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    1. TOTM look at sky

      by , 02-08-2016 at 09:24 PM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      the teacher was frustrated that i was not being serious, i was goofing off in class, making jokes, amusing people, not following the lesson and i said to a girl on the desk behind me: "if im dreaming ill be able to breathe through my nose (closed off)" i tried it and it worked and i got excited. i got up and ran around the school, going from classroom to classroom to find pretty girls and kiss them. after a few minutes i wanted to do something else and remembered the totm. so i made my way outside, i had to go through (not literally, i opened them) several doors and windows, at the last or second to last window i got impatient and tried to (literally) go through the window and it bent but didnt let me through so i opened it and

      when i was outside there were orange balloons on a rope stretched between buildings so i needed to walk a bit forward so i could see the sky without the balloons. so i did and then saw the sky with the balloons still in view but it was good enough. here is a link to what it looked like: [url]http://imgur.com/zFRlC0z[/url]
      i named the file "close enough". the clouds had that shape and there were probably more and they were smaller but you get the idea. you see the orange balloons on the rope. the clouds were actually of a slightly darker grey-ish color, but its close enough :tongue: the sky was bright blue.

      and then the dream ended.

      notes of forgotten dreams: "a dream in turkey. danger? (that one was 15-20 minutes) turkey car?"

      techniques: counting down from 100 and thinking "lucid dreaming" at every count. and the nose plug rc

      the lucid dream was ~7 minutes.

      March 3rd edit: So this is where i started the countdown thing. It's been 3 weeks now. And I'm at 31 lucid dreams. Makes sense.

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