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    Red is her name

    by , 10-17-2016 at 03:03 PM (936 Views)
    (the title comes from the second lucid dream)

    LD 1: I was flying around in the parking lot/middle area of a place of appartments, with a building of apparatments to my left and right and I was flying up to a window and entering? I also had a part with going around a neighborhood entering houses or just walking around with friends. There was also something with a giant pokémon I summoned and it was fighting someone else's, it was video game like.

    LD2: I'm in a gym's changing room, there are 2 or 3 girls there and I wonder if it's the right room, but it's the boy' room so I just assume they are in the wrong room. So I act cool and change. My nephew(s) and brother is also there with me, they flirt with the girl(s) or she/they flirt(s) with them. They fail xD I'm still acting cool, not interested in flirting with random girls. Then somehow I and a red-haired girl get a long and I don't remember what happened, but we are lovers suddenly. And in bed, not in a gym changing room. We are kissing and cuddling and all sweet and lovely = ) This goodness lasts at least 5 minutes She says she is 50 years old and at first I say or think it doesn't matter then I say that's ridiculous, the way you look, and we laugh together. Even now (at 4PM) I very vaguely remember what she looked like, she had a slightly prominent bone structure (face) and pale skin with slightly colored cheeks, blue + slightly green eyes of medium size. I dont remember the length of her hair but it was straight and not voluminous but at least slightly past shoulder length and the color was orangy red, not deep dark red. And she was beautiful.

    (still LD2) And near the end I thought of telling her it is a dream and I was wondering how to say it and I also thought of this DJ and of the title "Red is her name" but it ended and I didn't get the chance. I don't remember at which point I became lucid, and I know I was only vaguely aware that I was dreaming. But I wouldn't have cared anyway because it was so nice with her it was worth losing awareness :)

    When I woke up, I said the first dream was ~15 minutes and the second one 10-15, but I remembered only like a total of 30 seconds scattered over parts of the 1st one and the second one I remember about half I think. Actually the first one I didn't remember at all at first and after practicing mindfulness for a few minutes it came back to me slowly (pretty cool huh, this is how I remember dreams).

    Notes to self: Now that my sleep schedule is somewhat solid, or solid enough, I can try sleeping a little earlier and occasionally sleep 30-60 minutes longer if I wake up earlier and this way get some cool extra lucid dreaming time. It would be cool to have better recall and for that I can do WBTBs, which doubled (possibly more) my recall, but it can mess up my rythm so I can do this later and for now I'll try to do it only by journaling and trying to remember details every morning (if I wake up in time).

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    1. Ginsan's Avatar
      Patience: I saw your like before I edited it for the last time, I added her hair and this part: [I], and I know I was only vaguely aware that I was dreaming. But I wouldn't have cared anyway because it was so nice with her it was worth losing awareness [/I]... I just wanted to make sure you got that too xD :content:
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    2. Patience108's Avatar
      Nice interactions with Red. I like your goals and one Lucid a night is pretty cool too
      Updated 10-17-2016 at 03:58 PM by Patience108 (One rock on is enough I think ;))
    3. Ginsan's Avatar
      Haha yeah let's rock on without excess xD

      And about those goals, they are really outdated. "I wanted to have something that allows me to get better at prolonging and stabilizing my dreams while still being fun." Sounds super reasonable but I might rethink my approach to building my LD skills, and I don't know what a good way to go is.. Obviously getting lucid every day is great (makes me giddy every time I think about it! :D) but I can do so much cooler stuff! Dragons! Adventures! Flying! Shapeshifting! Magic! Oh my god so far I haven't even experienced a thousandth of what can be done in lucid dreaming! In my many many lucid dreams, I've had a few rare and precious moments give me a taste of what is possible and it gets me so excited. Which may make me greedy and unappreciative of what I do have... But whatever xD It's the other side of the coin of getting excited for things to come.

      Or maybe you meant the "note to self," in which case, yep me too.
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      Updated 10-17-2016 at 04:13 PM by Ginsan
    4. Patience108's Avatar
      Yes both now . I know what you mean ~ the world and potential of our Lucid dreams becomes more and more evident to us each time we LD. So we strive for those adventures etc hay - deffinatelly!

      Keep working at it ~ your an Oneironaut that's what you do
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