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    Dream police

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:06 PM (677 Views)
    The dream started as me watching this guy beat the crap out of someone - then because the viewpoint kept changing I became lucid. I decided to fly off and explore, I found that I couldn't fly very high and also found a bunch of DC's at a park flying around - they also had the same 'flight restrictions'. I became friends with one of them and said "we should go do something fun like steal food and drink from the shops or something" he agreed and we flew off to the shops.

    Just when we found a deli we noticed there was a bunch of cops nearby so instead of stealing we decided to piss off the cops. We knocked over one of their motorbikes then tried to fly away but couldn't for some reason - perhaps because we were in too much of a hurry to get away. The police let us off with a warning and went back to what they were doing. We decided to do it a second time and this time we were chased through a building - so we couldn't fly away unfortunately. The cops caught us but I managed to break free of their grip then help my friend and we both escaped.

    Still on the run I got outside and flew away quite some distance to a building site. The building site was big and hard to get around. The cops caught up again and I had no where to run or fly because I was surrounded by walls. Then all of a sudden I thought to myself, "I wish I could just blow a hole through this wall - better yet... I could phase right through it".

    After phasing through the wall, to my surprise the cops did too! They then tried to grab me but I let them phase right through me - hehehe. I was like "haha you can't catch me ner ner" then one of the cops slapped these velcro handcuffs on me which were also attached to the cop. They must have been specially designed handcuffs that you can't phase through. I had a very hard time trying to phase out of them but managed to do it after a few seconds. The cops were quite impressed that I managed to escape from these special handcuffs and just as I was about to ask them "are you police or dream police?" I woke up

    I think they were definitely dream police seeing as they had special handcuffs and could phase through walls.

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