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    TOTM - February

    , 02-04-2017 at 03:27 AM (460 Views)
    This was on Monday, 01/30/2017

    It was my first of 2 days off so I WILDed.

    Bed 8:20pm -4 am

    4am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
    5:06am - 2x4 Galantamine

    I was still sick, coughing, not feeling good. But I thought I need to take a chance and try it.

    As I was falling asleep, I got a strong feeling of "crossing over" to the dream state. Kinda sinking feeling, going into myself. I have this very often when I'm just falling asleep normally and I'm always happy to notice it.

    So, as I get this very strong feeling as going to the left into a dream world, I know I'm not entirely there yet. But I want to hurry up the process, so I stand up and start walking around a room. Then I figure I try to lay back and swim backwards on the air by kicking my feet. It worked great and I was almost there when i had to cough and I woke up.

    Little while later I got to a dream again. I knew it's not as stable as the last one and I was worried I'll wake up again. So I rushed to look for some books to find the Book of Secrets from the TOTM.

    I found a bookcase and saw another pile of books. I look at them and pick one that's oldest looking one. It's big, thick, has an old looking dark brown leather cover. The title printed on it says MUWTAJIN. I lose lucidity here and decide to wake up to write down the title of the book.

    Oh well, I'll find it next time.
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