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    Turquoise Dreams

    Lucid HH; Alien invasion

    , 04-08-2018 at 01:32 PM (244 Views)

    Went to sleep at 6pm, exhausted from work. Woke up at midnight and as falling back to sleep, got HH. I thought, next one I get, I'll should enter it. Waited for a few seconds and a next crystal clear image appeared. I think I got up and walked into it, then lost awareness.


    We got invaded by bad aliens. So someone made a costume which will make us look like them. We put it on a escaped from some building, into another one. We took it off and then I realized, it was also changing our voices into alien voice.

    We learned about another species of aliens that also came to fight us. There were green humanoids. Now we didn't know, which costume to put on to sneak by them. But first, I had to change my shoes to tennis shoes, so I can do some running.

    We were sneaking by these new aliens when we heard that they realized we are also good guys, so they were not going to fight us. They were raising their arms in surrender, and kneeling in front of us to let us know.

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    Tags: invasion, lucid