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    MATRIX DREAM - Stopping a bullet

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:00 PM (301 Views)
    Last night I was having a normal dream, I was fighting with 2 other people, then we started using weapons like whatever we could find around on the ground. The 2 of them were ganging up on me, and they were right next to me about to stab me from either side with these metal poles that forked out at the end. Thats when I became lucid, as i could tell this wasn't something that normally happens IRL. There wasn't anytime to stop them so instead I just let them stab me. Before they did it though, I thought to myself, "ok, im dreaming, this is my dream body and if i just stand my ground without any fear and just let them stab me as if im not going to feel a thing, then it shouldn't hurt at all". These spiked metal things went into me on either side, and i didn't feel a thing, I pulled them out and then threw them back at them, and managed to get one of the guys straight through their chest. I then started manifesting objects, I like to manifest objects in my back pocket because its usually quite easy and then i can just reach into it and pull out whatever it was i manifested. So i manifested a grenade, threw it at them but they ran away too quickly. I began to manifest a gun but it was taking too long and one of the other guys had manifested their own gun and shot at me. Then like Neo from the Matrix, I thought to myself, "no! i've had enough, im not going to allow this bullet to go anywhere" and just like that the bullet stopped a few inches from my hand and hovered there in mid-air. The other guys were just like "woah! holy shit!", I picked the bullet out of mid-air and had a look at it, it looked very realistic, I threw the bullet away and then started showing off making plasma shields then the dream ended.

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    Tags: matrix