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    Worst beer ever

    , 09-23-2013 at 05:14 PM (85 Views)
    Monday, 9/23/13

    Last night, bed 2am - 8:40am

    I'm traveling with group of people by car. Before we go on a trip, we stop in a large bar. There is nobody else there. Bunch of empty tables and a bar. one of our group sits in the back at the table, I'm at the bar with another 1-2 people. We are talking to a female bartender. We wan't to try some beer. This idea just occured to us and I'm excited.

    She says "I thought you are gonna have beer when you get to Prague". We say "yeah, but this one is for the road".

    She hands us a handwritten list of beers she has. I ask for a dark one. She points to one on the list. She also points out a red beer and some american beer. Name has 3 letteres, H and X. We rule that one out right away.

    So she hands me a small glass of beer. I can feel the glass in my hand being warm. I'm like "it's warm". It was lukewarm, almost warm. She says "well, it's room temperature". But I say no, it's warmer than that. I have a taste and it tastes sweet and salty. And like a beef soup or gravy. It was pretty bad. I see the bottle the sets on the bartop, and it's a 750ml, clear glass wine bottle, with some clear liquid.

    (Man, my first dream beer and it tastes like this!)

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