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    Turquoise Dreams

    TOTM attempts

    , 01-27-2017 at 01:05 PM (310 Views)
    Night before last - 25th, went to bed at 4pm. Slept till 11 pm.

    11:16 pm - 2x300 alpha gpc
    12:18am - 2x4 GM

    Woke up at 1 am from 2 short LDs.

    LD 1

    I'm in a room with many others. I tell them I'm about to WILD so leave me alone. I sit on an office chair, lean back to invoke falling back sensation. Someone is talking to me. I open my eyes and try to tell him to shut it, but I can't talk. Then I try to smack him but I can't move. So I just steam there.

    I girl comes to me and starts frenching. I'm like wait a minute, you are a chick! She says something like "so what?" So I figured I'll wait to see how it goes.

    When I'm able, I get off the chair and walk around the room. While looking at some flowers I realize I'm able to move so I must be in a dream already.

    I exit through large, old looking door. Now I'm in an old fashioned looking restaurant. There is a fat Italian with golden chain and a pendant with some saint who looks like a maitre d'. I flat out ask him if he wants to have sex, while I'm thinking it's not a good idea and I should do something else first. But I will him to say yes and we start walking away. I'm thinking he should hurry the heck up before I wake up. I lose it here.

    LD2 - Elephant ride - Fail

    I realize I'm still dreaming and I walk through the door into large department store. Get up to the second floor. While noticing all the porcelain knick-knacks, I remember I wanted to do the "ride the elephant" TOTM. Which I did, but not tonight, when I wanted to do the "find the present, get a massage and Pandora".

    As I get up, I start looking around the isles if I see an elephant. I know he is suppose to be there because I want him there. I start calling him, but I don't hear him being summoned on the PA system. I focus on it and I start hearing "elephant to isle A 1, elephant to isle A 1".

    I look at the escalator coming from first floor and there he is. Big and grey. But he has no trunk and I will it to appear. But it's not growing. I figure this is getting too complicated and I'm not even in the jungle so I walk off to do something else and I lose lucidity.

    Oh yeah, I ended up having some "me time". Twice.

    Non lucid before 11pm
    I'm wandering around without a job or place to sleep. I come to a place with some people and work activity. I speak to a woman and I'm all humble and polite, kinda defeated. She offers me a job. She gives me a jar and I'm suppose to collect lizards. I'm not really liking it because I think they will use them for some experiments. I walk to a job place and there is another guy already doing it. I pick a flower bed with some mulch to search. I see a small black gecko with spots and the other guy goes after it. I see another, bigger lizard running around a tree trunk. As I come closer, looking at the ground for more, there is a rattlesnake rattle sticking out straight up. I tell the guy to watch out and that's when he starts to uncover himself and the guy kills him.

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