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    Spring Competition 2023 13 - 14.03.23

    by , 03-14-2023 at 09:30 PM (30 Views)
    Iím sure it was a first REM dream because when I woke up I saw that I was lying in the same position when I was falling asleep, so ofc this dream was very short. And what I was dreaming about? I not gonna lie Ė it was porn dream. Without any special scenes.
    Bc this dream was short I count this as fragment.

    Dream no. 2 I memorised for half day but I was waiting too long time with writing this dream and I cannot remind what about this dream was. I will not count that dream.

    This dream was during my nap. I was child and I went to my grandfatherís room for something (I donít remember what). After some minutes I went back to my room passing my grandmother. I went inside and sit on couch between my mom and sister. The grandmother went to us and she started to yell at us bc someone didinít segragate trash. After short dialogue she went away.

    My sister was forced to throw away some of her toys (both of us we where childs) so I told her what it looked when I threw away my toys. I started to cry and my mom hugged me.


    It was dark outside. I recognised some burglar was escaping from police. I helped near policeman bu catching him .


    My friend (I donít know that person in real life) woke me up and told that somebody stole his tabacco. I stand up and went to local shop that looked like shop near my garden plot. Inside of the shop I saw owner trying to hide tabacco. He didinít saw me so I went back and called police.
    When policeman and my friend come I showed where the tabacco was hidden

    I donít remember beggining of this dream. I was driving on bike to my friend to pay him visit. When I was talking with him I sam bluck fluffy mold on white walls in his room. It was growing slowly but fast enough to see that process with naked eye. I told him about this and he was scared. Together we started remove that mold with duct tape (in the same way like we epilate hairs on skin). This method was unefective and soon I smell unplesant scent of mustiness. I told to my friend ĄWait Iíll go to my home and I will get some chemĒ. I was teleportated to my house and I tried to find some anti-mold chem but the best thing I found it was a isopropanol.

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