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    Spring Competition 2023 - 04.03.23

    by , 03-04-2023 at 04:32 PM (124 Views)
    This night was dificult for me. I fall asleep alrmost 3h after I went do bed and when I woke up I didint remember any dream. Also I had problem with falling asleep during WBTB but it was done (I failed of course but it was done).

    Dream 1
    I got a contract on the small bulk carrier ship. It was the same vessel when I had my first contract in real life - M/V Vines - "I wish I will not meet with the same bosun like las time" I thought. And of course I'm lucky guy so I met him again xD "Okay, that's fine" I thought. He greet me. [...]
    [...] I was on the brigde with almost entire crew. I was suprised that nobody called me for mooring operation because we are already in next port. How it is even possiible they moored entire ship without me. In this moment I heard that somebody called me via VHF radio. I responsed and that person said what I need to do. I told him I'm not understand him (his voice was deformed by my dream) and asked him for repeat. He said something but I still didn't understand him, so I just went down to him. On deck the 2nd officer ordered me to close all cargo holds. This is second time when I was suprised in this dream bc our cargo were cars and they left. Anyway, I found power switch for crane but the crane wasn't operate. The officer discover that the cargo hold covers are light enough to lift and move by 2 mens, so we made it by our hands.

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