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    ALTERNATE REALITY - Too realistic

    by , 12-22-2010 at 12:56 PM (273 Views)
    i had a short dream just then where i woke up in a bed in what looked like a really exquisite resort. What was strange about this dream, was that it felt so real. I was looking around trying to find a way i could perform a quick reality check but was unable to find one so i walked through the house looking. It honestly felt like I was living in reality, I had just as much conscious thought as I would in reality, and it had the solid sort of feeling that reality does, it was like being more than just lucid when i hadn't even performed a reality check - even from the moment i awoke from that bed it felt as real as waking life. I walked through the house, found another bedroom, and my mum was lying on the bed, I asked her "where am i?" and thats when I woke up.

    I've had a dream like this before where i wake up in a bed and it feels just as real as waking life. I know these are false awakenings but they differ from any other false awakenings i've had before, it seriously feels like being in waking life. I often wonder if the reality we live in at the moment is one step away from the real reality (as in this waking life is nothing more than another dream - just more solid), or if dreams and reality are merging.

    I just couldn't believe how real this dream felt, later on it made me think 'hmm maybe im in a coma, and one day i will wake up into one of these dreams which will turn out to be reality'

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