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    Psychedelic trip

    , 03-22-2011 at 02:29 AM (702 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    I'm not sure sure at which point I started dreaming, or if I dreamed all of it, and when exactly I was lucid.
    So I'll go ahead and mark things with colors like I experienced them.
    In other words if I thought I was awake I'll mark it as if I was, even though I don't really know.
    I have never taken any mind altering drugs, I wonder if it's anything like this...


    I wake up in bed... I still feel very tired.
    The room is very dark and I lately leave the shutters just slightly open so I can see if it's already day when I wake up.
    I assume it's still night and I want to continue sleeping.
    I notice I haven't moved yet and I don't seem to sense my body.
    The thought of WILD'ing crosses my mind.
    It's been quite some time since I've attempted to WILD, so why not.

    Right as I try to relax, the little colors I see become somewhat bright and start changing.
    This was fast? I never get HI this fast, this is weird.
    I realize I'm floating over my bed. Am I already dreaming?
    Was I having a false awakening? I never get visuals like this when I'm dreaming though.
    As my room lights up I realize that I am floating in some sort of tunnel. The room is no longer there.
    I'm gently descending this tunnel of colorful clouds and lights.
    I suppose I'm actually falling, but I'm falling so slowly that I'm not worried.
    I actually enjoy it quite a bit, it's very relaxing.

    I can hear ambient music. (something like this)

    I try to focus on a color cloud. It is clearly changing it's color all the time, but I can't actually see it changing.
    It changes colors right in front of my eyes, but I don't see the change, I only realize it has changed.
    This has me perplexed for quite some time. Am I really dreaming? or can you actually have HI this strong?

    After some time I am floating in my room again, except it's lit now. The spotlights in my room are on but they
    have different colored bulbs in them.
    Somehow my room looks much bigger than it is in waking life, but somehow everything is still the same size.
    I don't understand how this is possible and hover over to my desk.

    I take a can of coke from it because I want to know what it tastes like.
    But the can is very weird. It seems way too small, but upon closer investigation it isn't.
    I cannot tell if it's a normal size or a tiny can. I can't understand why I cannot distinguish this.
    I wonder if this is what tripping feels like? A friend once told me he couldn't tell sizes apart when he was doing some sort of drug.

    The lid of my laptop opens up by itself and it goes out of standby.
    I am presented with the Visual Studio project I was working on last night.
    I was working on a physics engine and needed to add support for air resistance into it, but I was too tired and went to sleep.
    I don't understand why this was so hard...

    I go to wikipedia and copy paste the equation for drag straight into my code.
    The equation appears and the program starts on my second monitor.
    I can see the numbers in the equation changing as stuff moves around in the game.
    I need to test if it feels realistic, so naturally, I climb into my monitor to see if the falling physics are correct.

    I'm falling down yet again, I'm in the game, but I can still see the monitor with the equation as well.
    I see both things at the same time.
    Whilst I am falling with my first body, I correct an error in the formula with my second body which is still in front of the pc.
    I feel the corrections take effect with my in-game body and understand that everything is correct now.

    I hit some key that does something and my bodies merge again and I'm back in my room.
    The color clouds are back, but I can still see my bed.
    But I can't see myself in it which surprises me. I was assuming to find myself sleeping in it.
    I go closer and see a pulsating light where I'm supposed to be.
    It's beautiful. I go closer and it turns into a galaxy.

    I am now floating through this galaxy of colorful stars. I am relaxed... I feel at peace...

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    1. bust113's Avatar
      Aw man, I was hoping to read another Yuya and Liv story.
    2. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      I need to test if it feels realistic, so naturally, I climb into my monitor to see if the falling physics are correct.

      That sounds like quite the experience...I'm glad you got to feel so at peace at the end.
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Sounds like a little adventure to the astral plane which is between the physical and dream plane, kind of a mix of the two.

      It also reminds me of Wonderland, with all the size changes.