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    Hotels, liam Neeson, being lucid.

    by , 02-27-2014 at 04:43 PM (513 Views)
    Dream 1
    not lucid

    I was watching the scene first like I was watching a movie as the camera rolled along the side of a river. There was a splashing in the water as somebody I know was swimming in the water. I saw them pop up for a breath of air but soon after re submerged under the water. I began to panic and fear for him as I saw an alligator in the water above him and it too went under water. He popped back up a little further downstream as I still as well kept moving with him keeping him in the middle of my view. He went under again but this time the 2 alligators went down. I shouted out to watch out for the alligators. He turned and came to shore and was instantly dry. We walked to a barn nearby and went inside. There was an older man in his mid 50ís probably and was holding a small black suitcase. I knew there was money inside of it but I also knew there was a bomb inside and it was triggered to blow if it had any sudden movements/impact. We talked to the man and it seemed he was trying to blackmail us about something but I donít know what. One of the people that were with us snuck up behind him and tried to stab him in the neck with a needle that would knock him out but he reached back and grabbed the needle. I reached out grabbed the suitcase in 1 hand and pushed the back of the needle with the other. The liquid shot out and landed into his mouth he just swallowed it and spit some of it out as well. We waited but it didnít affect him at all as it wasnít going into his blood stream. The group of us wrestled him down and I managed to get the suitcase from him and me and another person left.

    Dream 2
    not lucid

    I was in some kind of apartment or hotel the walls and everything had a grayish tint and was very blah. The room we were in was very modern looking and the furniture looked very nice. I was talking with a man that reminded me of Liam Neeson and told him that there was a person coming up the stairs to get us. He was like okay I got this. He hid behind the door as the person walked in. He did some baddass moves and knocked the person out and the person just kind of vanished. As a little time went by There was another person that was coming up that I could sense and I opened up the door and saw them trying to hide in a closet across the hall. I was like Yo Liam come check out this loserÖ.he is in the closet across from us trying to hide. So liam went over and kicked his ass as well. As I went back inside liam got jumped and the person had a chain around liams neck and was chocking him out against our hotel room wall. I opened up a drawer and pulled out parts of a pistol and started piecing it together. Liam was like help meÖ..Iím like I amÖ.just give me a minute ive almost got it put togetherÖ. As I was finishing putting it together I woke up.

    Dream 3
    Lucid(but went with dream)

    I was on the road and heading into this strange forest place when I arrived and got out of my vehicle and went inside of a cabin. I walked around with my fiancť setting stuff up and getting ready and we decided it was late and we would just go to bed. We got into bed and started to go to sleep I closed my eyes for a second and was thinking to myself. I should just try a reality check to keep myself use to doing them as I go to sleep and wake up. I reach up and plug my nose and attempt to breathe in. *wooosh* a rush of air comes rushing into my nose. Wait what????? I plug my nose again this time a little harder and attempt to breathe yet again. *woosh* another rush of air goes in as I breath in just fine. Wait a minuteÖ. Iím dreaming? IM dreaming! I closed my eyes and thought to myself I wonder if I can levitate myself? I could feel my body leave the bed but for only a moment and I fell back down as I said no no no I canít do that who am I kidding. I sat up and looked around like thinking am I really dreaming? I look down and rub my hands together the sensation is just as amazing as I remembered doing it the night before. I got up and walked around but the dream faded to darkness and I woke up in bed. CrapÖ I totally could have had that for longer if I would of tried to I said to myself as I opened my eyes. Well since Iím awake I might as well attempted to do a RC . I poked my finger against the palm of my hand and felt the hard surface of my hand but seconds after my finger pushed through my hand like it was going through silly puddy or jello. I looked down at my hand Wait what??? Iím dreaming again? I look around and Iím inside the cabin still somehow I came back into the same dream! I Sat up and looked around again and thought well this is weird.. As I stood up everything went black again. I thought to myself gawd that sucked I just missed out on two different chances to be in control of my dreams but I didnít do anything about it. What the hell one more RC doesnít hurt right? Got to get in the habitÖ it seems to be working so far. I poke my finger into my palm again the firm feeling of my palm hits my finger as I feel the resistance. But then this Sucking / liquidy sound come fills the air as I see my finger start oozing pushing through my palm yet again. Holy crap Iím dreaming still? I lay there and think to myself. Well my last attempts didnít really work to fight the dream so letís just let this play outÖ I laid down for a few minutes just staring at the ceiling. The sun rose up into he sky outside and my fiancť got up and we walked outside to our Jeep. I climbed around on the outside of the jeep trying not to touch the ground acting like it was lava. I finally asked are you ready to get going to my fiancť. She nodded and I got into the driverís seat and gunned it. We went flying over a hill and we floated across a huge cavern. It felt like several minutes went by as we just hung out in mid air flying across this cavern until we landed on the other side. We hit hard and started to roll backwards I tried to pump the brakes but nothing was working. I turned us around and the momentum from going back words made us go up the hill in reverse. We made it to the outside of the tunnel we landed in and I turned our jeep around and we both got out. Another driver pulled up and asked if we needed any help I said yeah for some reason our vehicle broke down and I couldnít break. He got out and walked over. My jeep was now a motorcycle and the wheels were not really wheels but rather a bundled up roll of what looked like carpet/ foam. The man removed the front tire and took out a disk that looked like a saw. He then pulled out a piece of plastic like a zip tie and said thereís your problem. You hook here is broken it probably broke from landing a hard jump or something. I looked at him yeah we hit a really big bump. He smiled and said well itís an easy fix all you need is something to hook this back together like a fishing lure or something will work. I thanked the man and he went on his way. Shortly after I woke up for real 

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