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    Inside my brain / Spider

    , 08-31-2011 at 11:19 PM (973 Views)
    Two non-lucids I thought were quite funny.

    Inside my brain
    I'm lost.
    The place I'm in is not very well lit. There are tube like things going everywhere and they look sort of organic.
    Between them a wooden bridge is spanned.
    It is rather shakey, but I'm walking it since I have nowhere else to go.

    Then I reach some sort of intersection, a spot with solid ground with bridges leaving into all directions.
    There's a man in the middle of it, standing in front of multiple monitors and a ludicrous amount of switches and buttons.
    He's wearing a smoking, a top hat and a monocle... classy!

    "Who are you? What are you doing here?"
    "I'm sorry, I seem to be lost."
    "What? Huh? It's you! You're inside of your brain! What are you doing here."

    Seems logical...

    "I'm checking on how things are running."
    "Ah. I see. I wasn't aware you could do that."
    "Well, things are running okay, you're really overusing the processing units at times, but we can manage."
    "Uhuh... so... what's this over there?"

    I point at the only location of interest. The tubes, which I now think are synapses are all sort of brown.
    However in one location, there's a ton of them in vivid red.

    "Erm... this part of the brain is dedicated to dirty thoughts sir."
    "Ah....... okay..."

    I'm in my bathroom, wanting to take piss when suddenly I spot a rather sizable spider in front of the toilet.
    One of those with a fat body and thick hairy legs... ewwww. (I'm sort of arachnophobic)

    "Go away!"

    The spider clearly lifts its head up and looks at me.


    Huh? Spiders can talk? Well... I guess they can.

    "Why? This is my bathroom. Go away!"
    "Meh, not feeling it mate. Nice and warm in here, I'm going to stay."

    The spider clearly has a British accent.

    "Leave or I'll throw you out!"
    "Nope. I think I'm gonna jump you."

    The spider climbs up the toilet and stands on the closed lid.

    "What? ..."
    "I will jump you! I'm a superspider, I can jump this far!"

    Fuck! I'm getting really scared.
    But then memories of fighting with dragonic powers enter my head.
    In panic I launch a massive fireball at the spider.

    Spiders probably dead alright.
    Unfortunately the toilet is missing, and so is most of the wall behind it.
    Oops? A stranger outside walks by and looks at the massive hole in the room and scratches his head.

    My mom storms into the room.

    "What happened?!"
    "It was an accident!"
    "You accidentally blew a hole into your bathroom?"
    "But... there was a spider on the toilet!"

    I realize that this excuse makes no sense whatsoever and I'm lost as to how to explain this.
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    1. bust113's Avatar
      "You accidentally blew a hole into your bathroom?"
      "But... there was a spider on the toilet!"
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    2. Dark_Merlin's Avatar
      Remember what Faye saying you needed to be more aware in your dreams?
      Hyu likes this.
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      If only I knew how to do that.
    4. Dark_Merlin's Avatar
      New mantras? "I will realise I am dreaming when I shoot fireballs at spiders"..
      Hyu likes this.
    5. Hyu's Avatar
      LOL, nice one! XD