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    Night 7 Spring 2024 Night 4/4

    by , 04-06-2024 at 09:14 AM (46 Views)
    Will likely take a break for like 2 days soon. I was in another dream and used an elevator to arrive into one of the homes at the swamp. Since the home I was in was still on a tree, I went up on the elevator. At the door it shrunk to match the size and I walked in. In there was Passenger and Kappa, and we talked about our plans and where we would head once we found the way out. After a while of talking over breakfast, we finally said our goodbyes and left the village. On our way out some of the villagers gave gifts which we happily accepted.

    Feeling at peace, we flew on our preferred elements like if we were sitting on clouds. We first flew towards the crash site then in the direction the signal came from. There was not much to do at the crash since King Gator completely destroyed what was left in the beginning of our fight. We flew over the trees faster than before, not knowing how far away the person might be. We talked as we flew over the massive swamp, telling each other about why we came here, what we usually did at home, and figuring out if we could meet up again after returning to our regular lives.

    We started to worry if we went in slightly the wrong direction but even if we missed the person we would eventually find human civilization at these speeds. The landscape of the swamp was very flat, but as we ventured further out we found drier forests with hills and cliffs. When the conversation settled down, we saw a small base with a tower and airstrip. I just realized how funny the situation was, searching for rescue by plane through flying to one. We landed down there, and Passenger suddenly got nervous as I went for one of the doors. I was about to go straight to opening it but his nervousness reminded me to knock first.

    I knocked and could hear the person inside rushing down to greet us. They welcomed us in and spoke very quickly, clearly excited to meet us. Passenger has explained our situation over the radio but we were able to explain everything without worry of attacks. They were excited to hear all our stories and presented their own, overcoming their obstacles through engineering. Their entire base was made to withstand the weather and creatures of that part of the woods, and they happily showed some equipment they put together to fight back.

    One of the devices was capable of levitating objects similar to our element control, and another was able to show all nearby creatures using their electrical pulses. There were several others and we were able to try them all in their base, trying them out on targets and even to get to inaccessible areas. After having enough fun, we shared contact information and they showed us to their plane to take us home. As we flew off, we were asked why we did not want to stay in the wilderness. Although there were dangers, it was fun overcoming each obstacle. Passenger told again about his friends and business back home but even though I had my own made up backstory in the dream I did not want to go there.

    After a bit of thinking I decided to tell them I wanted to face different types of challenges. Maybe a different area in the wild would bring new friends and enemies. Passenger still wanted to go back home, so we decided to stop at the city before I went back to the wilderness. Once back to the city, we realized how out of place we were. We then had a ton of fun in the city, finding fun places to eat, getting into simple street fights, and getting clothes more fitting for the city. It was a fun change of pace that allowed me to have more regular dream events with Passenger from the swamp event.

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