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    Little hamster

    by , 03-22-2016 at 10:11 PM (631 Views)
    The last few seconds of the night I was petting a little white hamster on its belly. It was either completely white or had a bit of light brown on its back. It was somebody else's hamster and the person was beside me. The hamster spread its arms and legs as I rubbed my finger on its belly and made a face (and maybe sounds too) and it was warm.

    And now all day I'm thinking about getting a pet rat once I live on my own and have more money. Which will be soon. Why not a hamster? Rats are much more intelligent. Ferrets look and move cuter and are bigger so they'd be nicer to cuddle, but they live ~7 years and rats only live 2-3 years so there's a smaller chance of me not wanting to live with it anymore and being faced with a dilemma. Ofcourse as a lucid dreamer of some skill, I can have a good time with animals in lucid dreams :)

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