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    MATRIX DREAM - I'm Neo

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:00 PM (340 Views)
    I was Neo in the matrix, and trinity was with me. We were going up in a lift, and we made out while going up hehe. We got out the lift, and we were in this square room that had a big ramp going all the way back down similar to how a stair case would. There was no one around so we assumed we were in the wrong place. The room had a big gap in the middle of all the ramps so i could see the bottom. We were several stories up and we needed to find the agents/bad guys. So I jumped straight down the middle of the room inbetween all the ramps leading down. I was freefalling for quite some time then just before i hit the bottom I flew up like a plane taking a nosedive, I flew outside of the building then thats where i saw the agents. We started fighting, and the amazing thing was that I was fighting like I'd been practicing martial arts all my life, like a was a master at all types, I was fighting just like Neo from the matrix, I couldn't believe it, I had no idea how I was able to pull off all these awesome moves. Anyway, Trinity came running out to help me, and an agent shot at her, I slowed down time, ran towards her, then jump kicked the bullet and made it bounce back towards the agent, I put time back to its normal speed then the bullet killed the agent. I grabbed Trinity and we flew off to safety.

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    Tags: matrix, neo