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    by , 03-05-2014 at 06:29 PM (517 Views)

    Dream 1
    Not Lucid
    I was in my old bedroom when I looked around and saw a hamster cage I use to have and thought to myself why do I still have that out? My hamsters have been dead for a while so there is no need for it… I look inside and I see movement inside some of the sawdust flakes. I look closer and I see all these baby mice most of which were white. I moved some items under my bed and all of a sudden mice started running out from under my bed. But these mice were different they were brown and big and small and they all had hamburger buns on top and below them as they ran. I pulled my hand back and said what the hell is that! I made a fist and began to slam it down onto the buns killing and squashing all the mice. A few of the first ones got away as I was to slow to catch those ones. I looked under the bed more thinking why was there so many mice….. All of a sudden there was more movement from a box under my bed and a goose comes shooting out and honking at me. I jumped up to my feet and yelled get out of here get out of here! As I motioned it to get out of the house, I followed it down the stairs and to the door. Then I hear some clucking and I see a chicken and I get that to come next to the door as well. I think to myself what is next a stupid alligator?? With the thought still in my head the doorbell rang and as I opened it I saw a alligator at my door. He talks to me telepathically and is saying I’m here to go into your room. But I tell him no, no, no you’re not coming in I’m already getting all the other animals out of my room. He started to head into the house but I slammed the door shut before he got in. I went back upstairs and began to clean my room out more and there was 2 DC’s there a lady and a guy. I was cleaning off my top bunk and the lady looks at the top bunk and says Oh he isn’t going to like this…. I look around real fast moving stuff out of the way asking what is it? What is it? I move it all out of the way and find nothing. And come to the conclusion that she was just messing with me.

    Dream 2
    Not Lucid

    I was in a bar I was talking with people but remember no actual conversations. I hit it off with a girl and went back to a house/apartment place. She seemed kind of like a babysitter.

    Dream 3
    Not Lucid

    I was now at a house and woke up inside a bed. I sat up and there was 3 other people in the room with me laughing about a really bad joke I just told. We talked about zombies and I said a horrible joke. I looked at them as I got out of bed and said “well I’m going to go get roll aids….to stop all these zombie aids…. Get get??? Bahahahaha. They laughed along and then said it was a stupid joke. I agreed and left the room and saw a few people that looked familiar and sat down with them. They were all sweaty and so was I. I thought to myself wow my pants are so sweaty and my back is all sweaty to… I took my shirt off and then thought I should just take my pants off. But I remembered that I wasn’t at home so I best not take my pants off. The other people were like yeah ours are sweaty to. One of the other guys then stripped down and for some reason didn’t have boxers or underpants on and was not butt naked walking around us. I put my hand up and blocked his lower section from my vision and said ahh dude put some pants on… or at least some shorts. So he did and one of the girls was now saying well if he can get naked so can I…. so she stripped down taking off everything and then putting on some short shorts. I thought to myself how weird this was that everybody was just stripping down in front of each other without a care in the world. The last girl started to strip and I said wait wait don’t we need to take showers still? They all agreed and we went separate ways. I went to a bathroom that looked like my old bathroom at my parents house and started to pee in the toilet while I was peeing though different screens popped up in front of me like I was using a phone but I had no phone that I was holding out.
    I was having a hard time peeing in the toilet for some reason as my stream wasn’t staying constant. As I looked into the toilet I noticed a staples button the saying “that was easy”. I thought nothing of it and got into the shower and saw a painting. I said to myself oh I need to finish this painting for my brother. It was a giant basketball with purple and other colors around it. I went downstairs and saw my brother and a few other people. I then noticed he was painting a painting that was exactly the same as mine. I then tried to correct him and say you need to make sure the brush stroke is better down here so that it fades better. As I showed him what I talking about.

    Dream 4
    Not lucid

    I was at a neighborhood that reminded me of my grandmas house. There was a group of twenty of us about and so we split into two teams and made a candy bake off. One group made Valintine hearts but they were all super hot and people got addicted and couldn’t help but eat more.. My group on the other hand made things that looked like skittles and had a berry taste which made them not addicted to the other candy anymore. My grandma walked up to me and said she wants me to move in with her I said that I couldn’t as I was soon moving in with my fiancé and would be no point living with them for a few months. She Said to hear her out so I did and she was saying how it would be free to live there and its homemade meals but the catch was that they wouldn’t put up with any of my nonsense. I thougth to myself about what nonsense she was talking about and just got upset about it and said Im not going to live with you if you think I have nonsense.. and I left .

    Dream 5
    Not Lucid

    I was with a group of people in a school like building. I went into a room and several people hiding in there with haloish armor on. I asked them what they were doing but they didn’t respond. I thought oh we must just be hiding from somebody so I went and got behind a fan and a few people came in that dressed like me and came and sat near me. The door then opened and a man came in and said okay lets begin the meeting. Everybody stood up and walked to some seats and sat down.

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