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    Alien planet, spaceship

    , 02-12-2013 at 08:53 AM (153 Views)
    Sunday, 2/10/13

    I'm walking on flatlands on an alien planet. I have a feeling it's not a natural planet, but something man-made, like a Halo. I'm wading through shallow waters and alerting a friend to small hermit crabs that ar all over the coral bushes.

    Walking towards a village and noticing a lion walking on two legs, just like a human.

    I'm floating in space, looking at a giant space ship of rectangular shape. It has green balls next to each propulsion nacelle. I can tell balls are made of trees. I'm told, that as spaceship takes of any planet, it rippes some life from it and it stayes attached to the nacelles. I see two large birds flying slowly from one green ball to another one. Apparently, life forms from planets become space-worthy once in space.

    Good feeling from this dream.
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