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    Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő

    If I have many dreams in 1 night and only 1 of them is cool, I'll put the rest in spoilers or if I have a dream that had cool parts and boring parts, I'll put the boring parts in spoilers. If the whole thing is boring I'll just warn you at the beginning of the journal entry :P

    Btw, I'm getting 1 lucid dream a night on average, they are between 5 and 10 minutes in length and the clarity of mind is around "alright".

    [SPOILER="Like music to my ears"]Open the link and then click the sound button to listen to a computer voice say my journal title: [URL="https://translate.google.nl/#en/nl/Dreamerino%20Journalino%20Ginino%20Sanino%20Manino%20Lucidinos%20in%20my%20Journalino%20Cappuccino%20Expressivo%20Crescendo%20Penguino%20Languini%20Amigo%20Panini%20Kapparino%20Lollerino%20Trollerino%20Rhinorino%20Hornerino%20Adventurino's%20Ferrarini%20Pepperoni%20Mozzarello%20Spiceroni%20Nin%C3%B5%20Casin%C3%B5"]link[/URL].[/SPOILER]

    Also, if you are anyone other than myself... You're wasting time here. There are cooler journals to see on dreamviews. <-- That string of text is temporary. Some day I'll have the funnest, most awesomest journal in all of dreamviews! :boogie:

    Strawberry milk

    [SPOILER=Things I want to do]
    I want to master all the elements, like the Avatar. Including lightning bending. I also want to become a master swordsman. For each thing that I want to master, I want to do special training. For lightning bending I can go into a storm or a face some storm/lightning elemental and ask it to teach me. I can learn earth bending from a badger mole (the original earth benders) or a human character from Avatar. For fire I can learn from Zuko, Iroh, Dragons (the original fire benders), for water I can go to the north or south pole or learn from Katara. Or I can learn everything from Aang or another Avatar. But the idea is that I don't just randomly pretend to know stuff right away (even though I can often do that), but to actually experience the training so that it will be more realistic and adventurous! I can learn swordfighting from Dante and Vergil. But Vergil is evil so I don't know how that will work. And these are just ideas from my mind in a waking state. In dreams awesome and wacky stuff might happen without me planning for it. I can learn shapeshifting from dragons (like the ones in Legends of the dragonrealm) or go to other magical creatures that can shapeshift.

    I like the idea of spending time practicing things. Like standing somewhere and making shapes in the air out of water, earth, fire. Going up to dream characters and amusing them with my powers, like giving someone big ears or a long red nose for fun. When I master this, I can do insanely awesome things. This for example:

    I stand somewhere, raise my arms and a forest comes out of the ground. I make myself small and jump from branch to branch and glide on the trees (like Tarzan or the people from Epic), then I turn into a fiery phoenix and flap my wings and fly above a great ocean. I dive into the water and turn into a fish, swim down and swim up and turn back into a human, then I use waterbending to surf on a block of ice and with speed I go back to the land.

    Okay I'm out of imagination. But that's already pretty sweet, right? Perhaps I'll add more stuff later on.

    Oh and also, it would be amazing to be an elemental. Imagine being a water elemental. Your body flows and is all liquid, you have no bones, you can just splash your hand into something and grow a new one. Drink water and grow. Seep in between cracks. All kinds of wacky stuff! I want to explore the limits of lucid dreaming. For that I need to get lucid more often... Waaaaay more often. I don't think I'll be satisfied until I have on average of 1.5-2 hours lucid time every night. There's just so much to do!

    And sex... The possibilites o: So hot :lol:

    Short term goals/activities:

    Since I'm getting ~1 ld a night, my short term goals are significant. I wanted to have something that allows me to get better at prolonging and stabilizing my dreams while still being fun. So I chose walking, bicycling and skateboarding. I think about this while falling asleep and include them in the countdown. While walking/bicycling/skateboarding I can look around, feel the physical sensations, and I'll be moving, so I'll have lots of things to look at. If I have a skateboard or bike, I can have good fun by going fast and doing stunts.

    Other short term things:
    Being nice to dream characters, being friends, entertaining them. And practicing magic skills.

    1. Red is her name

      by , 10-17-2016 at 03:03 PM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      (the title comes from the second lucid dream)

      LD 1: I was flying around in the parking lot/middle area of a place of appartments, with a building of apparatments to my left and right and I was flying up to a window and entering? I also had a part with going around a neighborhood entering houses or just walking around with friends. There was also something with a giant pokémon I summoned and it was fighting someone else's, it was video game like.

      LD2: I'm in a gym's changing room, there are 2 or 3 girls there and I wonder if it's the right room, but it's the boy' room so I just assume they are in the wrong room. So I act cool and change. My nephew(s) and brother is also there with me, they flirt with the girl(s) or she/they flirt(s) with them. They fail xD I'm still acting cool, not interested in flirting with random girls. Then somehow I and a red-haired girl get a long and I don't remember what happened, but we are lovers suddenly. And in bed, not in a gym changing room. We are kissing and cuddling and all sweet and lovely = ) This goodness lasts at least 5 minutes She says she is 50 years old and at first I say or think it doesn't matter then I say that's ridiculous, the way you look, and we laugh together. Even now (at 4PM) I very vaguely remember what she looked like, she had a slightly prominent bone structure (face) and pale skin with slightly colored cheeks, blue + slightly green eyes of medium size. I dont remember the length of her hair but it was straight and not voluminous but at least slightly past shoulder length and the color was orangy red, not deep dark red. And she was beautiful.

      (still LD2) And near the end I thought of telling her it is a dream and I was wondering how to say it and I also thought of this DJ and of the title "Red is her name" but it ended and I didn't get the chance. I don't remember at which point I became lucid, and I know I was only vaguely aware that I was dreaming. But I wouldn't have cared anyway because it was so nice with her it was worth losing awareness :)

      When I woke up, I said the first dream was ~15 minutes and the second one 10-15, but I remembered only like a total of 30 seconds scattered over parts of the 1st one and the second one I remember about half I think. Actually the first one I didn't remember at all at first and after practicing mindfulness for a few minutes it came back to me slowly (pretty cool huh, this is how I remember dreams).

      Notes to self: Now that my sleep schedule is somewhat solid, or solid enough, I can try sleeping a little earlier and occasionally sleep 30-60 minutes longer if I wake up earlier and this way get some cool extra lucid dreaming time. It would be cool to have better recall and for that I can do WBTBs, which doubled (possibly more) my recall, but it can mess up my rythm so I can do this later and for now I'll try to do it only by journaling and trying to remember details every morning (if I wake up in time).

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    2. Competition day 1

      by , 10-15-2016 at 09:57 PM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      The first part I won't say here, but after a minute I was kissing a girl. It was foggy and dark and her face and hair color changed and I pushed her away from me, I was a little creeped out or repulsed and went away, flew. Then I remembered and told myself (so I'd remember after waking up) that I had had a lucid dream before this one and that I also vaguely remember having a third one that night. Oh and I went outside, trying to make the dream more vivid through commands or will-power but I don't remember if it worked.

      And I had a non-lucid dream I remember the best part most vividly. Me and a girl in class were doing some math problem and as we were working on it, we happened to be close with our heads because we were writing or looking in the notebook and it was kinda warm-ish. Then we moved closer I think or we moved our heads more sideways so we'd touch heads more and then she was just leaning her head on my shoulder or pushing her hair into my face and I was a little shy and was just sitting there enjoying her warmth. (What the hell was I thinking not doing a reality check xD There's no way this would happen at school) She had long straight blond hair and I don't remember her face (I rarely register faces), I think she had blue clothes over her upper body.

      Unfortunately I didn't remember the 2nd lucid dream nor the third. My recall is pretty bad unfortunately. But I'm struggling to wake and sleep in time for school and it's a big change for me since I've had an even lazier life before I started college so it's okay. I think I'm slowly adjusting and soon I can make time for remembering dreams and occasionally sneaking in some extra juicy morning dreams :)