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    Spring Competition 2023 07 - 12.03.23

    by , 03-13-2023 at 12:38 AM (128 Views)
    Today I had dificulty night because I had 40 minutes of sleep latency, my sleeping was shallow and I slept 5h in total. I memorised only 1 dream.

    Dream #1
    I don’t remember the begining of dream. I was near my college and group of my friends come to me and they asked about my notes, raports, exams and other stuff. I told them „I already passed college I dont care about this. I don’t have any of this stuff”. They started to beg me about this because they want to pass college in easy way and I ALWAYS have something. I told „First I need to check what I have in my home. Until this I cannot promise anything”.
    I was in my home checking for something. Then, whenI get out of my home I met some of my friends. „Sorry guys I don’t have anything”. I don’t remember they reaction and (in dream) I don’t cared about them. After I went on walk. I got new earphones and smartphone from my dad and I wanted to listen a music but the earphones was incompatible.

    08 - 10.03.23
    I paid a visit to my friend and because of alcohol and inreagular sleeping I don't even trying to remember dreams

    In general I remembered one fragment and one fully dream, but I forgot the dream and i'm unable to recovery that memory

    DF #1
    I was a woman and I went down in staircase. It was a little dark and the staircase was very old. When I was going down I met my friend


    I come with 2 other (non defined) persons to unknown house. One persone went around the building and I and other guy went inside. The interior looked simply I saw some cracks on yellow wall, old furnace, cooking pots and plates. The house has two more roomes – small toilet (this room was inspected by nobody) and small sleeping room. Inside we (I and other person) saw two-person bed with sleeping person covered by white duvet. I went outside and told to my companion „I know what is inside. Don’t uncover him, just let’s leave” but my companion didn’t listen to me and he uncovered corpse. We escaped from house. Now this house looks different – like big tent inside bigger hause.

    Dream scenery changed for sohrt time. I was a diver underwater and I was looking for something (I dont remember). Someone caught me and that person said to me that I’m not allowed to dive. After short conversation I convinced him to allow me diving.
    Again the scenery changed now I was inside shop and I tried to find some material to re-craft my diving gear

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