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    Journey to the center of the earth

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:07 PM (578 Views)
    So i became lucid in a dream, and I decided to close my eyes and meditate. I then imagined/visualised myself being in the center of the earth. Instantly I knew I was there, It was a very pleasurable experience... I could feel the energy of the earth and this wonderful gyroscopic sensation. Let me explain...

    I once heard somewhere that each layer of the earth moves in opposite directions. So the crust moves (albeit very slowly), the mantle moves in one direction, the outercore in a different direction, and the innercore in another direction. I could actually feel this movement around me, it was like several spheres of energy around me each moving in a different direction creating this gyroscopic feeling of movement that could only be sensed in a spiritual way, like my spiritual body was that of the earth's. Similar to when your meditating and you feel your astral body/merkabah spinning, except more intense. It was a very wholesome experience, I definitely recommend it to anyone who meditates.

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