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    Night 12 Spring 2024 Night 4/9

    by , 04-12-2024 at 10:04 AM (40 Views)
    To get into the event I went through a door which opened into the front of the truck. Being made from a plane, it still had the door separating the cockpit from the back which would be like the trailer of a truck. Pilot was driving and I could hear the loud hum of the engine as they drove the truck. I told them about wanting to see something new and challenging in this icy part of the world, so they showed me the radar and other equipment in the co-pilotís seat. The radar showed me the surrounding area along with the living things in it. It was possible to tell how large the creature was based on how powerful its signal was.

    All of the signals were weak, so I went to the back of the truck to explore the interior. There were several types of games so I ended up getting distracted with those, and once I was done Pilot asked me to come to the front. I started steering the truck and they explained that since there were no creatures to fight against, this time could be used for training or learning new abilities. I told them of all I have done including elemental control and body transformation. I also told them that I used to use weapons, but I brought none into the plane. After hearing me out and asking more about my abilities, Pilot went to the back and came to the front again with one of their screwdrivers.

    They told me to open my hand as if I was going to give it to them, and it shot out of their hand and into mine. They told me to think about giving it back while keeping my hand still, and it flew back into their hand. They explained how they added this function to all of their tools, and it's how they were able to work on their own so quickly both when they lived on their own and when I was busy hunting. They then showed how it was just a little device attached to each tool, and it was possible to even send a tool with two devices to connect one and make the new object able to go back and forth as well.

    I was able to try out bringing more tools in and out, even having several hover near me rather than having them go straight to my hand. Realizing that this was like the telekinesis I used on earth and water, I started doing the same with large chunks of rock and ice outside. Pilot showed me their tools so that they could attach the device to a sword or spear whenever I got one, but we threw around the idea of using the earth control on tools by attaching earth to them. We eventually reached a point where the path was covered in snow and boulders, clearly from an avalanche/rockslide. At first I picked up pieces with my control to throw them to the side, then Pilot gave another great suggestion. I instead controlled the earth to go down, and snow was thrown in the air like a mist. Clearing the huge cloud away with water control, we could see that it really was left as perfectly flat ground.

    Using my elemental control in more unique ways, I could make structures either appear or disappear into the ground, and tools can be sent wherever I want. We drove a small distance afterwards, but heard a loud animal call from the direction of the flattened rockslide. Checking the radar first, Pilot saw that it gave off a larger signal than anything else we have run into. Before I could even get out, the entire truck was shaken around. It had already begun attacking us. Getting out, I could finally see that it was something like a yeti, but it had large antlers and was both wider and taller than our truck (not lengthwise lol). Seeing its size, I felt confident in going straight to transforming into my bigger form to fight it.

    It threw me to the side with its antlers and would have stabbed through me with its hand if I did not create scales on the spot. I formed scales over my hand to hit it back, but I could feel my hand freezing over when doing that. Although the scales were good for defense, taking a cold-blooded animalís traits in a frozen land was a terrible idea. Pilot pulled out a sword from the back of the plane, telling me it was going to be a surprise for later. I saw how they were holding it and knew to pull it in like the tools from earlier. I continued to fight the yeti but with the sword now, and blocking with the sword allowed me to not even rely on scales for defense.

    After getting enough cuts in, the yeti started backing off more in the fight and became less aggressive. Seeing that it was likely defending its territory and was not willing to fight to the death. I walked away from the fight. Going back to normal, the cuts and bruises I got from the fight were more obvious but they were very menial injuries for a fight against a creature like that. We continued in the truck and were able to get all the way out of the mountains. Knowing we only had a few days left, I wanted to head towards a fight before ending back in the city. We then stopped the truck so Pilot could improve the radar to sense creatures at a much farther range. We relaxed and talked as they worked on it, and the dream ended there.
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