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    1. #83: Living together / Nina / Sorry

      by , 02-02-2016 at 08:45 AM
      Living together
      A dream about a classmate that I have talked to only once. In this dream I've been living with her ever since my 2nd month of our studies. We even sleep in the same room. It's supernice of her to let me stay. And I don't even have her as a friend on FB. She has a lot of stuff in her room which belongs to the government, but for which the government also doesn't have space, so they store it in people's homes. One of the things she's got is 3 treadmills right next to each other. I'm considering moving out of her place and getting my own, even though there are only 2 months left.

      I'm at a small party with a small group of my best male friends. It's kinda as if it's at someone's house. Nina, a girl from my previous school, is also present. We get to talking and we're having a fun, short conversation. She compliments me on my dreads.

      One of my friends and I are putting the dishes on the counter. I don't really feel like doing the dishes. Luckily he starts doing it and I start to drying them. We start talking about his girlfriend. I thought they were still dating, but apparently they broke up months ago, after only 20 days.

      I'm sitting on the ground, with my grandma behind me. We're talking about something, though I can't recall what. Nina, from a small distance, is listening to us talk and laughs at our conversation. At the end of the party I immediately tell my friend who organised it that I wanna have another party next week. He agrees to it and something about a bbq is mentioned. I really hope he'll send the invites through FB so that Nina will also be invited. Fuck, I suddenly realise I already have plans next weekend.

      Harvey and Jessica from suits are lying in a bed together. Jessica has got the white blanket covering her body, but it stops just around her nipples. I appreciate the view. She says sorry to Harvey and mentions that this normally never happens, similar to how guys say that to women in movies if they remain flacid.

      » There's a long digital text which is written in Indonesian.

      » I'm somewhere outside with my little brother. It's some kind of LARPing event with knights.
    2. #82: Kaki lima / FA

      by , 02-01-2016 at 09:04 AM
      I went to bed around 00:15, woke up around 08:30 and it's now 08:45. I had more dreams, but I don't wanna spend a full hour writing it all down.

      Kaki lima
      It's almost midnight. My friend has parked his car in such a way that it's a major hindrance in case anyone would want to pass. As my friend is busy, I'm the one who has to take care of it. First I go inside a house though. The storyline changes and it's now my cousin's kaki lima [Indonesian mobile food vendor]. My cousin comes up the stairs, just as I'm about to head out. He tells me that his kaki lima already has a wheel clamp on it from the police. I tell my cousin that I think he's joking and he assures me he's not. Crap, well I guess since I was supposed to take care of it I'll just pay the € 30ish to get it removed. He then says he was joking.

      Standing outside, I pack up the stuff from the kaki lima. I white man, perhaps in his late thirties comes up to me. He immediately starts talking in Dutch and wants to order. I wonder how he knew that he could talk in Dutch with me. I tell him that we're closing up and that he can't order anymore. He keeps insisting and eventually my cousin relents, seeing the opportunity to get some money. The man orders noodles and I think a load of vegetables. Since my cousin doesn't have that, he asks another vendor for help, whose kaki lima is standing just in front of his. My cousin has now turned into one of my friends, who is trying to learn German. He starts talking in broken German to one of the two guys manning the other kaki lima, asking to make some noodles. Since I'm afraid the Dutch guy will understand German, I talk in Indonesian, but I don't remember what I say. One guy mentions [I forgot in which language] that someone should think of something, cause all he's got is regular cheap Indomie and he needs to find a way to make the Dutch guy think it's worth the money he's gonna pay.

      Had a FA where I took notes on my phone from one of my dreams. Either while taking notes or just after, I really woke up.
    3. #81: Just hanging around

      by , 01-31-2016 at 11:20 PM
      Just hanging around
      I'm standing/hanging wrapped up in a hammock/sleeping bag which is standing up right. I'm in front of the door to the balcony at my grandma's house, with my back to the door. The hammock/sleeping bag serves to keep the cold away, as the door is damaged. The upper right corner is bend outwards, as if someone pushed with a lot of force at that spot only. Somehow I've seen that corner of the door, though I'm facing away from it. My phone is placed on a flat platform to my left. I've got an incoming message. I ask my cousin to rotate my phone so that I can read the message. It's easier for her to do so than for me to get my arm out of the sleeping bag.

      » My friend Janet has sent a message on whatsapp to a group which we're both a part of. I ask her what she's doing and she tells me that she's studying. She mentions that a mutual friend of ours is a complicated guy. Dave, also in the group conversation, responds to that, though I don't remember what his reply was.
    4. #80: Wasting time

      by , 01-30-2016 at 09:11 AM
      Went to bed at perhaps 01:00 and woke up around 08:00.

      Wasting time
      It's daytime. I'm riding my messed up bicycle on a street somewhere in a neighbourhood. My mom is driving her car just behind me. From the opposite direction another car is approaching. It makes a strange maneuvre and blocks the way for my mom for a moment. I keep going. I come close to a flat and my cousin is calling out to me. I join him. I'm not sure what happened to my bike at this point. He tells me to be quiet because his ex-girlfriend is around here looking for him. We move around a bit and then I spot a girl I went out with twice. She has huge cleavage. I spot a girl I know from high school and there's a 3rd girl whom I can't remember. I think they are wearing badges of some sorts on their chest. They are with the ministry of foreign affairs and they're out here not doing anything important. I make a condescending remark about it, as if there's a bit of rivalry.

      » My friend has offered his macbook for sale. When I come over to check it out, the upper right corner is totally bent, like a Dali clock. When I make a remark about it, my friend is really casual about it, as if it's no big deal. I don't think I'm still willing to buy the laptop from him.

      » Something that had to do with Harvey from Suits
    5. #79: Suits

      by , 01-29-2016 at 09:21 AM
      The setting for this dream is Suits. I am using my phone to send messages back and forth to a coworker. We're talking about someone who needs to be fired. I'm visiting a concert and right up until the moment the concert starts I'm sending messages. I don't wanna be rude to the friend that I'm with, so I stop it once the concert starts.

      During the concert there is an extremely annoying blonde girl who makes multiple attempts to steal my notes, which are on the table in front of me. It's a notepad, with one paper torn off of it. A lawyer that's on her side says it's not illegal for her to take the single paper. I'm very fed up with this and eventually I walk down to a couch where there is another lawyer and I manage to get everyone fired.

      I'm with Harvey and I'm playing the role of Mike. We're at the office. Jessica mentions giving Harvey a different office and apologises in advance for the small size. It turns out he is getting the office which is in the garden, which is quite spacious and amidst greenery. Still, he doesn't seem very thrilled.

      We're walking along and through a glass wall I see some paintings hanging on a regular wall. I consider going off script, as if everything was already planned out, and I tell Harvey that so much is fake these days, referring to the fact that at least 4 of these paintings are forgeries. We laugh about it.

      We're inside a building now, which is very spacious. We walk past Stevie Wonder playing an instrument which isn't the piano. The annoying girl from before starts singing along with him. He tells her to stop, saying that she isn't a singer. I can't help but feel some amusement about it.
    6. #78: Arrow rain

      by , 01-26-2016 at 08:44 AM
      I think I went to bed around 23:30 last night. Woke up several times around 08:00 and it's now 08:30

      Arrow rain
      I'm outside during daytime. I think I'm out in the woods or something alike. There is a battle going on in which I'm involved. It's with old weapons, such as spears. My group is somewhat surounded by another group, but we're doing alright. I'm keeping guard on one side to make sure that no more hostile troops enter the area. In the distance I see a third party coming up. I warn a woman that is fighting along my side. It's a bunch of samurai. They unleash an enormous amount of arrows. I take cover. I'm lying on the ground somewhere, hands over my head and still not feeling safe. I take out my two swords, but that doesn't do me any good. It later turns out that the leader of the group of samurai is a guy that is on our side. He nearly got me killed though...

      » I'm with the ex-girlfriend of my housemate. She's lying a bit balled up on a couch. We're talking and she tries to flirt with me and even make a move. I don't think I allow anything to happen though.

      » I'm in the toilet at my mom's house. The tap is slanted towards the left. It just does that. It follows the gravity of the Earth, so in the morning it's slanted to the right and in the evening to the left.

      » Harvey Spectre from the series Suits is giving an explanation about tar sands. He drops a few names in the Netherlands, but also one in Indonesia, despite these tar fields being right next to one another.

      » I'm driving a car on a road outside an urban area. I pass two cars who seem to have gotten into an accident. The front one is a car2go.
    7. #77: Jayapura / Toilet / Tesla

      by , 01-25-2016 at 09:07 AM
      I went to bed around midnight. Woke up around 08:00 but was still in a daze. It's now 08:45.

      I think this dream starts out as a video and eventually I'm actually there. It's daytime and I'm in Jayapura, the capital of Papua. I'm there as a tourist. I see cars and mopeds going about. The traffic is not too bad. Somewhere I find a simplified map that mentions 3 bridges which are all worth the visit and which are quite close to one another, in a straight line. I start walking and end up at a rock formation.

      A bit further I'm not sure where to go. There are 2 or 3 local boys about 12 - 14 year olds hanging about. I want to ask them in Indonesian which route to take. I can only fully recall using the term 'mas'. Damn, I guess that gives me away as being Javanese and not from here. One of the boys replies in excellent English. Aaaaand fuck. They know I'm a bule [foreigner] and now they're gonna (over)charge me to tell me where to go.

      A bit further in time there are a lot of people. The only one I can distinctively recall is my classmate Rai.

      I'm going to the toilet in my student home, the one on the first floor. I merely need to pee. I close the door behind me and want to lock it, but the lock has been removed. I decide to pee anyway. When looking again, I realise that the lock has been replaced with a newer, white lock. For a moment I think something of it, but I let it slide.

      I'm in the driver's seat of a Tesla, steering wheel on the left side. My mom is sitting next to me and there is an adult man sitting straight behind me. I'm test driving the Tesla, but at some point a remark is made about me taking a driving test. The Tesla is cool, but it has no chill. I gotta step on the brake real solid to stand still and if I don't it takes off like a monster. Because I'm not switching gears and because it makes so little sound, I continuously drive much faster than I think. At some point I'm backing up and preparing to drive away from what looks like a football stadium. I take it slow, because there are kids about. One kid's ball comes in front of my car and I know the kid will go after it, so I stop completely. Before the ball hits the right headlight, a kind of force field activates that prevents it from doing so.

      I'm driving on a small road through the woods. I can barely see anything, which isn't due to the woods. My vision is just compromised. I either say it or think it: my vision is more often compromised in dreams. It will all be fine once I'm out of the dream. I don't stop to think about the implications of this though.

      It's daytime and I'm in a car with 3 of my friends. I'm in the back to the left. After a while my friend rushes towards a parking spot near the edge of a stone dock or something similar. There is nothing to prevent him from going into the water. I'm afraid that we'll go in for just a moment, but then it's all good. We've come to a complete stop. Suddenly the car leans forward and we fall in anyway. I take a deep breath as we hit the water. The car is instantly filled up. Seemingly with my eyes closed I undo my seatbelt and open the door. Somehow I do the same thing twice, as if wanting to make really sure I'm good to get out. I felt a sensation at some point, though I can't describe what it was.
    8. #76: Fragments

      by , 01-24-2016 at 09:05 AM
      Went to bed around 00:00 again, woke up somewhere between 08:00 and 08:30. It's now 09:00.
      I remember only 3 fragments.

      » I'm searching for a video on Youtube. As far as I can recall, the screen is everything that I'm able to see. I enter the exact same search phrase as I always do, but I can't find the right video. It takes me a couple of tries and changes of search phrases before I find what I've been looking for. I notice that I'm not looking through Youtube in it's entirety, but through my watched videos. I play the video I was after, but it's not what I expected it to be. It's a different version.

      » Louis and Sheila from the show Suits are together at a bar or a club or something alike. I think Sheila walks away a bit mad and Louis has someone bring her a phone so that they can talk. The phone is really old school. A big black thing.

      » Harvey and Scotty are at the same place. They each sit down at a different table and take chairs that are facing away from each other, though they are very close to one another. They are also talking to each other. I can't see why they would do it like this.
    9. #75: Jacket / Grenades / Shop

      by , 01-23-2016 at 09:31 AM
      I think I went to bed somewhere around 00:00. Woke up around 08:00 and stayed in bed until 09:10.

      I've got a white jacket that looks a bit like the Michelin mascot. It's a jacket from a broadcasting company I used to work for. It has the acronym embroidered onto it on the front in black, as opposed to the red 'stickers' in reality. I might've peeled the red ones off already. I'm not sure how to remove the embroidered part though. I'm thinking to myself that this would make an ideal jacket for wintersports if I can manage to remove all the company logo's.

      I'm sitting at a rectangular table in a non-descript room. My little brother is sitting opposite of me and I think there's a girl or woman sitting next to him. To my left about 2 metres further is either the pope or John McCain, with a white woman sitting opposite him. I believe McCain/the pope was wearing white. My little brother throws a grenade at him which lands just next to him on the table. Everyone but McCain/Pope makes a run for it. He didn't notice because he's got his earplugs in and it seems like he is Skyping on his laptop. The grenade explodes, but doesn't seem to do any damage. My little brother throws another grenade, and we dash for it again. This time it scares the shit ouf of McCain/Pope. There's at least 1 cameraman nearby, so I know this will be televised. I ask to speak to my private in a different room. This room we call Addis Abeba for some reason. The surroundings once I leave the first room suddenly become a bit more ancient/mystic. I get mad at my little brother and ask him what the hell he was doing. I sit on his chest in such a way that I won't crush him with my weight, but that he can't lift his arms. I start slapping him with a flat right hand on his cheeks to get some answers out of him. He whimpers a bit and gives me an answer, but very softly and I can't understand him. I tell him to speak up, but every time his answer is too soft. I tell him he can't get away with this by refusing to answer. Eventually we do leave the room to go back to the original room. At soom point I start to raise my awareness. I am considering everything I'm doing as if I'm writing a script. Someone with a cello enters the room. There was also something to do with music paper, though I can't recall what. My little brother and I go back to Addis Abeba again. I want answers. Eventually he breaks down and tells me that he got fired from his internship, but I can't get an answer as to why. I'm also surprised by the fact that he had an internship and that he got fired again. He whimpers and tells me that things are going bad with Bea. I ask him who that is and he tells me that it's his girlfriend. He has a girlfriend? I'm not sure if he's lieing to me or not. Suddenly my view changes to Facebook, with my aunt and cousin responding to a photo of him and his girlfriend about how they want to meet her and that they'll have to go to the school cafetaria to do so.

      I had another dream, but it's taking up quite some time to write everything down. Maybe I'll do it later tonight. The gist of it is: I'm in a phoneshop to adjust my contract. I end up having a lengthy conversation with the salesgirl and my mom also adds some points. Eventually the girl and I talk about an academic subject.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. #74: Beach / Raid

      by , 01-22-2016 at 09:23 AM
      Went to bed a bit before 00:00. Woke up around 08:00, tried to sleep again but I couldn't. It's now 09:00.

      » A friend from Indonesia who is now here replies to a message of mine on whatsapp. I can't recall what, but her message showed that she didn't understand me / the situation.

      » I'm at the corner of the street, close to my home. I'm lying/leaning on an object, perhaps made out of stone. I got my phone in my hand and I'm looking at some porn. I quickly look behind me to see if anyone is approaching. The streets are all empty. It's also still mildly dark outside. I turn my brightness down.

      I'm at what appears to be a beach with my friends TD and Lin, as well as some others. TD is naming Southeast Asian countries, though I can't recall why. Once she mentions Indonesia I give a slight cheer. Somewhere a few metres behind me she spots her nephew Sam. She calls out to him a few times, but I don't remember if he heard her. He's with his dad / her brother, so we pick up our stuff to move places. Some 50 metres further perhaps a row of people is sitting. One of them is my cousin. We order some food. I don't remember exactly what I got, but it had a lot of meat in it. I wasn't happy with the food I got. If I had known.... [I'm a veggie].

      There's some type of raid going on on a rundown warehouse. It is used by a group of bald white men, similar to the ones in Mad Max. I'm partially participating, partially observing. It's mostly fragments that I remember.

      At some point someone uses a kind of fireballthrower to shoot at one of the baldies who is at the end of the hallway. The baldie makes fun of it by repeatedly ducking just around the corner, until one of the fireballs ricochets off the wall and hits him.

      At the second floor there's also some kind of device that will end all this, though I don't remember how. Two, perhaps three different groups are after it. I'm in the same room as the device, but I don't know what I'm looking for. One of the baldies enters the room without seeing me.

      I'm no longer in the room. I've got a notebook which I'm frantically flipping through to find the right notes about the device, because I can't recall how to get into the room.

      A car is parked in my street, close to the 'porn corner'. There's a guy behind the steering wheel who just woke up. Though I can't remember, something tells me it was a big black guy. I do remember that his name was Zeus. He had handcuffs or something alike. Someone comes up to him to check. He pretends he's still cuffed, even though he's gotten loose already.
    11. #73: Smell / Wet / Wetter

      by , 01-21-2016 at 09:48 AM
      I went to bed a bit earlier than usual I think, but not by much; between 23:00 and 23:30. I woke up at 06:00, stayed awake for a while and then slept again. The last time I woke up was around 08:45, it's now 09:15.

      » Something that has to do with Dragonball Z and timetravelling.

      » Something about my little brother, though I don't remember what.

      » One of classmates has made a parkour video. I'm watching it, but also sort of living it. It's taking place outside during the day.

      » A dude enters my kitchen. He has a plastic tomato ketchup bottle and he intents to stab me with one of the shards.

      » There was a police chase that ended in Indonesia. A guy ended up getting electrocuted by a power cable. I think he was the bad guy. He ended up like that cause he was just centimetres away from the cable while standing on top of a car that I ran in to with my police car. The steering wheels were all on the left, though in Indonesia they should be on the right. I also remember my girlfriend and another friend being there.


      I'm with my cousin and her 4 and 1 year old kids. I'm on the ground playing with the 4 year old when I smell something. I wonder if the 1 year old just pooped in his diaper. Just moments after I'm sure he has, he somehow pulls his diaper of and starts playing with his poop. He even eats some of it. His sister joins him. I try to stop both of them, but they still get some in their mouth. Meanwhile their mom, just 1 metre away, doesn't do a thing.

      I think this might be the first time I smelled something in a dream!

      I'm on a couch or in bed with two girls. One of them reminds me of the girl with the ukelele from Scrubs. The other is a girl I went on a few dates with. Ukelele girl just joined us and is already passed out on the corner. I tell the other girl that Ukelele has a nice butt and grab a hold of it. Ah, guess I was mistaken.

      A bit later the girl I dated is gone. Ukelele girl is naked and I invite her to join me in the shower. I walk to the bathroom. It's mostly blue/green -ish tiles and a weird shaped bath that's very shallow, made of the same material. A lot of my clothes are on the bathtub (on instead of in, because it's like a platform). They're all somewhat wet, as are my black backpack and my blue/white striped hammock. I attempt to rescue them, but I quickly grow tired of it. It seems the cause is that the tub isn't probably draining, just a few drips at a time, in combination with the crane leaking a bit. I walk outside to the other room again. Ukelele is dressed. I'm surprised that she isn't joining me. She says I only hurt her, so she won't. I'm surprised again. I thought she meant physically, but she meant emotionally, as I don't want the same level of commitment that she wants. We walk in the bathroom again and this time I make a real effort of saving my stuff. She helps me. Now there's also my iPhone, iPod and 1 or 2 more valuables, plus someone else's white iPhone with a colourful cover with an integrated charging point that hooks up to the side, which I think is pretty weird. They are covered in a layer of water and I quickly move them all out.

      I'm at a party in a public area, something like a small park or something. It's my birthday? I'm not sure. I recall several family members being there. Most noticeable is my uncle, who I've never dreamt about before. There are several party tents. There were some people who joined in a small, friendly competition with me, a sort of mini championship. They've just left the party, but the score cards are still on the table. A bulldog appears out of the blue. My mom places some chocolate in a box on the hood of a car close to him. I take it away and tell her that chocolate can kill dogs. She says that the chocolate wasn't meant for him, plus it's in a box. I reply that he might take it anyway. He then makes a run for a table which has tiny sausages and cheeses on it. At first a bit like a cartoon dog would do, he snatches the sausages in rapid pace. Then he just uses his mouth like a regular dog and goes all out. Some people look at him in disgust. I run after him to get him away. He runs from me. I hold a sausage in my left hand and let my arm hang besides my body. He runs up to me and I grab him by the skin of his neck. He fights me, but I take him with me. For a moment I wonder if he's in pain, but this is how you pick up a dog, right? He has a keychain around his neck. I take the keys off and cross the street, towards an appartmentcomplex. He also has a kind of nametag, except there is no name on it, just a drawing. Great. I take a look at the different keys. My grandma stands besides me and tells me to use a certain one. I do and it opens. In the mean time a woman all the way at the top comes down and thanks me for bringing back her dog. I think she has short blonde hair. She has the dog in her arms and it's cuddling her back. I guess it's safe to assume this is really her dog. I also hand her the keys.

      Back at my party it is slowly starting to rain. There are some drinks on a table that aren't covered. My uncle, being a wiseass, says that there is no need to cover them cause none of them are his. In the mean time we cover up everything else. When I look to that area again there is a white table with an enormous laptop on it, which must have at least a 30" screen. It's closed and there's a big "sun umbrella" (can't think of the word right now) positioned above it, to keep it dry. It still gets a bit wet. It's the laptop of my mom's boyfriend. He's worried about it.
    12. #72: Class / FA

      by , 01-20-2016 at 09:26 AM
      I went to bed between 23:30 and 00:00. I woke up around 08:00. It's now 09:00. I wrote down some keywords for every dream.

      I'm sitting in a well-lit classroom, not very big. The lecturer standing in front of the class is my thesis supervisor. There are quite a number of people, though I can only recall 3 of them specifically. I think the class was conducted in English at first, but Kristen switches over to Dutch to talk about a specific issue that concerns only 4 of the people in this room, including me. One of the people who it concerns doesn't speak Dutch though. Kristen rambles on for a while and asks the opinion of the other 2 Dutch speakers involved (i.e. me as well). I briefly give my opinion and then state that this discussion might best be saved for later. I look at my supervisor and I see a small sign of approval. I say something to the person seated to the right of me. Something about that Kristen probably is insecure and that's the reason she is like this. I can hear the other Dutch person saying the same thing.


      I'm not sure where I am. I am holding my phone in my hands. I'm on whatsapp, talking to a classmate. I tell her that I had a dream and now I need to type it out to not look like an idiot. Damnit I don't wanna type it all out. I can't just give keywords either, cause then she won't understand.

      » Something about me scanning banana's the way you would do in the supermarket...

      » I'm in the same classroom again. I'm sitting somewhere on the left side. It's my birthday and people start to sing for me. Someone poors me a very sizeable beer.

      » My little brother says something along the lines of "ok yes, sorry, I deal drugs". A bit later on my mom allows him to leave the house. I can't believe he's just allowed to leave and that he's not grounded.

      » All I can remember from this one is that I'm talking with my mom in our local language.

      » I'm showing an awesome lamp that I own to my classmate. It's a white, battery charged lamp. There are multiple openings to charge it from. I notice a big red switch on it I've never seen before. You have to turn the switch. I do so and the brightness of the lamp changes. Sweet! This is exactly what I had been missing from my lamp. The price of the lamp is pretty high though.
    13. #71: Fragments

      by , 01-19-2016 at 09:03 AM
      I think I went to bed around 23:30. I woke up around 08:00 and it's now 09:00. Really didn't wanna get up!
      All I remember now are some fragments

      » I'm driving the moped that I don't have anymore in a town close to the city where my mom lives. It's already dark out and the moped doesn't have any lights. A police car with sirens comes up to me to stop me. I talk with the police officer for a while. He didn't only stop me for having no lights, but also for going through the intersections without slowing down. My counter argument is that I had right of way.

      » I'm in my mom's kitchen, doing some of the dishes for the neighbour, a white male. Near the end of it I feel like I am doing way too many dishes, considering how little time I spent here. I take a small cake that's wrapped in peppermint wrap and walk out the kitchen.

      » I'm driving my mom's new car on the highway. It's pretty deserted, save for a truck which is standing still across multiple lanes in a tunnel. I try to manouvre around it, but I damage the car anyway. The left side scrapes along the wall of the curved tunnel. When I check it later there isn't that much damage though.
    14. #70: Pink douchebag car

      by , 01-13-2016 at 09:28 AM
      I went to bed between 23:30 and 00:00 I think. I woke up around 08:00 and stayed in bed till 09:00.

      Pink douchebag car
      I'm at my physical therapist. I'm walking up the winding staircase. There's a girl standing at the top, preventing me from passing, though she doesn't seem to realise it. She's talking to a guy who seems kinda like a wannabe thug/pimp/playboy douchebag. I tap her backpack and say her name (Eve?) softly. She stands aside so that I can pass. She keeps her attention on the douchebag though. After a moment the douchebag comes up to me and asks me something like if I was talking to his girl, or something like that. I tell him that I only said her name so that I could pass. I ask him if he really thinks I could've said something meaningful that quickly. He walks back again.

      At some point the douchebag is driving his pink muscle or race car inside the room, around the table. The guy was supposed to bring the little brother of my best friend home, but apparently he's changed his mind. My friend asks him if he can at least bring her brother to the train station, cause else it's a 15 minute walk. I tell her it's only 5 minutes and that he'll be fine. I can clearly see the inside of the car. I can see that there are two seats and that one of them is empty. The guy really is a douche. He then drives it outside, through the door. I make a comment about the fact that the car is pink.

      My physical therapist walks outside. I assume it's to tell the guy not to bring his car inside. Once I'm outside as well the view is a bit obstructed because there are other people standing there as well, but it doesn't seem to be my physical therapist anymore who is standing there to talk to the guy. I think the person that has replaced my physical therapist is wearing a suit, though a bit shoddy. I start walking home. It's raining. On the other side of the road I see the little brother of another one of my friends. He keeps waving at me, hoping for me to acknowledge him. I wave back a few times, but I have to time it as if I were driving a bicycle. I'm annoyed with the rain. I think I've got my black hoodie on. At some point I look to my right, into a house. Is that my old classmate Daniėlle? She's standing just behind the window, making a coffee, using a big coffee machine. I consider the size of the machine for a moment. Then I look closer and think to myself that it must be her little sister and not Daniėlle.

      I don't know what's up with all the little brother's & sisters

      » I'm sitting on a couch, legs stretched out in front of me. Someone is sitting to my right. He jokingly punches me on my right leg, around the knee. He then moves to punch me on the left as well. I instantly tell him not to do that, cause I had knee surgery. He asks me what happened and I tell him that I tore my ligament.

      » I've got a whatsapp message from an old colleague I haven't spoken to forever. It appears on my lockscreen. I'm quite surprised by the fact that he'd message me.

      » I'm in my room at my mom's house. I look outside. It's daytime. On the other side of the road, next to the snackbar I see an old classmate. He seems to be waiting for someone I guess. I'm not too sure on what he's doing exactly. I think he can see me, so I try to move out of sight. I make the line of sight as small as possible so that I can peep in and out to keep tabs on him. Eventually he walks away.

      » Pretty sure I had another dream, but I can't remember what anymore

      » I'm not sure if it's me or someone else, but that person has to survive in a forest. I think it's snow covered. The person this dream focuses on is a woman I think, at least at some point. There are some militant-ish guys roaming the forest as well. She needs to watch out for them. At some point she wakes up because she had been drugged I believe. There are also some fennec foxes which she tries to play with, but which are a bit shy. Eventually she finds a cabin.
    15. #69: Presentations

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:25 AM
      Went to bed a bit before midnight. Really had issues falling asleep, took me at least until 01:00. I set the alarm for 06:45.

      I'm in a classroom. The presentations of our project groups are about to start. The lecturer asks me to present for our group. I tell him that someone else in our group has already prepared to present. The lecturer asks me to present anyway. My voice changes just a little bit, I guess it breaks a little. I ask him why. He backs off, seeming a bit intimidated. I go up to my group to tell them and we laugh about it a little. In my head I've got the joke ready that that's the advantage to being black: it's easy to scare white people. I don't make the joke.

      We're on the 2nd floor of a building. The walls on two sides have arched holes in them so you can look outside. There's some parkour going on. It looks like a live video. One guy falls from the 2nd floor. I take a look over the edge. The guy was lucky. He's still hanging on to an edge just a bit below, so he didn't tumble all the way down. A teacher for a different course then decides to stand on an object which was used in this particular parkour run, to prevent more people from doing it. It's presentation time again. The first teacher ends up buying us all food, but only some of us get to choose. He makes a girl take orders from all of us. Everyone is shouting and I suggest that she writes it down, cause she's not gonna remember that many orders. My friend is sitting next to me. He complains that it's unfair that some people get to choose their orders and others don't.

      I had another dream but I don't really have the time or energy right now to go into it. It involved my Indonesian classmates, a train station, drugs and being late for an appointment with my thesis supervisor. The dream sucked
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