark about it, my friend is really casual about it, as if it's no big deal. I don't think I'm still willing to buy the laptop from him.

      » Something that had to do with Harvey from Suits
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