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    Spring Competition 2023 - 05.03.23

    by , 03-05-2023 at 10:56 AM (113 Views)
    Today I slept only 4h but i'm sure I will sleep more today. Also I reminded dream from yesterday, but right now is only a fragment.

    Dream from yesterday:
    I was in jail as prisoner but I don't remember why I got jailed. My cell was very tight and I was closed with 5-6 other persons. For some reasons guards left the cell open so I could just go somewhere and I did it. I wanted go to toiled but I got lost. after few minutes of walking the guard found me and he thought that I escaped. I tried to explain him that I just go to toilet but he didn't believed me :/

    Dream Fragment #1
    I was near my home in middle of the night. I went in direction of my favorite market.

    Dream Fragment #2
    I was on submarine and we had some minor leakage. I spent few minutes on reparing hull.

    Dream fragment #3
    I was in my sister's flat (it is false memory - my sister in real life is living in different place). I fed her cat and went on walk. It was middle of night. In entire dream I didn't met any person nor animal (excluding that cat). My dream was completly empty. Empty roads without any car, no sounds, no DC. I was alone

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