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    Tidal wave; dream about LD

    , 02-09-2013 at 01:42 AM (281 Views)
    Thursday, 2/7/13 Bed 11:30pm - 6:45am

    DR 3:09 I'm modding posts

    DR 4:07 Visiting gramma in K. I'm standing on a bank of a wide river with an engineer. They are filling up the flat plain with more water. I look to the right and there is a huge tidal wave of muddy water coming closer. It's winter time. People are throwing 4 squares of plastic to the water and putting a plastic sheet to top of them to make a raft. I put some MREs on the raft and we are filling up watter bottles. The wave is soming faster now and it's closer.

    DR I'm telling my mom that I just woke up from a 15 min lucid. I recall flying in the air, chasing one DC flying on a stick and asking him who he is. I remember realizing that my lucid is nice and long and it started to destabilize as I was saying that.

    My mom joined LDing forum and I'm reading responses to her post.

    DR I'm walking through a yard with freshly planted vegetables. There is a few plants pulled out of the ground, with roots and dirt still on it. I pick one up and start eating the dirt, while I ment to eat the green part. It tastes gross. I'm helping the gardener and I toss these pulled out plants into a garbage container. Then i realize, he probably just didn't plant them yet, so I take them out of trash can.

    As I'm walking away, my feet are sinking good 5 inches into the wet ground.

    I just watched Hansel and Gretel so the flying and eating dirt is most likely from it.

    DR 6:40 I'm called back to work at 10pm to work on stuff that was cancelled earlier. I drive there thinking about rain that's suppose to start.

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    1. lucidreamsavy's Avatar
      Nice dream! I only wish my mom would like dreams...
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