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    Turquoise Dreams

    4 WILDs

    , 03-03-2012 at 07:50 AM (237 Views)
    Saturday 1/21/12

    WBTB 8:10 - 8:30 am, GM4mg+Choline300mgs 8:27am

    I have HH about standing next to window in kitchen in NZ. My dad stands next to me. We are looking at the street. I see neighbours house, trees in his yard. I ask my dad how long it has been raining, because there are not just puddles on the street, but there are water plants growing in them. Skies are beautifull dark, everything is briliantly colored and clean from rain. Then I see a deer on the street and I ask my dad 'is that a deer'. Then we are looking out the bedroom window. It had stopped raining, sun is out and everything is crisp and clean. I see the little park, path to the river and tennis courts to the right. I wish myself there by saying 'I ...am....there'. And I feel being moved and now I'm hovering higher than trees. I look at my hands, they look completely normal and I wake up.
    Again, I have HH standing by the window in living room in NZ. I see a UFO that's made out of clouds coming from the direction of tennis courts. It is laud like an airplane and flys over the house. I yell 'UFO, to the bedroom window' while running there. I look out and the UFO is taking off higher into the clouds. As I follow it with my eyes, I see the big, pale moon in shape of Antarctica. I say 'I...am...there' and I start moving towards the moon. I also wish to experience my higher self and thinking of my body wakes me up.
    I see some HH and I wish to be there. I land in middle of the street of hillside residential community. Houses are typical SoCal, nice teracotta colors, front yards with lawns and bunch of flowers, white picket fences. I look to my left in the direction of the street and in the distance is a mountain range. The tallest mountain is half bare rock, half evergreens. I see it in such an incredible detail, much more clear and detailed than waking life. There must be an airport nearby, because i see huge airliners banking above the street. It's so gorgeous.
    I watch old fashioned TV and there is an astronaut in a single person rocket that's lifting off. I wish to be there and in an instant I'm the astronaut. Unfortunatelly, I wake up.
    Last dream of the night -
    my mom is changing bandages on head of my classmate RB. She says, she'll change mine next.

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