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    July TOTM - Basic

    , 07-19-2016 at 04:59 PM (134 Views)
    Not sure what's with my recall lately. My sleep is quite regular. I get up at 3am, work from around 4 am- 12pm. Pass out for a nap round 3pm, then bed around 8pm. Very little recall though.

    Last night, short nap, then bed around 8-9pm. Got up at 5 am.

    5am - 3x300mg Alpha GPC
    5:50am - 2x4mg Galantamine (new one, pure GM)
    5:50 am - sofa

    Woke up from lucids at 7:30

    I Put a rolled up blanket next to me, so when my cat sleeps next to me, she doesnt wake me when she fidgets. Works great. I was almost asleep, when they decided to fight right on the sofa. I said screw this and turned to my left side, like last 3 times (2x I got lucid on the side like that).

    I'm sitting on my mom's living room floor with some other people. They are watching TV, it's at night. From corner of my eye I see bathroom door close by itself. I think to myself "oh shit". I try to roll to my side and stand up, but having real hard time. I realize I'm sleeping and I decide to get lucid, because I'll be safe in a LD.

    I push my head backwards, feel the excelerated free fall backwards, but I end up in darkness. Try it 2 more times. Then I realize that I have my eyemask on, so it's safe to "open" my eyes. I try that. Blackness is now different, but still dark.

    I decide to jump out the window and I tell others not to worry, I'm going for a flight. I fall from first story almost to the ground where I start flying parallel to the ground. The feeling in my stomach is exhilarating. I fly over the fence between our garden and the street and I remember the TOTM I wanted to do - de-pantsing.
    I see a woman carrying a child on a sidewalk, walking away from me. I figure she will do, but I don't like the child there, so it disappears.

    I start talking to the woman. I turn her with her back to the wall and I notice she is older and pretty. I pull her pants down. I realize this is not how depantsing is done, but I don't care.
    Spoiler for Sexual content:

    When I'm done, I turn to look for another DC to do a proper de-pantsing this time. I walk by an older man, not really appealing. But I don't care, I yank his pants down, then his white boxer shorts. He has 6 pen0rs. All small, shaped like acorns. (Watched Ice Age cartoon witht that squirell obsessing about his acorn). Some woman says "they are small". And the dude answers "yes, but they can grow". I blow some air on them and they grow. Not sure what else I do : D but they grow some more. I'm still not impressed.

    I turn to look for those 2 dudes that were walking towards us before, but they are not there anymore.

    I end up in a factory yard, by some old, red brick wall. A young black stud walks by and I ask him if I can "help" him. I realize that's something he should be asking me. He walks by again and I hope he got the hint. But by now there are some protrusions coming out of the wall and I'm taking care of the business.
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