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    Alien abductions

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:04 PM (643 Views)
    I've had a lot of alien dreams, i've never actually experienced being in the space-craft, but i've seen aliens in my room many times now, im still not sure if its just a dream, or if its real but they have some psychic power to make me believe it was a dream. It's always the same type of alien, those creepy grey aliens with the big black slanted eyes. Sometimes I will be having a normal dream, and i will see one of these aliens in my dream so I force awake to see if perhaps there really is an alien abducting me but trying to keep me asleep with their psychic power. When i first started doing this, I would enter SP which made it even more scary, I often found that my eye-lids were really heavy so i couldn't open them to find out whats going on. Sometimes i would hear noises, and would be panicking because im paralyzed and unable to protect myself. But now im pretty good at forcing awake and stopping the SP from happening. As long as I'm not afraid to face the aliens when i wake up, and as long as i do the awakening part slowly, and return to my body slowly without rushing too much, then there is no SP. I've had so many of these dreams now, and i swear that most of them have felt so real, like i'm in my room awake, but then i wake up the next morning remembering it, just a bit unclear as to whether it was maybe just a dream. I think if there are aliens doing experiments on me, they probably do have psychic powers, so they probably could make me remember it all as being just a dream. They must be getting really pissed off with me though for always forcing awake

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