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    Turquoise Dreams

    WILD+bunch of DEILDs

    , 03-04-2013 at 01:09 AM (250 Views)
    Sunday 3/3/13 Bed on 3/2/13 sat 12:20am - 9am

    Nap - 11:50 - woke up at 3:20pm

    I started feeling body relaxing almost immediatelly and I wondered if it's because it knows I want to WILD. Waves of vibrations start washing over me, I count at least 4 or 5. At the second one, I wonder if I should just get up already, but I know it's too soon.

    I get my first head-buzz when I think I have had enough. My leg is crooked begause cat is sleeping at my feet. So I turn to my left side and try again.

    I got a WILD and at least 7 DEILDs, but I don't remember them all. Whole thing lasted for at least 30 min. Was not rushed through them as last time. I remember thinking in one LD wow, this is so long, I know I'm not gonna wake up. I hade this strange calmness and confidence.

    Each transition was extremely mild. All I did each time was I realized that I'm still sleeping so I rocked my head (dream head) back and forth to start some dizzy motion thing and that usually get's me lucid.

    Only at one transition I saw a large insect on my wall and as I was rocking back and forth, more and more spider webs appeared on the wall. I thought about just getting up then, since I knew I'm dreaming. But I got some nice falling down sensation and went with that.

    Dont' recall all DEILDs.

    1. WILD - I'm flying towards some futuristic city with skyscrapers on background of stormy clouds and sunny skies. On the way there I stop to investigate a beautifull sport arena. I say "take me there" while looking at the wall and I get zoomed in fast. I figure I better remember this new mode of transportation.

    Can't tell if its football or baseball, so I'm making my way to the top to see the field. I'm desperate to see the sign on top to know what city I'm in. I thing it says Brewers.

    2. DEILD. I'm walking in the back yard of RD10. I feel awareness slipping so I keep yelling something, but it keeps slipping. I realize, it slips anyway, and as i do, I get snapped back to it. This happens a few times.

    In the very back, by the fence, there is a small patch of tropical sea of size of maybe 2 bathtubs. Incredible beautiful blue see-through water and white sand. I pick it up and let it run through my fingers.

    3. DEILD Same backyard as in #2, only the whole backyard is tropical sea. Lots of white sand, sun, warm, shallow, blue water.

    4. DEILD I'm standing on a shore line. Small waves are splashing over concrete shore. I look almost straight up and tovering over me are huge waves. I smile and say "take me there". After my first mouthfull of water I realize I should have said "take me over the wave". I'm bobbing on top of the tsunami waves, while collecting some kids taken out to sea by these huge waves. I pick a girl and a boy and maybe their mom.

    I'm walking through the hotel and I get nasty looks from some people. I learn that I am in bikiny and I'm a young girl that she is obviously hated in this hotel. I think to myself damn, why did I have to transform into this girl for?

    I make my way through corridors, looking out the small windows, trying to see which way I should get out. I come to a balcony. Beneath me is a tropical sea with beach. Incredible georgeous blue water, not see through, more milky, like some places in Hawaii. Only blue.

    I jup in next to something I think is a school of fish. But it's a lobster and sea turtle. I say "turtle details" a few times. Turtle turns to me and asks "what do you mean turtle details?". I say I would like to see more details on him. It looks like whoever built him, didn't finish him, because skin and shell was missing in some places. But the green color was spot on. I feel the warmth of the ocean and atmosphere of a resort.

    I lift myself out of the water to look beyond the sea wall. There is the angry ocean with tsunami waves. Ok, I decide to stay in my small peacefull sea and go explore the sandbars of blindingly white sand.

    5. DEILD I'm with somone and someone says "invite her to?"

    6. DEILD Here I"m at the house I was invited to in #5. A girl I used to know as a child now has children of her own. The little girl running around is not my friend, but her granddaughter. A doctor comes to give here a shot and while I watch, I start rocking to induce LD. I wonder if he notices if I fall asleep while standing up.

    When he is done, I ask him if he wants to "do it". Sure thing, but I guess we both fall asleep. We wake up and he says we slept for half an hour.

    *I feel like I could be doing this forever. But my big toe hurts like hell. My whole foot is crooked because of a cat sleeping at my feet. So i wake up and cat is not there.

    *I watched "The Contact" again and was really obsessing about that alien beach with tropical blue seas. I guess that reflected in this batch of LDs. Thank you, come again.
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    1. PennyRoyal's Avatar
      Wow, that sounded like a lot of fun

      Excuse me, I'm about to go watch Contact now.. it's been too long.
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      It looks like you are getting more and more LDs or maybe I just haven't been visiting the DJs as much as I am now. seems like you should be all fired up! I am so pumped up on LDs. I knew I would be doing good this year.
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      What an incredible DEILD chain, gab! Excellent work maintaining the discipline to stay with this for so many cycles.

      I seem to run into a limit as to how many times I can DEILD. When this happens, I always sort of think, "Ah well, guess I ran out of dream." Reading this makes me think that a lot of those cases may just be down to overexcitement or a lack of mental discipline.

      It's been a very, very long time since I saw "Contact" (I saw it in the theater), but I still remember the scene with the alien beach. Very striking imagery and just perfect for an LD.

      Congratulations on a great night!!
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    4. gab's Avatar
      Thank you guys!

      What striked me is the scene when she is inside the metal globe thing looking out the window and she sees the bright yellow galaxy with some nearby planets. That image is breathtaking. But the look on her face, when she keeps repeating "so beautifull, I had no idea" with tears in her eyes just awestruck from such a beauty and that it exists and she is witnessing it, is exactly how I feel when I realize I'm dreaming and when I see something unexpected and beautifull.

      I have to show this movie to my mom. When I try to describe her that incredible happines I feel when LDing, she has no idea what I mean. Maybe this scene will help her understand.

      I still get some DILDs occasionally, but majority LDs comes from morning naps with DEILDs. Hopefully I finally learned to recognize the dream feel and stay aware after LD is over so I can initiate another one.
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    5. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      I still get some DILDs occasionally, but majority LDs comes from morning naps with DEILDs. Hopefully I finally learned to recognize the dream feel and stay aware after LD is over so I can initiate another one.
      Do you ever have any luck DEILD chaining from a non-lucid dream into a lucid dream? You are clearly a very strong DEILDer (something I didn't realize about your style until reading this entry), so this might be something that's within your reach to pull off.

      Also, I don't know how often you're struck by what I call "micro-lucids". I use the term "micro-lucid" for dreams where you realize that it's all a dream just seconds before waking up or even as you're waking up, but they're not long enough to really be considered full-fledged lucid dreams (IMO.) I basically think of them as DILDs that don't live up to their full potential. But they are awesome for chaining as a DEILD. I do this by imagining movement, much like you do, which is a trick that I picked up from Xanous. If you're capable of these kinds of chains, these "micro-lucids" could be another great entry point for you.

      Anyway, this level of DEILD skill is a pretty exciting tool to have. I'm impressed.
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    6. gab's Avatar
      I never even come close to chain from non-LD. I wake up too suddenly. So i'm not even trying. For me, favorable condition has to come by itself.

      Did you ever chain from non-LD?

      No, I never had a "micro-lucid". When i had a short LD, it was when WILDing and got the dream ready but wasn't near to falling asleep yet so I woke up as soon as I entered. But thank you for the tip. More I read about all kinds of stuff, more likely it will happen to me.

      And thank you, I'm sure I picked up this skill from reading DV. People saying they can recognize when dream is ending. I was never able to do that and I expressed my disappointment with my inability. I still don't know when dream is ending, but when it ends, I know I'm still dreaming and can initiate another one. At least for now. It could change without warning, once my mind gets bored with this type of entry. Then I will have to find another way. Maybe I ought to have a talk with my higher self to stop nixing my methods. Yeah, I'll do that. Happy dreams y'all
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    7. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Did you ever chain from non-LD?
      I double-checked and I'm afraid that the answer is "nope". I have never chained from a non-lucid dream into a lucid dream, at least not anywhere that I can find in my records. I've used DEILD to extend a crumbling lucid dream many times and turned several "micro-lucids" into real lucid dreams. Micro-lucids used to always go nowhere for me (and many still do.) But now I have a great shot at converting them over, thanks to DEILD.

      No, I never had a "micro-lucid". When i had a short LD, it was when WILDing and got the dream ready but wasn't near to falling asleep yet so I woke up as soon as I entered. But thank you for the tip. More I read about all kinds of stuff, more likely it will happen to me.
      I think that I am somewhat susceptible to these micro-lucids because I get very excited about lucid dreams in general, occasionally causing them to crumble as soon as I'm lucid. (In case it's not painfully obvious, I get pretty passionate about this lucid dreaming stuff. LOL.) It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it's the perfect time for me to launch into DEILD. For whatever reason, DEILD took me a while to get pretty good at, and I'm still nowhere close to the level where I can get a 7-chain. (!) So if you ever do get one of those DILDs that just kind of collapses on itself as soon as you become lucid, it'd be a great opportunity for you. Do you hear me, gab's subconscious?

      Happy dreams y'all
      Same to you! Enjoy that victory.
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