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    Higher intelligence

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:04 PM (629 Views)
    This was a normal dream, felt as though i was in the dream for about 20 minutes, the dream felt very realistic. It was night, i was in my backyard. I heard a plane flying over so i looked up. The plane was quite high up and at first it looked like nothing of importance, just a plane flying by, then i noticed the UFO flying in front of it.

    I only caught a glimpse of it because there were quite a few clouds but it was quite clear this was a fighter plane chasing a UFO. The UFO looked like a bright sphere of white light, no bigger than what a star looks like at night, and i could tell this fighter plane had no chance of catching it whatsoever. It was like the UFO was playing with it.

    It got me really excited seeing this, I was like woah! awesome. Then i saw it again, and i was like hell yeah! then more appeared and i was getting really excited. Then thousands appeared and it was just thousands of these balls of light streaming across the sky, really fast, it pretty much filled my entire view.

    I got a little scared thinkin "hmm ok whats going on here?" then suddenly, all these balls of light went flying down straight into the earth right in front of me in my own backyard and just disappeared inside the earth. I was left speechless.
    Then some light jumped back up, but not in the shape of a ball, then went back into the earth. It kinda scared me, i started to walk backwards getting ready to run off. It happened again, I started walking faster. Then i thought to myself "No, if this is an intelligent alien being or whatever, its here to communicate with me, its probably not going to leave me alone until it does, so im going to stand my ground and see what it wants."

    I stopped walking, and this light jumped up one more time out of the ground and then formed this perfect sphere of bright white light in front of me (the colour of this light was absolutely unreal.. nothing i've ever encountered before in my dreams it just glowed so bright, and the luminsence... how much light it gave off was much more than any lightbulb could). The sphere was about 2 metres in diameter and it could change shape/size.

    But this time, when i saw this sphere of light, i could see now what it actually was. It wasn't just a ball of light, but it was like a hologram of Earth. I could see the outline of all the continents, although i couldn't see colour, it was like a white hologram of earth.

    After facing up to this thing, it was like it became mine. I now had control of it. It would shoot out of my hands and form a perfect hologram of earth, everytime I was really happy. I walked around the yard for a bit making it appear and disappear.

    I was so ecstatic! i was shouting out "woah! this is awesome!"

    My family inside were all asleep, i must have woke them up with all this yelling.
    They rushed outside asking me what was going on, I tried to show them but the worried look in their eyes was taking away the feeling i was having.
    I managed to get out a few spurts of this white glow, but not enough to form the spherical hologram thing of earth. So only my mum got to see this white mystical glow coming out of my hands because she was the first to come out. I told my brother and he was like "yeah right! whatever..." then he kept making this feeling go away even more because he kept baiting me "go on do it then", "see you can't", etc.

    I was getting frustrated with him at this point, because this light would only appear when i was happy and feeling good. So i thought "i dont' need to prove it to him anyway" and I went back to discussing what had just happened with my mum.

    what was this? i don't understand why i dreamt this, like usually when you have dreams, its stuff you have seen before, or heard of before. You don't dream about zombies if you have never heard of one before...
    And I've never heard of this as a concept in a movie/book/story or anything ever in my entire life. So how is it that this happened?
    What was it that i experienced? These balls of light that pilots often describe seeing as UFO's... is this what they really are?
    some sort of Earth Intelligence? a very intriguing dream indeed!

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    Tags: earth, gaia, ufo