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    Attempted kidnapping

    , 12-16-2016 at 01:31 PM (357 Views)
    Last night bed 9pm - 3:30am

    I remembered a dream when I woke up at night, but when I got up, I only remembered the one that came last.

    I'm on a street. A car stops little further down the street and a male starts waking towards me. Black t-shirt, ripped arms, tatoos, big guy. I know I should be walking away, but I don't wanna look silly. He walks up to me, and tells me to come with them. 2 hispanic females that also got out from the car are standing nervously by the car.

    My dad is just behind the corner so I start yelling for help and I make a few steps to see him getting in his car. He hears me and he comes over.

    He is not really upset and I'm furious, then I realize he wants to hold the guy down while help comes. So I kick the guys feet to trip him over, knoeck him to the ground and I start calling 911. No answer. Then I call our auxilary 911 in Iraq, wtf, and the line is quiet. Everytime I say something, they guy on the other side just says "hallo"? I tell him all the info, addresses, attempted kidnapping, but all he says is "hallo". I'm luke f u and hang up. Call US 911 and finaly cops arrive. While they are putting the guy in the ambulance, I sneak a few more punches at him.

    Something wasn't right. He wasn't really forcefull, but I got a feeling of danger. I remembered the kidnapping of the blond jogger by 2 hispanic females and I was so sure that these are the same people.

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    Tags: kidnapping