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    Night 11 Spring 2024 Night 4/8

    by , 04-10-2024 at 10:42 AM (44 Views)
    I took the break because I was traveling to see the eclipse but other than that reason I am glad to come back feeling refreshed. The dream before took place in a city, so I was able to seamlessly transition to the swamp one. Passenger had already made it to his place, and I was able to catch up by calling him. I went over to the closest airport and had to get past security to meet up with the person that flew us here. Even though I already told them about wanting to return to the wilderness last time, I said again what I wanted. As I got on the plane they asked if I wanted something more specific, giving examples such as a desert with constant tornadoes, a cave with storms inside, and other crazy dream environments. I told them about the ice truckers, and they understood the challenge.

    They agreed to take me to the wildest frozen place and as we flew there the pilot slowly made it clear that they were staying with me. Telling them about the opponent ice road truckers, they said the only way to truly compete was by creating the best truck of our own and thriving in both ice and swamp environments. The truckers would have never come to the swamp, so going into their territory was the perfect choice. The further we flew, the lower temperatures got. Ice started to form over the glass of the plane and the pilot gave me one of their coats. Since theyíll be continuing with me, Iíll call them Pilot.

    Even further into the icy lands, and the plane was not able to properly work anymore. All engines stopped and the plane only continued by gliding on air currents. There were mountains in all directions, and Pilot explained how the wind currents over mountains can be dangerous, so they lowered the plane to land. Once we landed in the mountains, Pilot told me they could rework the plane to work as a truck but we were in need of food and shelter or else we would freeze before it was finished. I was able to use my water and earth abilities to pull an igloo out of the ground, but my water abilities were greatly limited when controlling snow and ice. Although the structure worked for insulation, we needed heat on the inside. Pilot was able to put together a fireplace and circulation to push the cold air out using parts of the plane.

    We were able to rest in the igloo very comfortably but we still were in need of food and fuel. Although we had not bumped into any animals yet, food was the more urgent issue. We only had enough fuel to go a certain distance, but without food we would starve before running out of fuel. I went outside and put my hand in the snow to sense disturbances. This was done through heightened senses mixed with my elemental control. I was able to sense some, and caught a couple animals including moles and foxes. Bringing them in, Pilot was able to prepare them and we ate. We spoke over the meal and every once in a while they would go out to work on the plane some more. These animals were pretty normal compared to the ones in the swamp, but even if they were supernaturally powerful they still would be easy to handle at this point.

    Seeing that my regular fighting part of the dream was gone, I decided to help with the rebuilding of the plane. The plane was large, and the most obvious change was the wings folding back. Pilot explained that the inside was changed a lot, but I helped with simpler things like holding up the wings as they were placed differently or carrying huge parts in after their modification. By the end the plane was fully modified, and Pilot proudly showed me around. It now both had its regular engine and one that functioned more like a trainís furnace, with logs working as fuel. This allowed us to use the surrounding trees as fuel while our gas slowly ran out. While at the city the goal to return seemed clear, once we had the truck built we considered the option of seeing how deep into the cold we could go. I decided to leave that until next time, and I left the dream off in the igloo.
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