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    Another encounter with the Succubus

    , 02-02-2011 at 04:13 AM (1600 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    It's late in the evening, I'm super tired because I studied for an exam all day long.
    I can't think clearly anymore and take a break listening to "Two steps from hell".
    I lean my chair all the way back and close my eyes for a few minutes.
    I'm just really tired, I don't even think much.
    At some point I notice HI. I didn't even try to WILD, but I certainly didn't move either.
    I decide to just keep going, like I'm too tired to open my eyes and do something else.
    I don't try to visualize anything, I don't try to go somewhere specific...

    I feel odd, like I'm not alone in the room. I assume this is related to SP.
    But then I hear someone moving VERY close to me and it scares me quite a bit, even though I know I don't need to worry.
    Still, I'm uncomfortable and I open my eyes.
    Everything is wrong. My pc monitor is filled with void and the corners glow in a purple color.
    Even though everything on my desk seems to be where I left it, I cannot see the walls of my room.
    My desk is properly lit, but the further things are away from it, the darker they are.
    And then I see her, right to my left, a girl from e previous dream: Encounter with a Succubus
    She's wearing some sort of corset and long gloves, it's a rather seductive outfit.

    I do not feel any immediate danger so I decide to wait and see what happens.
    She pushes my chair back a bit and sits on my lap facing me.
    Her face is very close.
    She starts inhaling my energy. It moves slowly from my mouth into hers.
    I notice that the amount energy she's absorbing is ridiculously small though.
    It isn't dangerous whatsoever, she isn't hurting me.
    However, I do want answers.

    I put my arms around her, so she can't get away, and interrupt the energy transfer.

    "We meet again, young succubus."

    She's scared, but she doesn't try to escape.
    Her disguise vanishes. I can see small wings on her back now, and some sort of horns on her head. (Not the pointy devil's kind, more like animal horns)
    She's young, I'm guessing about 16-18, assuming she ages the same way we do.

    "I don't understand... why do you know?"
    "Because I'm a dreamer, obviously."
    "... but... even dreamers don't know..."
    "That you are a succubus?"
    "That I am a succubi, that I charm them... everything..."

    So I was right, she is a succubus... but what exactly is a succubus?
    I don't think she's actually trying to hurt me, so I keep my voice calm and try to keep the conversation going.

    "Why do you steal my energy, young one?"
    "What do you mean? ... I need it ..."
    "What for?"
    "To live? ... I don't understand... why would you not know..."

    She's about to cry, I believe she thinks that I'm about to kill her.
    I look deep into her eyes, feeling her thoughts to see if she's telling the truth.

    "Calm down. Explain to me what exactly it is you're doing.
    You steal energy because you need it to survive, but you seem to take very little?"
    "Of course!!! If I took more I could hurt people."
    "Wait... what? I thought you were a demon?"
    "That doesn't mean that I'm a bad person!
    Not all demons are evil!"


    She's being absolutely honest, I can feel it.
    I can sense that she's never hurt anyone.
    She cannot regenerate her own energy the way I do, so she needs to take small amounts from other people.
    The amount of energy she absorbs could never hurt anyone.
    I let her go.
    She is very surprised.

    "You're telling the truth, so I shall let you go.
    Next time instead of sneaking up on me, just ask alright?"
    "Yes... sorry... thank you..."

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    Tags: energy, succubus, wild


    1. Mayatara's Avatar
      That was awesome! She better not come suck my energy though
    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Fascinating. I have also encountered demons who were not evil. I thought my dark spirit guide was an evil demon for a long time. Evil is not who we are, but what we do, or are apathetic about.
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      Yes, exactly!
      I felt quite stupid for thinking she must be evil just because she has the appearance of a demon.
    4. nqwDE's Avatar
      Hmmm, makes sure she dosen't come here, I will nock the energy outta' dat mofo!

      DooM refrence, anyone?